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Berlin Beats, Bison Eats and Holiday Retreats

September came through strong, with Bison Beer X Humble Plates food you can't go wrong. With brand new ski resorts and events of all sorts, take a gander into this month's INF9RMER.

With smiles and green concotions, OMGTea starts this months production, helping us indulge into Matcha Green Tea's health-kick secrets. Berlin-Brighton beats emanating through The North Laines, Markus Saarländer informs us on the upcoming techno night with EINMUSIK and the growing interest it gains. Next up was Lauren Pope and her fascinating upcoming event the Curio Conference, building up the well deserved curiosity.

This week beloved member Maddy, stepped into the limelight, her recently freelance Graphic Designs skills on offer, she gave us an insight. Bison Beer and Humble Plates have started cooking up a storm, their new lunch menu burgers I can tell you are on top form.

INF9RMER #6 Photo.jpg

The travel guru himself, Jesse Sharp the Travel Councellor, is offering 10% off travel over September, and will fly you off to somewhere spectacular. Altitude Ski and Snowboard school this month open their doors, to not their first, not their second but their third resort Gstaad, all equally as exciting as the last of course.

Fiona Bugler has brought Driven Women all the way down from London to Brighton, so the women of the south can rejoice in a supportive energetic event, of which the mind it will strengthen and enlighten. The School of the Wild's September event will yep, you guess it, be out in the Sussex countryside, networking, story-telling and all whilst helping the Green economy thrive!

Thank you to everyone who put in the time to offer news for this month's INF9RMER, if you have something you would like to include for September then contact Membership Assistant Matt.