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Easy Tigers, Dragons' Den and Snail Spotting

Creative content strategist, freelance writer and all round boss-lady, Lana Burgess, is looking for speakers for Brighton Digital Women events in 2019. Yes/No Publishing have unveiled their political follow-ups to last year’s satirical sellout hits, this year includes Unofficial Annuals from the likes of both Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump. The PLATF9RM team's talented portrait photographer Emma Croman has given members an opportunity to get involved in her newest project VALID.

Brighton's beloved Matcha Tea company OMGTea told us all about Katherine Swift's experience on Dragon's Den. 23Digital treated us to a video they created for the Martlets Hospice Snail's in an attempt to help fundraise for their charity.

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Wildheart Media's content queen, Hannah Moss, has written an essential Christmas stocking filler for all the PLATF9RM yoga enthusiasts. The Pond gang along with Nick, Jack and Simon treated us to some insider information on their new set up over at Easy Tiger @ The Hampton, teasing us all with a sneak peak at the Indian Street Food they now have on offer.

Hove's PR wizards FUGU have ended 2018 on a bang by winning three awards at the South England PRide Awards this month and My Hotel finished off 2018's final INF9RMER with some extremely exciting PLATF9RM Member only discounts on rooms and at their hotel bar Merkaba.

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Seb Royle's Letter to Members


Hey everyone,

Welcome to my first PLATF9RM members letter.

One of my favourite things about PLATF9RM is the interest our members take in the business and I’m often asked about what I’m up to. Sadly, I don’t always have the time to answer as fully as I’d like, so the idea is I’ll address something happening in PLATF9RM, give a peek into the nuts and bolts of the business, and introduce some of our collaborators. We’d welcome any feedback you have, as we’d like this to be the first members letter of many!

For this first post we’re looking at Hove Town Hall: specifically the Ground Floor, which we started work on just over a month ago. For everyone in the PLATF9RM team this was a moment of deep excitement…and relief! I first saw the Ground Floor way back in April 2016, so it’s been a long journey for me. Back then it was an office for the Citizens Advice Bureau. It looked so different: a real old school office, with a suspended ceiling masking this huge, beautiful concrete shell. It reminded me of London’s Southbank, but in Hove. I loved it immediately.

The Ground Floor is going to herald a new chapter for PLATF9RM. It will combine coworking space for 200 people, meeting rooms, a lecture and event space for 120 people, with cafe, bar and supper club areas. Everything will, of course, be delivered in the PLATF9RM style that people expect. It’s going to complement our current space in the old Theatre in Hove Town Hall, and we’ll be able to use the outdoor area near the Juggler statue. It’s going to look dramatic and the fact it’s on the Ground Floor is important: it will connect us with the high street and Hove community in a way we haven’t been before.

Personally, I’m really excited about the chance to further regenerate Hove and Hove Town Hall. The high street can sometimes feel a little unloved and, though architecture fans will talk about the building as a Brutalist masterpiece, for many it’s perhaps a bit grey! We’re hoping that PLATF9RM – and its colourful members – will help change that perception.

Photographs by Emma Croman

Photographs by Emma Croman


We worked with Rich Brett of Hove based agency WeLikeToday for the design of the space. Rich has been involved with PLATF9RM since before we opened our first location in Brighton. He helped us conceive the brand and the unique design-led space people associate with PLATF9RM . We're also very happy to welcome honorary Brighton and Hove contractors S&G (they’re from Peterborough but we think of them as Brightonians!). They have built the majority of our spaces to date and Sean and his team are doing a great job.

There’s a long way to go with this build yet: we’re scheduled to open spring 2019 and no doubt there’ll be plenty of bumps between now and then. Personally, I feel like this project is taking me out of my comfort zone more than anything else I’ve done. But that’s what makes it so exciting! I am very lucky to have an amazing team at PLATF9RM who not only do a great job in their own right, but keep me focused and protect me when I need it. They are wonderful and I couldn’t do anything without them.

Thanks for reading,


Member of the Week - Gintare Matuzaite

Introducing Gintare Matuzaite; founder of Amberoot, seeker of sustainability and all round lovely lady.


You’re the creator of Amberoot, the sustainable and ethical online store for fashion and home, can you tell us a bit about the inception of Amberoot and your products?

I love nature and I come from quite an analytic background, so I looked into what areas are overlooked in terms of climate change and fashion really was; it’s one of the most polluting industries, really very unethical. I thought everyone should know, so that’s why we have both a blog as well as selling menswear, womenswear and homeware that's organic, fairtrade, ethical and environmentally friendly.

You previously worked in banking, how did you get from there to Amberoot?


