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Welcome to our April news where we will be filling you in on all of the latest developments within PLATF9RM.

We now have 200 members and counting! This is so exciting and shows how strong the co-networking community in Brighton is. We’ve also officially signed the lease for Floor 5 in Tower Point, taking on another 6000 square feet that will include more meeting rooms, phone booths and space that can be used for co-working or as dedicated event space for up to 60 people

PLATF9RM members will be able to make full use of the expanded area and move between floors as they wish (so if upstairs is busy and you need some quieter head space, just head downstairs). Private offices for 2-6 people are available but 12 of the 21 new offices have already been reserved (woo-hoo!) so be sure to register interest in our new floor by emailing Emilie & Leanne. The space is due to open mid June.

At the end of March, we saw MPB join us with a team of 22 taking the last private office. MPB are a marketplace for trading used cameras and lenses with offices in Brighton and New York,  so if you’d got an old Nikon gathering dust in a drawer, these are the guys to speak to


Earlier this month we were delighted to see Lucy Sherston paint her tropical murals on the walls of our Red and Orange Meeting Rooms. They’ve brought the spaces to life, and we hope will keep our members from nodding off during those long Friday afternoon meetings (it’s okay: we all do it).  You can see a time lapse of Lucy creating the murals on Lucy's Instagram taken by Emilie.

Meeting rooms are available to be booked for members and non-members and you can now do it directly through our website.

Our monthly social takes place on the last Thursday of the month, and March’s was a smash so thanks to all who came down and created those good start-of-spring vibes.  As ever, Brighton Gin supplied the plonk for our G&T’s,whilst the vegan beer from Brighton Bier helped get those co-networker tongues wagging.  Our fave Amy Brown of CULT MILK was back again to finish off the faces on the Red Meeting Room window, whilst the interactive Drawful and QuickQuip games proved popular (and increasingly NSFW) as the evening went on. Photos from the event are on Facebook.

Our new morning event Cereal* Filler kicks off on Monday 15th May. *cereal will be provided


You’re never too old for an Easter Egg hunt, as we discovered by the fevered reaction to our ‘Ready, Eggy, GO’ hunt on the 11th April. Our chick and bunny races* were also well-received by all and brought out a competitive side in some of you that we hadn’t seen before. Make sure you check out the Facebook Live video we took of the good-natured chaos that ensued.

*not real chicks and bunnies, sadly. But if anyone knows a farm where we can do that next year, we’re THERE.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit PLATF9RM, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a tour, we really hope to see you soon.


Member Of The Week - Ellie Picasso

This week we chat to another of our office users, Ellie Picasso from Grovelands.

What do you do?

I do HR for Grovelands, a financial recruitment company.

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

There was a change in company direction - they wanted an office that was more lively and vibrant.


What was one of the worst trends you fell for in the past?

Oh God, ra ra skirts! I think everyone had one back then!


Do you take the shampoo and conditioner from hotel rooms?

Yes! Who doesn't?!


What TV show can you watch over and over again and still enjoy?

Modern Family. Lily is great. That or US Office.


What piece of technology annoys you the most?

Facebook - people really overshare nowadays.


What's the longest plane journey you've been on?

12 hours to Reunion Island, a tiny island just near Madagascar.


Times freezes for everyone but you for one day. What do you do?

Naked shopping! Can you imagine how much quicker trying on clothes would be?!


What's one thing that will never go out of style?

Good manners - or at least people just be polite and friendly.


Another member will feature next week - make sure you check back to see who it will be.


Member Of The Week - Paul Cooke

This week, we talk through another 9 questions with member Paul Cooke of Outside The Line.

Paul, what do you and outside the line do?

We run a small graphic design studio, creating vibrant and experimental branding or campaigns for socially and culturally positive companies.

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

I tried a lot of places including a one person studio but the energy was quite down. A lot of places were really quiet and I wanted something a bit more lively. Plus the interior design here - come on, it's great.

What was the last photo you took?

Oh, it'll be some paste ups of our logo I did around Brighton. We put our logo character in different poses and place them around town.

What artist do you recommend if someone asks you?

Bill Viola. He's a video artist with really immersive and bold installations. He's quite often in the Tate or the Hayward Gallery.

What was the last splurge or treat item you bought?

A jumpsuit. I have three already but bought another one - I kinda want it to become a thing, like Boiler Suit Paul.

How many hours do you typically sleep?

Probably more than I should. But typically around 8 I'd say.

What's the weirdest thing to have happened to you in your job?

