Member Of The Week - Fiona Baylis

Christmas has crept up on us and it's our final Member Of The Week, of the year! This week PLATF9RM caught up with Fiona Baylis on her first visit to Hove Town Hall and learnt about her Christmas Wedding!

Hey Fiona, you joined us fairly recently, what is it about PLATF9RM that made you want to join us?

I had been working a lot at home on my own...finding that I'd got to the end of another day without speaking to a single adult. I actually thought I was going mad!! I had been looking for about a year and my friend suggested it to me...when I came in I just loved it and now I don't feel I'm going as mad. 

You're trying out Hove Town Hall for the first time, what's your initial impressions?

It is quite different. It's really spacious and light...the light is great. You can tell it's PLATF9RM, but it's different. Then of course when I came in I saw your face! So there's that lovely continuity.


You run an architectural company with your that right?

Well...we design, build and refurbish...the whole package. Our friends think we are mad working together, but as long as we know there's a time to stop talking about work, it works quite well for us.

At Cereal* Filler this week, you did a really great talk about passion. For those who weren't there, could you give us a brief summary of what you talked about?

I was talking about the idea of finding your passion and following it because it's your passion and you only want to do that - but for some people that’s a dangerous idea.  For some people if they don't feel that BURNING passion that people talk about, it can make them feel inferior and like they're failing. I think it's important to spin it round, don't put the emphasis on following your passion but find a job you like enough, and find a way to inject your passion within it.

Outside of professional life, what are you passionate about?

I am the secretary of Brighton Tri Club, I am so passionate about that. The people are brilliant and the achievements are astonishing, they've always done something amazing. I love my club!

Christmas is right around the corner, what's your Christmas Routine?

Well, my Mum is Norwegian so we always did Christmas Day on Christmas Eve, I've continued that with my kids. So we have Christmas Dinner on the 24th about 5ish, then I torture my kids by making them wait to open their presents while I tidy up and make my coffee and then I torture them a bit more by doing one person, one present at a time!

We sang Christmas Carols at the PLATF9RM Social last night, what's your favourite carol?

I actually got married on December 18th, in a beautiful church in Scotland where King James was was freezing, minus 15, our guests had to wear their coats at the reception! But we had Silent Night as our hymn so that's my favourite!

Finally...what's your favourite place you've ever had breakfast?

Ooh Clinton Street Bakery in New York. They do these amazing things called Biscuits...they are kind of like a scone mixed with a biscuit and they are delicious!!

Thanks for your time Fiona!

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