PLATF9RM is a creative business community with an awesome team at its heart. They make everything tick and help craft our unique atmosphere.

Here’s an introduction to them all. You’ll see them around and they love to chat (often at the expense of doing any work). Come say hi!


Emilie Lashmar

Creative Director

Emilie is the day-to-day captain keeping the PLATF9RM ship on its righteous course. A lightning rod for the city’s creative population, spend any time with her and it’s clear she knows every man, woman and pooch in Brighton. If lost, can normally be found in the back room of the Bee’s Mouth.


Jessica Samson

Membership Assistant - Tower Point

Jess has lived in Brighton for three years but will always be a Yorkshire girl. She loves a gin and, when she’s not knocking back the Mother’s Ruin, indulges her secret passion for weddings- she can’t walk past an issue of Martha Stewart Weddings without having a nose.. She’s currently single too; lads, form a queue.


Seb Royle


Seb may be from Scotland but considers himself a fully-fledged Brightonian after living here for five years. His biggest thrill is watching the growth of everything attached to PLATF9RM; whether its the workspaces, the members, the team or even the plants. An avid fitness fan, you’ll find him running along the beach at times most of us would consider only fit for sleeping.


Leanne Doutré

Location Manager - Tower Point

Leanne looks after everyone’s memberships and, though she’s a Worthing girl, Brighton’s vibrancy and open-mindedness keeps her coming back every day. (As does, uhm, her job.) She’s a 90s child and a willing slave to the spontaneous weirdness of internet culture: cut her open and she’ll bleed memes.


Matt Miller

Front of House

Yorkshireman Matt is the newest addition to our team and he’s made an immediate impression with his vast canvas of tattoos. An avid illustrator, Matt drew most of them himself and is first port of call when his mates need a new design. His affection for body ink is only usurped by his love of dad jokes; If you’ve got a bona-fide groaner in your repertoire, be sure to track him down.


Kerry Lockwood

Location Manager - Hove Town Hall

Kerry is that smile you’ll see when you walk through the door, and is running the show at our new Hove Town Hall site. Her background is in Fashion Design and she makes her own clothes in her spare time; that’s when she’s not indulging her new found love of botany. On days off she’ll be found perusing garden centres and furthering her desire to become Brighton’s very own plant whisperer.


Jo Royle

Jo is owner of the biggest smile in PLATF9RM, and our master of projects. She’s a true people person and loves to hear the nitty-gritty of our members’ lives. Hang around Jo for long enough and she will almost certainly give you cake.


Abby Moreton

Head of Partnerships & Events

Abby is the brains behind PLATF9RM’s events and runs her own Pilates class in the office. She’s also a qualified Personal Trainer and Spin teacher and loves nothing more than going for a stomp over the South Downs. She might be a fitness fiend, but she also loves a day carousing around Brighton’s bars and eateries: catch her at the Cocktail Shack after dark.


Grace Church

Front of House

Grace recently graduated from mime school in Paris, since then she’s set up her own theatre company. When she’s not organising plays Grace is in PLATF9RM, looking after members and updating our Instagram Stories with ‘Gracecam’. It’s quite an insight.

Extended Family


George Buko

Cleaner Guru

PLATF9RM ’s most popular man, when most people first join they just assume George is part of the staff. Not only is he always around and generally helping out, but he seems to know everyone. George’s company Acies keep PLATF9RM in the spotless state you’re accustomed to and, if you give him a chance, will astound you with his passion for the art of cleanliness.


Amy Brown

Resident Artist & Front of House

Amy is PLATF9RM’s resident artist and all round creative priestess. She’s an ever-present at our Socials and her pom-pom workshops are the perfect way to get everyone’s tongues wagging. She loves the creative scene in Brighton and she runs her own events through her CULT MILK collective. Owner of the city’s most distinctive laugh.


David Hillier + CLARENCE

The Voice

David is a writer who does the words for PLATF9RM’s site, blogs and communications. He swore he’d never start writing about himself in the third person and he’s not about to start now.