Member of The Week - Maddy Zoli

PLATF9RM has an Italian creative designer and digital animator in the house! Meet Circulate Digital's newest member Maddy Zoli!

So am I right in thinking that you just returned from holiday Maddy?

Yes I went to Edinburgh as I’m trying to discover some more about this country - that’s the furthest North I’ve ever been. It was amazing, we went up Arthur’s Seat. To see the city from up there was really charming - you can really understand how the city’s built. We were really lucky with the weather - we had three days of sun.

If you were an ice cream flavour what would you be?

So this is really tricky but since I am lactose intolerant I would be a Peach Sorbet.

You’re a fairly new member of the Circulate Digital team - have the team welcomed you well?

So half of the team is based in Sheffield so I’m planning to go visit them in June so we can go out and have drinks all together. I’ve met almost all of them and they’ve been so welcoming with me. I’m the only Junior Designer in the team and they’re training me to do some coding front end. It has been an adventure so far and everyday I learn something new and I really like it.


If I were going to Italy what is the one spot you would highly recommend?

Well I’m from a small village by the sea called Cervia. It’s very small - its a one and a half hour drive from Bologna. Everyone comes from Bologna and Milano to have their summer break. However I would say my favourite city is Florence, I would recommend visiting the New Market in Florence which is basically a building that has been converted into a covered market and you can buy all kinds of food and drink. Every nice place in Italy is related to food. Florence is in Tuscany and has the best meat and cheese and wine.

As stereotype has it Italians are great cooks - do you enjoy cooking?

I do, let’s say I have never been the best cook in my family but I’m doing my best and I have cooked a couple of dishes for my English friend and my Swiss friend and they both said it was restaurant standard - without showing off! My favourite dish to prepare is carbonara (without milk).

How did you find the culture difference moving to the UK?

There is a big difference in routine - for example here people have dinner earlier and wake up earlier but apart from that I notice a lot of difference in people. Italian people are really loud and enthusiastic so you think they’re more friendly but even if English people are colder at the beginning they soon become true friends. For example one time my sister said this metaphor - she said people from the South of Europe are like apricots - soft on the outside with a hard core. Whereas people from the North of Europe, English people included - they’re really hard to break but once you’re in their heart you stay there. I feel very welcome in Brighton. It’s a really welcoming town.

So you used to be involved with Codebar, are you still attending their workshops?

No now I don’t because I was originally on an internship but now I have a full time job and not as much free time. Codebar helped me alot to understand the basics - so I always keep an eye on what they’re doing and try to promote them.

When was the last time you laughed till you cried?

So a small part of my family (I have a very big family) came to visit me and we went to visit Seven Sisters and when we were on top of the first hill we could hear the seagulls - they were shrieking really loudly. I don’t know why but my father decided to start being a seagull and I don’t know why the whole family joined in.

Has being at PLATF9RM changed your experience of the UK?

I understand more about the rhythm of work. I feel like in the UK there is a lot of freedom because everyone has a very strong work ethic so no one controls you as if you were a slave. People trust you to do the best job you can.

The difference between working for a company that has its own office and working at PLATF9RM is that you see the difference in rhythms because of the freelancers and diversity of the people who work here.

When was the last time you had a profound conversation?

It was with my swiss friend Gail, her native language is French so we speak in English. We both have to work on our English. We were on Brighton beach; we were talking about how happy we were to have found each other. Because you need to find an anchor point. When you’re a kid you have family and friends. When you’re older you have to find that anchor point in yourself. It’s nice to find someone who is struggling with the same issues. She really gives me a sense of support and appreciation. And I’m sure I do the same for her.

Thank you Maddy!

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