We were designing some packaging for a new cider. During a meeting with the client, we were treated to tasting the product... We all had a few too many and hit the town, all ending up legs akimbo. Client relations are important.

What was one of the last things you googled?

Trump Trump! It's quite funny to see the counter at the bottom just going up and up.

When was the most inappropriate time you burst out laughing?

I got the giggles was in a team pitch - my colleague belched in front of our clients. I lost my mind giggling for longer than was comfortable!


Quite a funny one this week! Keep an eye out for who will be featuring next. Check out Paul's Instagram here too.

Member Of The Week - Merina Martin

Welcome back to another weekly feature on our members. This week we are talking with Merina Martin from Vida Care

So, Merina, what is that you do?

We deliver care to people's homes as well as developing technology to help deliver a professional service. We also like to reach out to larger organisations like local councils and the NHS.


What brought you to PLATF9RM?

Because it's so swanky and edgy and cool. It's genuinely just a great place to work.


What's the creepiest bit of technology out there at the moment?

Smart TV's like the Android ones that track your movements! How creepy is that!


What was one thing you believed in when you were younger?



What was the most historic thing to have happened during your life time?

The Millennium. I remember reading about the Nostradamus prophecies and getting really freaked out.


What current trend is totally lost on you?

Vegan food. And not out of ignorance - I just can't imagine surviving on a plant based diet myself.

What do people have a strong opinion about even though they might not know a lot about it?

Feminism. A lot of people will label themselves as such without knowing that much about it. 


If you could go back to one time and place from your own memory, where would you go?

My wedding. It was just me and my husband in St. Lucia.


What would be the ultimate indulgent day?

A spa day or pamper session. I quite enjoy a hot stone massage.

Tune back in next week for another PLATF9RM Member of the Week.

PLATF9RM'S 9 Benefits of Co-Working

As co-working expands, it’s natural for people to peer in at it and start prodding and probing the new nature of working. With that, comes analysis of trends within co-working so we thought we’d start off with 9 benefits of co working, from the general to feedback we’ve had from our own PLATF9RM members.

Great atmosphere & environment

Great atmosphere & environment

1. The biggest appeal, by far, for our PLATF9RM members is the atmosphere and environment we’ve built. Many people highlighted the appeal of working in a creative environment with lots of like minded people meaning there’s a better chance of socialising but importantly, as and when you need it. Co-workers all have the opportunity take a social break when they want it and can chose when to knuckle down again.

Work/life balance

Work/life balance

2. Naturally following on from that, co-working helps provide a sense of balance between working life and home life. Get out of your comfies and slippers and into an environment that encourages active working time. You’re not working around distractions and can work to a schedule that suits you.

Health benefits

Health benefits

3. It’s healthy for you! Studies suggest that around 70% of co-workers feel healthier in a co-working environment than a traditional office environment. Not only that, but people are more likely to support each other with healthier life choice which leads to an increase in happiness and productivity.

Meet people

Meet people

4. Get social! A benefit of co-working has to be that it introduces you to other businesses that vary from your own so you can pull on others skill or advice when you need to and make lasting network connections.

Everything is included

Everything is included

5. Everything's included. You know that everything is taken care of and you know there's no headache inducing leases to sign and that all your overheads are part of your membership. It makes for smooth seamless working without having to focus on any niggling bills.

Forget busy coffee shops with unreliable WIFI

Forget busy coffee shops with unreliable WIFI

6. You’re guaranteed a spot. There's no battling for space or bandwitch in busy coffee shops. Co-working guarantees you not only the space to work but also the amenities to go with it including a super fast WIFI connection.

Creative meeting rooms

Creative meeting rooms

7. Wow possible clients. Many co-working spaces are well designed and include functional space so you can really show people how importantly you take your business by having a dedicated space in addition to the flexibility to move into fully equipped meeting rooms.

24/7 access

24/7 access

8. As and when you like it. Many co-working spaces recognise the individual nature of the variety of businesses they support so plenty off a 24/7 service, meaning if you’re more of a night owl, that’s not a problem as you can head into the office whenever suits you.

Flexibility for your growing team

9. Flexibility. Co-working space offers the chance to grow, meaning if you start of as a two person team and quickly take on another two, you can scale up to the next suitable space.

Member Of The Week - Jan Burgess

Next in our weekly installments of member of the week here in PLATF9RM, we grab five minutes with Jan Burgess of SOL Design Collective.


As always, we like to introduce members to the public so what is it that you do?

