Company of the Week - Pass the Keys

Meet Nadege, die-hard Harry Potter fan and Susie, proud mum of Mia the chihuahua. Together they work for Pass The Keys, a one stop, fully managed, short-let property service.


Welcome both of you to your Company of the Week, could you talk us through the process of using your service at Pass The Keys?

Basically we do short let holiday management, we’ve got properties mainly on Airbnb, Home Away and many others. People give us the keys and we make sure the properties booked, generate revenue for them and then manage all their operations; cleaning, linen and other issues that might arise. If something happens in the middle of the night, we’re here, so customers have a hassle free experience.

I'm guessing you have quite the roster of handy people at your disposal?

We’ve got an extensive list of local suppliers, cleaning providers, electricians, plumbers, handymen. We also work with freelance marketers etc. There are many other offices around the UK and we work with them on a daily basis. We started in London and now we’re trying to localise the process more, because it’s how we work the best and how we can deliver the best service.

Susie, you are relatively new to the team, right? How’ve you found joining PLATF9RM?

Susie: I joined back at the beginning of September and it’s been good, Nadege has been really helpful. A lot of training has been involved as my background is actually in PR; so learning about property was completely new. But it’s been really good, I’ve picked it up really quickly.

Nadege: It’s been great having Susie here, sharing with someone else is wonderful. There are often issues that arise during the day, so it’s been good to have someone to have a chat with and share ideas on how to solve them.

How do you both find the coworking experience at PLATF9RM?


It’s cool to see many different companies in the same place. I know a lot of spaces have a niche, like tech based or something, so it’s nice to have a mixture. Seeing different faces every day is brilliant. It’s also really useful that we can go between Brighton and Hove, with our roles we travel around quite often, so to be able to pop into whichever office we’re nearest to works really well. You also have Bird & Blend tea which is great.

You guys are based mainly in Hove, is there anything that drew you to this particular location?

Nadege: When I looked for an office at the start, I wanted a space close, as I have a little girl and I live in Hove, so it was convenient. I love having access to both spaces; it was what made PLATF9RM so appealing. So, when we started it was because of convenience, now we couldn’t go anywhere else.

Have you guys been attending any PLATF9RM events?

Nadege: I would like to, we missed the PLATF9RM Birthday unfortunately. Now that Susie’s finished her training we might be able to attend some. I’ve done several Cereal* Fillers, but I look forward to attending an evening event.

Susie: I’d love to attend the new yoga sessions in the morning at Hove Town Hall.

What cartoon character do you both most heavily identify with?

Susie: I don’t identify with her, but I love Betty Boop, I aspire to be like her, she’s very confident.

Nadege: Chihiro Ogino from Spirited away.

Favourite film you’ve watched this year?

Susie: I watched Wreck it Ralph because my sisters an animator for the game, it was really cute and funny.

Nadege: I’ve not been to the cinema since last year, but I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so nothing will beat a Harry Potter film.

Money’s no object, what’s your ideal Christmas gift for yourself?

Nadege: Delicious food and wine. That’s all I want. Cool decorations and I’m good.

Susie: I would buy Mia a new friend, which would be a blonde cocker spaniel.


Cheers Pass the Keys!

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