9 Alternative Ways To Get Around Brighton

You might have a car but, this being the city of Caroline Lucas, there are many more environmentally friendly ways to traverse Brighton’s streets. Here’s 9 alternative ways to get around.

1. Swim!

Okay, fair dos. If you’re of sound mind, you’re not going anywhere near that grainy ocean expanse between October and April. But for six months of the year it links the whole city, from Hove Lawns to the Marina. You’ll just have to get someone to leave you a towel at the other end.

2. Volk’s Electric Railway

Volk’s Electric Railway is the oldest operating electric railway. Opened in 1883 under the eye of its inventor, Marcus Volk, it originally only ferried tourists between the old Chain Pier (destroyed in 1896) and the aquarium. Now it’ll ferry you up to the dizzy heights of Black Rock, with the cat-calls of tipsy hen-dos ringing in your ears.

3. Brighton Bikes

Since starting back in September 2017, BTN Bikeshare has been a huge success. Users of the bikes have collectively cycled over 500,000 miles and there are now 52 docking stations throughout the city. Whether you’re in Roedean or the depths of Southwick, there is no more efficient way to get across the city. We don’t need to tell you to remember your helmets, do we?

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 16.13.20 copy.jpg

4. Skateboard

Brighton’s skate culture is as long as its coastline, and many is the local who goes misty-eyed with sentimentality when recalling the halcyon days of youth at The Level. First air. First kisses. First cigarettes. First furtive touch of pale, speckled flesh. (Or is that just us?) There’s a thousand stories in those wheels, so we say keep them rolling.

5. Join a Running Club

There’s an abundance of running clubs in town: RunBrighton, The Run Squad, and Brighton & Hove Running Club will all get you pounding the streets. You don’t even have to pay extra for the endorphins.


6. SUP Is The One

Stand-Up Paddle-boarding, is hands-down the most relaxing way to get around. Don’t believe us? Here’’s what PLATF9RM member Andy Broughton has to say about it:

“I love cruising through the still waters on my board on a calm day when the sea is like a milk pond, or trying to catch a wave at low tide as the sun sets. It’s about being in the moment and letting all those day-to-day thoughts and stresses slip away.”

7. Brighton Zipline

Depending on your attitude to heights, the Brighton Zip will either be the most exciting or the most godawful stupid way to travel 300 metres up Madeira Drive. For those who really revel in the odd replication of plummeting to certain death – or maybe just full body paralysis! – there’s also the Drop Zone, in which you free fall for 24 metres.


8. Parkour

If you’ve seen the guys practicing parkour next to the paddling pool in Hove, you’ll know parkour is seemingly a way to get super buff. Why not join them – please, please do some classes with The Urban Academy first – and in the same breath get around in a way that makes us mortal walkers seem like the timid, adrenaline-shy dullards we are.

9. Walking

Strap on those Air Force Ones and hit the tarmac, friend.