The easiest way to put it is that I facilitate growth for design, creative and art businesses with a particular focus on those local to Brighton and Hove.

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

I was wasting too much loading the dishwasher at home! I did try a few places for the home/work divide but they just didn't stick. I then found PLATF9RM and loved it.

What would your dream dinner be?

For me, it's not so much what I'm eating but also where I'm eating. I went to Grotta Palazesse in Italy where the restaurant is built into sea cliffs - it was stunning and had great eclectic Italian food.  Alternatively I wouldn't mind strawberries and champagne in my beach hut in Hove.

Name one song you know off by heart?

The first things that come to mind are always the simple ones so it'll have to be something like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


What's something that can't be bought or found on the Internet?

What a great question. You can never find a one word answer or a quick solution. There's so much information on the Internet so you just end up clicking through from article to article.


Where's your favourite place to visit?

Cornwall on a beautiful sunny day. Or Glastonbury. I also rediscovered Wales recently as I went three times last year. 




Would you rather have bad short term memory or bad long term memory?

I wouldn't want to lose my short term memory - I already struggle with the long term memory!


What do you do to destress or relax?

Hot yoga which I do in Hove. Or drumming. I have a drum that I made myself from elk hide.


What's a really annoying habit a person can have?

Eating apples loudly! The noise really annoys me. But on a more serious note, a person that says they'll do something but never do. It's just a waste of time for everyone.


Another member will be featured again next week so keep an eye out for them.

Member Of The Week - Andy Broughton

In what will be an ongoing introduction, we will be putting one member of PLATF9RM in the spotlight every week so we can get to know them a bit better and hopefully find out something we didn’t know before!

Of course we asked 9 questions. Our first member is Andy Broughton of Digifingers.

Andy Broughton. 24/7 co-working.

Andy Broughton. 24/7 co-working.

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

I started off at The Skiff but I love the vibrancy and friendliness here. The people are really what make the environment.


What was the last thing you ate?

Scrambled egg on sourdough toast.


What are you watching at the moment?

Carnage by Simon Amstell. It's a comedy mockumentary but it seems to generate quite a lot of strong opinions. I would really recommend it.


Yeah, that is a bit of a hard one. I started off with digital design but it's changed and developed so I'm a bit more of an art director - I get involved with a lot of projects now.


What used to scare you as a kid?

Ghosts. But more to hunt them - I was obsessed with ghost busters.


One thing over and over again?

Snowboarding or lounging around in hot springs.


Night Owl or early bird?

From one to the other.


What's your party trick?

Jazz splits! Comes out a lot at weddings and such...

(We recommend a YouTube search of the move from the James Brown era to get a true understanding of the nature of this party trick.)


Whats the nicest thing someones done for you recently?

My friends came together to buy me standup paddle board.

As promised, we will be featuring another member next week so keep an eye out for who's next!

We Need More Space

Welcome to our March news and what a month it's been!

We're close to full capacity with over 150 members. This month we welcomed Learning Pool into one of our private offices. They were looking for a new office space for their expanding Brighton team - a central location providing the additional space needed for a growing team, and one that reflected the young, modern and fun nature of the organisation.

"PLATF9RM not only offered the modern and sustainable environment, but one with plenty of space that not only our team, but clients can enjoy. "
Al Thompson, Learning Pool

We were also joined by Grovelands, an established resourcing firm working within niche areas in the Financial Services and Technology sectors. Grovelands are embracing a new way of working, ditching their suit and ties in favour of a more relaxed approach, and creating a better life/work balance in a collaborative environment such as PLATF9RM 

Our co-working memberships, as well as dedicated desks continue to be a popular choice for freelancers and startups, adding their eclectic mix of skills to the mix. We are very close to capacity. Please email Emilie to register your interest.

Thursday 23rd February was an exciting day at PLATF9RM. Rob and Diana from Red Roaster hosted a Coffee Cupping morning in our kitchen. Our members enjoyed learning about a variety of coffees from different parts of the world, as well as different roasting techniques and it’s effect on smell and taste. Photos from the Coffee Cupping are on our Facebook page.


The evening was alive with #notworking at our monthly PLATF9RM Social. Brighton Gin in our G&T’s and vegan beer from Brighton Bier fuelled the evening. Amy Brown of CULT MILK facilitated a fun-filled art table, filled with pens and markers and smiley stickers. Everyone had the chance to get involved with games of Consequence, the finished images proving how creative our members are after a gin or two! Photos from the event are on Facebook.

