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Berlin Beats, Bison Eats and Holiday Retreats

September came through strong, with Bison Beer X Humble Plates food you can't go wrong. With brand new ski resorts and events of all sorts, take a gander into this month's INF9RMER.

With smiles and green concotions, OMGTea starts this months production, helping us indulge into Matcha Green Tea's health-kick secrets. Berlin-Brighton beats emanating through The North Laines, Markus Saarländer informs us on the upcoming techno night with EINMUSIK and the growing interest it gains. Next up was Lauren Pope and her fascinating upcoming event the Curio Conference, building up the well deserved curiosity.

This week beloved member Maddy, stepped into the limelight, her recently freelance Graphic Designs skills on offer, she gave us an insight. Bison Beer and Humble Plates have started cooking up a storm, their new lunch menu burgers I can tell you are on top form.

INF9RMER #6 Photo.jpg

The travel guru himself, Jesse Sharp the Travel Councellor, is offering 10% off travel over September, and will fly you off to somewhere spectacular. Altitude Ski and Snowboard school this month open their doors, to not their first, not their second but their third resort Gstaad, all equally as exciting as the last of course.

Fiona Bugler has brought Driven Women all the way down from London to Brighton, so the women of the south can rejoice in a supportive energetic event, of which the mind it will strengthen and enlighten. The School of the Wild's September event will yep, you guess it, be out in the Sussex countryside, networking, story-telling and all whilst helping the Green economy thrive!

Thank you to everyone who put in the time to offer news for this month's INF9RMER, if you have something you would like to include for September then contact Membership Assistant Matt.

Member Of The Week - Tim Healey

We welcome Tim Healey from Solution Smuggler to PLATF9RM, a man of many talents who has been telling us all about managing his home life with his business, whilst still finding the time to travel the world as a DJ.

Tim, you consider yourself a Solution Smuggler - as suggested in the name of your company of course - could you fill us in on what exactly this entails?

I’m a consultant supplying strategic, creative solutions for my clients. From idea sprints and workshops to re-branding, launching new products and pitch-doctoring. Currently I’m embedded on projects with Google Creative Labs in London, and Brighton’s leading digital design studio, Clearleft.

With backgrounds in many different job roles such as Creative Solutions, Copywriting and and Re-branding - how do you find juggling all this with your home life?

I have always worked for myself, and I also have 2 daughters, so juggling appears to come relatively easily to me. I am trying to get into the monastic discipline of only checking my emails twice a day, to minimise distraction - it’s a work in progress.


You have a Master’s Degree in Journalism, do you find this is the backbone to the company you have started for yourself?

Writing considered 'copy' is key when communicating ideas. I love punting around prose and making it ‘pop’.

You are a rather new member here at PLATF9RM, how have you found yourself settling in to the community?

Both the Hove and Central Brighton spaces are great to work in. I’ve also met a load of like-minded busy individuals based in our fine city.

You joined us on the PLATF9RM Physical: Walkshop With Unknown Epic recently, how did you find this particular event and do any others take your fancy?

The Walkshop was fabulous and even included fresh coffee cooked up on top of the South Downs. I also got to meet some other PLATF9RM characters who I look forward to working with on future projects.

What can your business offer to your fellow members at PLATF9RM?

Sometimes companies may not have the staff capacity to improve their communications or turbo-boost their pitch to win new business. They worry about big agency day-rates and so avoid engaging anyone to help. That’s where I come in: I work closely with my clients, sharing their goals and aspirations, and match that with competitive pricing.

You’ve mentioned before that you DJ on the side of work and have in fact DJ’ed at some popular festivals, could you offer us a little more insight into this exciting venture?

I’ve had the good fortune to see the world through the lens of a globe-trotting DJ. I did it full time for many years, entertaining in clubs from New York to Auckland, and at festivals as diverse as Glastonbury (UK) and Fuji Rock (Japan). I ran my own labels, produced a slew of club cuts and and LPs and remixed artists from Pharrell to Gwen Stefani. It was a blast. I still dabble in my studio, release the odd tune and play the occasional deep house and techno set - I played Bimble Bandada Festival in July, and I'm doing an outdoor party for The Little People in Oxfordshire this September.

If you were to give a 3 minute presentation on a particular chosen subject, what would your chosen subject be?

I’m going to give a talk at the next Cereal Filler at PLATF9RM in Hove, on “Why Burning Man Festival, Nevada, USA, should be #1 on your bucket list” where I hope to explain why I've been back 3 times to the most inspirational festival on the planet.

If you could take your daughters anywhere in the world on holiday, where would you like to take them?

Venice: we’re going in October.

Thanks alot for chatting to us Tim, we'll have to keep you in mind as a DJ for our future Socials!

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Member of The Week - Lauren Pope

Meet Lauren Pope, a freelance content strategist, adopted Brightonian and keen photographer.

Hi Lauren! So, you are a freelance content strategist. What led you down that path?

Growing up, I wanted to be a journalist, and I fell into the digital content world when I was University where I first started to write a few things here and there. Since then I’ve worked client side and agency side for the last 10 years. In April of this year I decided that I wanted a change and went freelance.

