Member of the Week - Lindsey Pickles

Meet Lindsey - Director & Founder of Bright Dials Digital Marketing, Co-founder of Casserole Club - a food sharing initiative, mother and proud dog-owner.

So you’ve worked in marketing and technology for the majority of your life - what drew you to that world?

When I finished university I worked for a venture marketing company in London which gave me my first exposure to the world of technology. I was interested in working in television and technology and the internet seemed to be the natural meeting point. My first job was working for an online marketing agency which mainly involved kow towing to record labels and going to parties, fun times!


What is your relationship with the rapidly evolving world of tech and how has that affected the way in which you work?

I love the speed of technological innovation and throughout my career I have always translated what technology can do for marketing or digital content. The internet has given me great freedom; I can talk to clients for free for all over the world, I can book a taxi on my phone, switch currencies easily - even unlock the door to PLATF9RM! It's made life much more accessible and more convenient. I love how it’s given the younger generation the ability to be digital nomads; they have the freedom to work and travel more flexibly.

If you hadn’t ended up in digital marketing did you have any other vocation that you wanted to pursue when you were younger?

I would loved to have been a Marine Biologist! I spent a couple of years living in the US after which I needed some time out. I did marine conservation in Madagascar. I spent 6 weeks working on the conservation project and I learnt to identify a lot of fish and benthic species (things residing on the sea floor, shells, sponges etc) and passed the test to start collating data for the scientists. I then spent a few months travelling around and saw the Aye Aye, held the world’s smallest chameleon in my hand and dived with the biggest fish in the world. I would have loved to have been a marine biologist.

So your daughter is 7 - what, in your opinion, are the most marked differences between her generation’s childhood and your own?

The biggest difference is the way she's taught in school. Teachers know the careers the children will have don't exist yet, so they focus on teaching principles; it's ok to be wrong or to change your mind, it's ok to fail, But equally they must be aware that mistakes can be played out to a much bigger audience. Social media has changed the landscape in a huge way and it’s only now we’re seeing some controls coming into play.

How has being a mother affected your outlook?

It's changed every part of my life, given a huge amount of joy and was the catalyst for starting a Bright Dials as I wanted greater flexibility and a better work/life balance to spend more time with my daughter. It’s definitely made me more fearful too which starts with constantly being on the outlook for danger but turns into fear for their futures, particularly around environmental issues. We do everything we can to live sustainably and plastic free but on a macro-level. I'm hoping that technology, or some plastic eating fungi will save us!

How do you recharge?

I sing in the Soul of the City Choir and I like to cook and experiment - hence my interest in Brighton and Hove Food Partnership and starting the Casserole Club in Brighton and Hove. Bright Dials is supporting their new The Community Kitchen which is based just round the corner from Tower Point on Queens Road. Their philosophy is to make Brighton the City that cooks and eats together, connecting people through cooking. It’s a space which you can book for to do food courses and do team building events and I'm hoping PLATF9RM members will book their events there!

How did you first find out about PLATF9RM?

Word of mouth. The lovely Abby Morton told me all about it!

Does it help being able to have your doggy friend with you at work?

I'd like to say yes but she's gone into the terrible twos and become a bit of a pain lately. Some doggy hooks under the tables to stop her pulling chairs around would definitely help!

What is your favourtie spot at PLATF9RM ?

I hang out near reception on Floor 5 - I like how I’m close to caffeine with deskspace and meeting tables nearby.

Thank you Lindsey!

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