Member of the Week - Gamely

Introducing Gamely, the guys make fun, family friendly games, designed to be played in groups. They give a people a chance to play, away from a screen,

Hey guys. Could you tell us a bit about your ethos and what inspired you to create games in the first place?

Our main aim is to bring people together through play, encouraging them to spend more quality time laughing with their family and friends. I found that games were a really good way to connect with my 12 year old sister, so I came up with randomise to lure her away from her iPad. A year later, I decided to share it with the world, my friends and family already wanted it, so we funded manufacturing it on a larger scale through kickstarter.

Do you play a lot of games yourselves?

Yes! We love games - we love playing them and getting to call it market research. We play all sorts of games - party games, as well as serious board games - we’re still discovering modern board games, it’s never ending, as 10000 launch every year.

Our favourite is Sagrada, a really beautiful board game that’s also really addictive. Our other favourite, one for a big group, is called One Night Ultimate Werewolf, which is all about bluffing. And there’s Game Off, which is a great party game, with loads of different ‘offs’; like 'dance off', 'longest arm off', 'sing off', or whatever!


Randomise is really popular, I’ve played it myself and it’s great! What’s your favourite Gamely game?

Hazel - The game I love playing the most at the moment is The Pretender, you can play it so many times and it’s always different. It’s also the most addictive. The others are great, but you want to play The Pretender again and again because you NEED to win!

Tina - Soundiculous: it’s a game about making ridiculous sounds, it’s as simple as it sounds. You pick a card, it has a word on it and you then make that sound, whilst sitting on your hands and every one has to guess what it is. It sounds easy, but it’s actually really hard. It’s also super inclusive, I have played it with both a 3 year old and a 70 year old.

What was it about PLATF9RM that you thought suited gamely?

Flexibility - we each only work around 16 hours a week and we mix that between home and an office space to do a bit of both. We saw the space and thought it was perfect; the design is great, a creative open feel; Chris is really visual and really appreciates his surroundings, so here's grest. It really helps to be around similar people, it’s nice to be around a buzz. I get my energy from other people, so the space is really inspiring.

Have you guys been to any PLATF9RM events since joining?

Hazel - Yes, I’ve been to quite a few, most recently I went to the Sanderson Jones one. I also went to an event exploring internships and different ways of getting talent into your business. I contributed to a Cereal* Filler recently too!

You’re having the worst day, what song do you listen to pick yourself back up?

Hazel - Honey Body by Kishi Bashi.
Tina - No Roots by Alice Merton. Little Sam likes it too.

Are you living in Brighton currently? What is it you love about the city?

Tina - I live by Queens Park, been in Brighton for 15 years, but I've just moved. Kemptown is where I love; the chilled vibe, the flee market, coffee shops and so many lovely cafes. I love all of Brighton, but Kemptown’s such a beautiful part.

Hazel - We live in Brighton, been here for 4 + 1/2 years and my favourite place is the sea. I am obsessed with the ocean. Going to the beach, swimming, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding. I’m going to go scuba diving soon, which I’ve done before but not in Brighton. We had a one to one meeting walking along the beach the other day, because, why not! I can’t imagine living anywhere else now. Brighton's one of the best cities for startups, full of culture and people. With lots of people thinking outside the box it sparks off ideas.

What’s your ideal day out?

Hazel- It would probably be on a sandy beach; a whole day where I get a swim in the sea by myself and read my book, whilst Chris builds sandcastles with the children. I’m with them, I still get to play chase with charlie but I can also chill. Then we'd go for some delicious food and probably a glass of wine. Chris would do bedtime. And to finish, I’d have loads of friends round for a game of course!

Tina - Mines a leisurely lunch, a bit of shopping, the kind of shopping where I don’t need anything. After mooching, some wine and relaxing and obviously some games.

Thank you so much Gamely guys!

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