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Cocoa Loco, The Silent Disco and a Brighton PR Pro

With Halloween around the corner, we this month welcome Amy Gibson to the INF9RMER as she promotes Pier 2 Pier's Beach Hallow-clean. With chocolate surprises and PR wins, PLATF9RM are once again showing their strengths.

Brighton's been finding it's feet as local designers prepare to take to the street as part of Design Brighton's 2019 October festival, brought to us by Frazer Stokes. Sophie Wilson of Tuesday Media shouted from the rooftops about their phenomenal achievement, a great win for a startup PR agency only 9 months old.

Our Social Media prayers were answered with the introduction of ContentCal into this month's edition, with Noel Agyei letting everyone know about their exciting Partnership Program. Ghouls and gals at the ready, Amy Gibson is offering out the Silent Disco headphones once again for October's Halloween Beach Clean!

INF9RMER #7 Photo.jpg

With Cocoa tasty enough to send anyone Loco, Nigel Lambe treated us all to the knowledge that not only are his decadent treats available online, but can also be found down at Infinity Foods! The gang over at Escape The City have been reassuring people that it may not ever be the perfect time for a change of career; but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the wrong move - and they are here to help.

Reaching all Nine of your Lives, Cat Duval of Nine Lives Yoga has downward doggy dipped some information about her unique yoga experiences into this month's INF9RMER - so get twisting those hips! PALA Eyewear have released their first recycled acetate frame, and you all know how stunning John Pritchard's glasses can be. Finally we finished off with a new recruit to Hove's office inhabitants, Redtangle - welcome Wesley to the PLATF9RM Community!

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