PLATF9RM Social is on Thursday 30th March, so make sure to put that date in the diary. You can always check out our event page to see what we have coming up.

March has seen two new additions to the PLATF9RM team. Abby Moreton joins this month from the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce, looking after PLATF9RM Partnerships. She will build collaborations and strengthen relationships with the city’s business community. Leanne Doutré joins as Membership Co-ordinator, making sure our members are looked after and are getting the best out of their PLATF9RM memberships.

With lots to look forward to, including the clocks going back on the 26th March, allowing us some much needed sunshine and beach time after work, we welcome in Spring and look forward to what it has to bring. There are exciting times ahead with the expansion of our collaborative workspaces and taking more space in Tower Point. More news to follow soon!

If you haven’t had a chance to visit PLATF9RM, don’t hesitate to contact Emilie to arrange a tour, we really hope to see you soon.


Watch this space and make it yours.


Members Stories - Tim, Shirley, Natasha & Josh

PLATF9RM is by definition ‘an opportunity to voice one’s views or initiate action’, a place where ideas collide and people can collaborate with like minded forward thinking individuals. PLATF9RM would be nothing without it’s members, and we’ve had a wonderful eclectic mix of people join since we opened in December 2016. Let us introduce you to just a few.



Tim Fitzgerald, Travel Counsellors

Tim is a Corporate & Leisure Travel Specialist with over 17 years experience helping companies and individuals travel the world for business and pleasure. Tim started his own franchise business 6 years ago, with growing success. Since starting a family, and now his son and daughter are growing up, it was the right time to find a new work environment. Tim was our first Dedicated Desk user and got his pick of 8 permanent desks in our “Library” area.

Why the move to PLATF9RM?

"This will enable me to stay focused on work and hopefully allow me to take people on to support the business growth. It is brilliantly located in the centre of town, 3 minutes from my son’s school and only 5 minutes from my house – so it has been refreshing to make the move (and still able to work from home as & when I need) and enjoying the fantastic new space. Now I just need to convince some of my colleagues to come and join me."

Since asking Tim this question, he has since taken another desk for his colleague. We look forward to welcoming Dan from March.

Shirley & Jo

Shirley & Jo

Shirley Finlayter, Concorde Education Services

Shirley is an Education Consultant with extensive teaching, training and project management experience. She could be described as an avid teacher-traveller. Her work at The British Council has taken her to Libya, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Senegal, Jordan and Egypt to name but a few and she has lived across four continents. Shirley has many interesting stories to share, and can often be found in our co-working booths.

Shirley joined PLATF9RM as she was setting up her own company, Concorde Education Services, which collaborates with education professionals to improve teaching. As one of our first members, she has been a welcoming and friendly face to other members at PLATF9RM, a firm favourite at our socials too.

What do you enjoy most about working at PLATF9RM?

"My favourite part about working at PLATF9RM is being surrounded by creative people and having the opportunity to brainstorm ideas."

Shirley & Natasha

Shirley & Natasha

Natasha Worrall, neo design studio

Natasha worked as an interior designer in London before moving to Hove in 2010. After some time out to look after her young family, she was inspired by the creative and entrepreneurial vibe of the city. Natasha decided to take her passion for interior design and set up ‘neo design studio’, which has a particular focus on furniture and lighting. The main ethos behind neo is very simple; to design authentic, high quality products that are manufactured here in the UK by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques for use on commercial projects. Natasha designed her own range of lights which have been fitted in bars, restaurants , hotels and offices in London.

What are the freelancer benefits to basing yourself at PLATF9RM?

“As a small business PLATF9RM has opened up a new world of opportunity. The creative energy of the office definitely inspires me to be more productive and the regular events held are really useful way to build up knowledge as well as my network of contacts, it’s really energising to be surrounded by other like-minded business people and have the chance to collaborate. The access to the meeting rooms and an event space is also another real positive."


Josh Harrison, Digital Designer/Developer

Josh is an experienced web designer and developer. Entering the freelance world at the beginning of December, he found PLATF9RM? at the perfect time, when we had our free co-working month offer. Having worked in several design studios for arts, culture and architecture clients previously, Josh is now working with similar clients but from our shared co-working space and for himself.

Why did you become self employed?

“In order to focus exclusively on making digital work, which is my passion. Working at PLATF9RM is fantastic. The space is inspiring, the location is perfect – and having friendly people around is a bonus too!”

We will be sharing stories from our members monthly, so watch this space.

If you would like to try life at PLATF9RM for a day give Emilie a shout, we can’t wait to hear your story.