Emma Croman: My Perfect Brighton

We all have our perfect Brighton, right? Our favourite pubs, shops or walks that ensure we each love the city in a different way. We sat down with PLATF9RM member Emma Croman to discuss the nine things that keep her venturing into Brighton from her Lewes home each day (besides PLATF9RM, of course).

Emma is a wonderful photographer with a portfolio of clients including Soho House, Deezer, Mace Group, The Guardian, Cos and Buzzfeed. She took all PLATF9RM’s portfolio pictures for the website – somehow making us look passable in the process – and, with her brown Labrador Monty ever in tow, is a beautiful soul to have around…


Nola Boutique

It’s an independent clothes shop in North Lane and I love everything they sell. They have a lot of androgynous clothes with a feminine edge and seem to have an idea about what works for quite small people, which is good for me! Shopping there is a real treat; I’ll sell a bunch of stuff on Ebay and go out with a Nola budget. It’s great.

You can purchase their clobber online, here.


Stoney Point

I used to go to here all the time. Jess who runs it has such good taste in music: it’s this really immersive electronica. The window seat is the sweet spot if you’re working.

Stoney Point.jpg


You know when you’ve been with a group to the pub, you leave and then one mate says, “Shall we go for a nightcap?” Plateau is my place for that. They have amazing natural wines which they’re so passionate about. They really fit the wine to your mood and will chat for ages without sounding like they’re ever reading from a script.


The bike ride to Rottingdean

Cycling along that underpass is like being in another country: maybe Scandinavia. It’s a great spot for photo shoots. I love it when the sun is high in the sky there and you get the light bouncing off the white cliffs. You can get the contrast in photos without too many shadows, and the industrial lines of it are all really pleasing to my photographer’s eye!



I do Box ’N’ Burn classes in their gym on Castle Street and it’s a cross between boxing and HIIT. They have such great energy and play drum n bass, which makes me very happy!


The racecourse view

It’s where you come out when you walk from Lewes to Brighton and is an incredible view. Looking down gives you a moment of clarity. Brighton is great but it can be a bubble; it shows there’s a whole world out there!


Mange Tout

It’s my favourite place for breakfast. Their Eggs Benedict are amazing. I love how you’re right in the middle of things on Trafalgar Street; you can pop into Magazine and pick something up to read before heading in...


Brighton Flea Market

This is in Kemptown and I can get lost in there forever. I got a couple of dresses from there that I absolutely adore and an amazing grey chair from their furniture room upstairs; it does retro furniture with a modern edge and the staff are always humorous which is always a way to win me over!


Stanmer Park

I love the woods at the top. They’ve got the artificial man-made pool that Monty loves to swim in. Then the view when you when you walk out of the woods – and you can see Stanmer House – is epic!