Having worked for companies such as uSwitch and Brilliant Noise you are now embarking on this new adventure of being freelance. What is the biggest challenge of making this ‘switch’ from inhouse to freelance? (no pun intended)

Good question. I think the biggest challenge of going freelance so far has been trying to find my niche and finding the right clients and getting in contact with them. Also, when I was in a team of 40 you had people in the office who specialised. So, for example when data needed to be analysed, there would be someone in the office would specialise this. I don’t have this same luxury being freelance!


What stakeholders do you currently have and are there any you are looking to connect with?

The Charity Samaritans are a main client of mine, and they have been amazing. I’m looking to work with a more diverse group of clients, with charities and arts organisations particularly in mind. I am actually running a conference here at PLATF9RM for the Brighton Digital Festival, which is something I wouldn’t have had time to do before I went freelance. It’s called Curio and takes place on the 11th October between 9:30 and 16:30. It is primarily themed around content and curiosity. Speakers will be telling stories about following their curiosity and how it lad to interesting outcomes. It’s a non-profit 'pay-what-you-can' event with proceeds going to the Clock Tower Sanctuary. It would be great to see as many PLATF9RMER's as possible!

What about P9 caught your eye the most and why did you choose it?

Seeing the Sea from my office! That was thing I really missed when I left my old job and started working at home. I also have old friends who are members here and encouraged me to join. There’s a big digital content community here within PLATF9RM .

If you could possess one superpower what would It be?

I’d love to be able to Fly, as it would be so convenient…and cool! There would also be no Southern Rail delays, and I could get to exactly where I wanted quickly!

You’ve got a big interest in photography… what is your favourite photo you’ve taken?

I think it has to be one that I took last year of the starlings over the pier… I still want to take it again as it's not perfect! Brighton is a great place for photography and it has some really great photographers too!

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 16.57.16.png

You describe yourself as an adopted Brightonian. What makes Brighton different and what do you love about the city?

I’ve lived here for about 15 years. I love being close to the Downs and the sea. There’s also a brilliant art scene, fantastic culture and the growth in the last 5 or 6 years in the Digital business sector means starting a business here is now possible.

How is Brighton different to where you’ve lived before?

Everything! I lived in a small village in the Midlands and Brighton couldn’t be more different! If I’d stayed up there work would’ve been a lot harder as I couldn’t even get a bus out the village!

Finally... You have to choose one song at a karaoke to sing off by heart without getting the lyrics wrong. What is it?

Now that’s a difficult question… (pauses). It would have to be Hands of Love by Kate Bush!

A very insightful chat - thank you Lauren!

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Member of The Week - Carlos Saba

Meet Carlos Saba Co-founder of The Happy Startup School advocate of mindfulness, minilmalism and dancing like a loon.

Hey Carlos! So at The Happy Startup School you’re all about pursuing happiness as opposed to being purely money driven - what motivated you and Co-founder Laurence to follow this philosophy?

We were both working in larger agencies doing web design and we found that we did our best work when we believed in what we were doing - when it was clear as to why a job was important and when we had the skills to make it happen. It’s about aligning what you do with who you really are. Too many people feel like they're doing meaningless work, not using their talents and not getting energy from what they do and that seems like a complete waste.

Would you say it is a small percentage of the population who have money, purpose and happiness behind what they do?

There is research that says 80% of people are disengaged with the work they’re doing so it would be a small percentage who have the balance right, yes.


Who are the great thinkers that inspire your philosophy of work?

It's an amalgamation of different ideas from different places. The two books that started our journey are Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsiehand and The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. They're not philosophical. Martin Selgiman got us into the work positive psychology. And coming across things like mindfulness and minimalism have influenced us. For me personally I’ve also been reading Eckhart Tolle.

What did your parents teach you? What is their most valuable lesson?

So from my father it's that ‘the world owes you nothing’ but you have the power to make whatever you want happen and it takes effort. I question the effort bit a little but essentially If you have the initiative you can make things happen. The lesson from my mother would be ‘never hold a grudge’.

What activity do you do that makes you most feel like your authentic self?

Dancing like a loon. I like to think I can do a mean running man.

What times of the day are you most energetic?

Morning is when I have the most clarity, focus and the need to get things done. Also when everyone's in bed after 11 o'clock is a good time to get into the zone - although not if you have to get up the following day. The perfect scenario could be to work from 10-1 and start again around 6 and have a siesta during the day.

What makes you feel a part of the PLATF9RM community?

We run our event Ideas Cafe and it's great to see members there. Also being able to walk in and see someone I know and to sit down and have a chat. Feeling like you’ve opened up your own lounge. You have the option to talk to interesting people whenever you want.

What motivated you guys to host Ideas Cafe at PLATF9RM

We used to run it monthly when we were running our own co-working space. It was a great way to connect people. A lot of the time networking events were very much about swapping business cards but actually what's really nice is to get to know people and have inspiring and illuminating discussions. Remind people of the value of sitting down and having meaningful conversations with people.

If you could pick up platf9rm and relocate it to anywhere else in the world where would you put it?

Sardinia. Because it's amazing weather, there are beautiful beaches and incredible countryside. My father is from there so I love it.

Some enlightening responses Carlos - thank you Ben!

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