I studied business, after this I got into banking. I was changing between lots of roles and I felt a big lack of meaning; what was I contributing? So I decided to do something more meaningful.

I think with my background, analysing how things are and how they could be, I felt frustrated and I wanted to do better.

For example the largest source of plastic pollution in seas is from our synthetic clothing. Not many people now about it, so they don’t know what is better - mainly natural fabrics. Which is why we are all natural fabrics - no plastic.

Who sources your products?

Me! Ask me who does anything for Amberoot and that’s mainly the answer.

I’m aware that you’ve co-worked before, what, in your experience, makes PLATF9RM different?

I worked somewhere else in Brighton, but it wasn’t the same, I really like being here; mainly because of the staff, super welcoming and friendly. You have wonderful music, greenery and good people. The teas are wonderful and the space is cosy. I have no criticisms, everything is good!

Have you met any PLATF9RM pals yet?

You! And lots of other people - plus lots of dog friends.

Before coming to the UK, you spent time in Lithuania, the USA, Canada, Sweden and Denmark. Where has been your favourite place to live and why?

I really love Canada, they’re such friendly people and I learned a lot. In general it was such a lovely place. I love the UK, lots of friendly people and lots of opportunities.

Have you got any new year's resolutions?

Lots of plans, but no resolutions yet.

What’s your favourite book you’ve read this year?

What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming by Per Espen Stoknes and Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? by Frans De Waal

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Company of the Week - Pass the Keys

Meet Nadege, die-hard Harry Potter fan and Susie, proud mum of Mia the chihuahua. Together they work for Pass The Keys, a one stop, fully managed, short-let property service.


Welcome both of you to your Company of the Week, could you talk us through the process of using your service at Pass The Keys?

Basically we do short let holiday management, we’ve got properties mainly on Airbnb, Home Away and many others. People give us the keys and we make sure the properties booked, generate revenue for them and then manage all their operations; cleaning, linen and other issues that might arise. If something happens in the middle of the night, we’re here, so customers have a hassle free experience.

I'm guessing you have quite the roster of handy people at your disposal?

We’ve got an extensive list of local suppliers, cleaning providers, electricians, plumbers, handymen. We also work with freelance marketers etc. There are many other offices around the UK and we work with them on a daily basis. We started in London and now we’re trying to localise the process more, because it’s how we work the best and how we can deliver the best service.

Susie, you are relatively new to the team, right? How’ve you found joining PLATF9RM?

Susie: I joined back at the beginning of September and it’s been good, Nadege has been really helpful. A lot of training has been involved as my background is actually in PR; so learning about property was completely new. But it’s been really good, I’ve picked it up really quickly.

Nadege: It’s been great having Susie here, sharing with someone else is wonderful. There are often issues that arise during the day, so it’s been good to have someone to have a chat with and share ideas on how to solve them.

How do you both find the coworking experience at PLATF9RM?


It’s cool to see many different companies in the same place. I know a lot of spaces have a niche, like tech based or something, so it’s nice to have a mixture. Seeing different faces every day is brilliant. It’s also really useful that we can go between Brighton and Hove, with our roles we travel around quite often, so to be able to pop into whichever office we’re nearest to works really well. You also have Bird & Blend tea which is great.

You guys are based mainly in Hove, is there anything that drew you to this particular location?

Nadege: When I looked for an office at the start, I wanted a space close, as I have a little girl and I live in Hove, so it was convenient. I love having access to both spaces; it was what made PLATF9RM so appealing. So, when we started it was because of convenience, now we couldn’t go anywhere else.

Have you guys been attending any PLATF9RM events?

Nadege: I would like to, we missed the PLATF9RM Birthday unfortunately. Now that Susie’s finished her training we might be able to attend some. I’ve done several Cereal* Fillers, but I look forward to attending an evening event.

Susie: I’d love to attend the new yoga sessions in the morning at Hove Town Hall.

What cartoon character do you both most heavily identify with?

Susie: I don’t identify with her, but I love Betty Boop, I aspire to be like her, she’s very confident.

Nadege: Chihiro Ogino from Spirited away.

Favourite film you’ve watched this year?

Susie: I watched Wreck it Ralph because my sisters an animator for the game, it was really cute and funny.

Nadege: I’ve not been to the cinema since last year, but I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so nothing will beat a Harry Potter film.

Money’s no object, what’s your ideal Christmas gift for yourself?

Nadege: Delicious food and wine. That’s all I want. Cool decorations and I’m good.

Susie: I would buy Mia a new friend, which would be a blonde cocker spaniel.


Cheers Pass the Keys!

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