Nine By Nine Are Supporting Upcoming Artists And We Love Them!

You might have noticed that PLATF9RM’s walls have been glowing a little more than usual. For the last two months we’ve been been showing prints from Nine By Nine and we love showcasing them.

Nine by Nine is a local company that releases nine limited edition prints per month for (very) affordable prices. Each print is a one-off, limited edition piece from one of the planet’s most exciting new artists. We are 1000% behind this concept. Artists need all possible help to get their work on walls and earning money. A company like Nine by Nine can be an invaluable pipeline for them

Nine by Nine was started this year by Corryn Boyes and Adam Oldfield. We sat down with them to get all info about their new business baby.

Hey guys! Can you tell us a little about how Nine by Nine started?

We moved house last October. We’d rented until then so had never had much art but we now wanted to find affordable art to put on our walls. There’s a lot of sites selling prints but we often found them samey and generic, and in huge 10,000 print runs. So we wanted to provide an alternative.


How limited are your prints?**

We only sell two sizes of each print and they’re 50 of each. We introduce nine new prints per month. The artists then get the spotlight for that month

Brighton must be a great town to find people. The town is full of illo nerds!

Absolutely. It’s one of the most creative cities in the UK.

And there’s loads of print shops!

Exactly. Places like Tidy Print are great.

Are you in cahoots or competition?

Ha. We check them out a lot but everyone has their own style so it’s not too competitive. We’ve all got a place in the ecosystem. I think we're trying to make art accessible at a price point that is a collector item at a good price. Ours are £40 or £60.

Universities must be a great breeding ground of talent for you?

Yes. We don't work with one particular university, but have worked with a number of graduate designers from Arts University Bournemouth. We're always on the lookout for young designers who have a great style and an ambition to get their work recognised.

Something like this must be so important, as it provides artists exposure whilst generating some income?

Definitely. it’s about creating a platform. The artists are creating great work but maybe don’t have that platform. We help with marketing and talk to influencers and people like PLATF9RM to promote the work itself.

Are there any local artists you’ve used that we should know about?

We’ve worked with Sam Williams, with more in the works to contribute in upcoming editions. But it’s not just local people we’ve used – we’ve use artists from Europe and South America

What’s the best way for aspiring artists to get on your radar?

We have a page on our website where artists can submit their portfolio and we welcome any artists!


Some of your typography pieces – like ‘Fear Less’ – are very striking and you can imagine on working other mediums. Do you foresee moving out of just prints?

For sure. T-shirts, stationary. Things like ‘Fear Less’ and the typography stuff could do really well and would be another way to get it out to people

Are they any prints that you really wish had sold better?

We’ve run some science fiction pieces which Adam really loves. We’re still trying to find their audience!

What is your current market?

Our audience is primarily women and we have a lot of young mums. We worked with some female influencers and mum bloggers so their followers started following us. We’ve got a very bespoke target audience at the moment but we’re trying to broaden out

So we need more guys to start buying and sharing your Nine by Nine prints?

Exactly! 90% of our sales come through Instagram so when people post about the pictures it really creates a buzz. One of our big ambitions is to widen the market. There’s so many amazing artists out there and they deserve to be discovered.

Last of all: Why do you think PLATF9RM and NXN are perfect partners?

Our fondness for the number 9 of course! We're both communities, bringing together creative talent and providing a podium for celebrating their work.

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