Member of the Week - Gemma Beugg

Meet Gemma - Owner of Pavillion Property Searches and new PLATF9RMer.

Hey Gemma, being an independent property search agent you work alongside solicitors and individuals, could you tell us a bit about how this works & your relationship with both?

The role I play is a bit complicated, a lot of my friends don’t really get it. I’m kind of like Chandler, in that way. But, essentially, I work for myself, being Pavilion Property Searches. I primarily carry out local authority searches, which is a general overview of the property that’s being bought or sold.

My client base are predominantly solicitors, they sub out work to me. So, I carry out the searches on behalf the solicitors who are acting on behalf of the purchaser. For every transaction they deal with, they instruct me to carry out searches for that property. I’ve been doing it for 10 years, so I’ve had the same clients for that amount of time, and they use me independently as their search provider.


Have you always worked on your own?

Yes - my parents do the same thing, so I worked for them initially and learnt the trade. I did that for 6 months, then came back to Brighton to set up on my own. And I’m happy working on my own, so have never chosen to employ anyone.

Has there been a particular property that’s been really striking to you?

I don’t really get to see the properties that much, just read lots about them. And there are so many, so it’s hard to say. I’ve had properties on contaminated land, so they’re pretty shocking, though I’ve not got one particular example.

What was it that drew you to co-working at PLATF9RM ?

Having worked from home for ten years, I needed a change of scenery and to have that feeling of ‘going to work’ - to try and resync the work life balance, to increase productivity and use time more effectively. Plus, to actually have conversations with people during the day, I needed to experience the social side of work.

Have you got a favourite spot at Tower Point?

The main coworking table on Floor 5, it’s the hub. It’s the kitchen of a home, it’s the center, where everyone meets. It’s where I sat when I first came, and, being a creature of habit, this is now my favourite spot.

Are there any PLATF9RM pups that you’ve fallen in love with?

Rosie’s the main one I’ve bonded with really. I brought my dog, Peanut, in the other week, she really likes it here.

What’s been your most memorable trip to date?

Snowy New York, or christmas in Mexico; Santa arrived on the beach, it was spectacular.

If you were an animal, what would it be?

A dog, I’d be truly loving life if I could live a dog's life.

If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what film would you pick?

Notting Hill, it’s perfect, I mean, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant…

Thank you Gemma!

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