Member of The Week - Tim Fitzgerald

Introducing Travel Counsellor Tim Fitzgerald, here to share ideal travel destinations, fashion regrets and absinthe-fuelled anecdotes.

Hey Tim! How long have you worked as a travel counsellor and what were you doing beforehand?

I’ve been working at Travel Counsellors for nearly 8 years. Prior to that I was working in sales for Flight Centre in Brighton. I was also doing a lot of travelling and lived in Portugal and Australia. So I’ve been involved with travel for 18 years; it’s my passion.

Which place is next on your travel agenda?

Well with the kids it’s nowhere too glamorous; we’re going for 10 days to Spain in August. But I’m really excited about going to Portugal in October where I used to live. I lived in a little village in the hills, a place called Luso. Whilst the South of Portugal is a popular destination for English expats, living in the North I barely saw English people.


What is your worst form of procrastination?

The form of procrastination I dislike in others is dithering, like when you get to the front of a really long queue and someone still hasn’t decided what they want to order.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever recieved?

I always think of Baz Luhrmann's tune ‘Wear Sunscreen’ (the words are actually taken from an essay written by columnist Mary Schmich) “Remember compliments you receive. Forget the insults. If you succeed in doing this, tell me how”. Actually, I am pretty good at forgetting insults over time, depends how thick skinned you are.

If you had to give something up today what would you find the hardest?

I always ask people a version of this question; “What would you rather give up - cheese or bacon?” (assuming they’re not vegetarian of course) For me the answer to this changes on a daily basis. I remember asking one of my friends this and she said ‘That’s the hardest question I’ve ever been asked!’ My answer today would be cheese would be hardest to give up.

What is something that seemed like a great idea at the time but looking back on it you think ‘What was I doing?’

I would imagine, as a kid, wearing shell suits on a non-school uniform day. As a 13 year old, I feel I can let myself off, but even so. In a more modern era (although I don’t personally wear them) - onesies - what the hell are they all about? I can’t fathom that either.

A very silly thing I did once in Prague was having three shots of Absinthe on the trot. I woke up 5 hours later walking along a tram-line at 4 in the morning, missing a shoe. Apparently I ran out of the bar - I actually ran into the glass door and bounced off it. Luckily I had enough money in my pockets to get a cab and enough sense to ask in czech to go to the place we were staying. When I arrived I kept saying to the boys ‘I’ve lost my leg’ - obviously I meant my shoe. I didn't drink for 3 weeks after.

Who are you closest to here at PLATF9RM?

Dan Benoy is a another travel counsellor. I've been subsidising his desk since he started! And there’s Jamie who is now working with me. There’s also Andy Broughton and Fi and El from Markettiers. We have a nice group going on in Dedicated Desks. The 18 months I've been here I've never felt like I don’t like anyone here. Everyone gets on really nicely. It's all very relaxed.

What, in your opinion, sets PLATF9RM apart from other co-working spaces?

I've never worked in another space so it’s difficult to say but just the general atmosphere. Everyone's friendly and welcoming. No one dominates, everyone realises it’s space for other people not just themselves. People have respect for each other and it's been fantastically done.

If you could add something crazy and radical to PLATF9RM, what addition would you make?

I would get an outdoor swimming pool on the top floor. Swimming pool, sauna and a bar - maybe even a games room with a pool table and pinball machine. We could pay to use them but the money would go to charity.

Thanks for the suggestions Tim!

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