Company Of The Week - Merci Visual

This week, we talk to new PLATF9RM members, Merci Visual, who have joined us on the new Floor 5. We ask Pete, Harry and Mitch a total of 9 questions.

What's your biggest fail in the kitchen?

P - I've never failed in the kitchen... No, my my biggest fail is probably not being adventurous enough.

Whats the most useless fact you know?

M - Jackie chan is like 65 or 66  now. Getting old, you know...

(Yep, that's pretty useless..)

What's the strangest gift you've ever received?

P - I've had the same jumper twice on consecutive Christmas's. Ever so slight difference in colour but still a blue jumper.

What's the dumbest way you've hurt yourself?

M - I chipped front tooth skating...

What's something you've done that you would never recommend to anyone else?

H - I necked a pint glass of vodka and coke and passed out about 10 mins later. I then woke up and headbutted a wall.

What terrible film do you love?

M - Jackie Chan - Rumble in The Bronx

Which food would be best to make a house out of 

H - Pasta bake. That stuff's pretty structural.

Is cereal soup?

A definitive no from all three.

Next week, another member will join us in the spotlight so keep an eye out!

5 Alive

Hello and welcome to PLATF9RM June news , where we will reflect on past events and fill you in on all the latest developments & what's to come.

Image uploaded from iOS (1).jpg

We're so excited to announce that Floor 5 is finally finished. As of Monday this week, members have been able to move between the two floors; if you haven’t had a look yet, please pop down! You’ll find a dedicated event space, a moss wall, more lounge space, more breakaway space, more meetings rooms, more phone booths, more EVERYTHING. It’s truly a phantasmagoria of co-working joy (and yes: we know we’d say that, but it’s true)

We also have a brand new event space & board room for 16 people with a 86" interactive screen!

The following private offices are still available. Please contact Emilie & Leanne for more info: 

4 x 2 person
1 x 3 person
2 x 6 person
& we will also have some larger 13+ person offices coming up.

Don't miss out on your chance to trial out the aforementioned PLATF9RM Floor 5. With plenty of diverse and different space, we're opening the doors to co-workers to try PLATF9RM out for the day.

Please fill out the below form to let us know you'll be coming in.

The day before election day, we were honoured to have the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas come and deliver a talk in PLATF9RM. Open to members and non-members alike, it was broadcast on the BBC and she discussed local issues and the importance of helping small businesses and start-ups. She didn’t shirk taking questions from the floor and we were so pleased she retained her Brighton Pavilion seat because we think she’s mega. She can come back anytime.


For June’s Cereal* Filler event (Monday 12 June) we had Ben, Syra and George all speak for three minutes each. We had no idea that their subjects would be interrelated but it was all a matter of the mind, from how people learn right through to machine learning and intelligence.  

There are plenty of photos on Facebook and please come along on Monday 10 July for more cereals, fruit and gentle mind - expansion.


As ever, last month’s Social was a riot. The theme was ‘burrowing outward’ so we took everyone on a voyage to The Warren after starting at PLATF9RM with the usual rounds of Brighton Bier, Brighton Gin and nibbles. We also introduced Ditchling’s own SeaCider into the mix and, you might have all just been thirsty from the heat, but it didn’t last long.

We got some ace pictures from The Warren with the three ‘9’ balloons and you guys looking freshly tanned.

Check out the pics on our Facebook page.

We're always excited about the Social, but this month we’re super-psyched as it’ll take place on our spanking new Floor 5!

Gary Parselle from The Private Press screen printing company will be there, and he’ll be doing screen prints of PLATF9RM's most iconic elements: we can’t wait to see what he does with our classic red 9…

There’ll be the usual rounds of nibbles and we'll have some fresh drink choices available to compliment the warm weather. What more do you want from a Thursday?

PLATF9RM Members Only - please RSVP below

Our cultural programme continues with The Importance Of Beeing for PLATF9RM Members. Join local beekeeper, Stuart Graham on Tuesday 6 July, to find out more about the weird and alien world of the honey bee. There will be lots of beekeeping kit to get your hands on in this interactive session, and it will be fun and informative regardless of whether you like honey on your toast. Book your ticket here. Bee there or bee square.

Member Of The Week - Cliff Ettridge

PLATF9RM Member Of The Week is the ever so charming Cliff Etteridge. He has a spectacular array of shirts, here he is sporting one of them, we caught up with him on Friday to ask him a few questions and get to know him a little better.


I’m an employee engagement consultant, I help businesses communicate with their employees.


The wonderful Greg Sheridan who was a writer who worked with me, and he made me aware of PLATF9RM and was so passionate about that I had to come visit, and took one look and I stayed.



Yes, of course they did, otherwise where would you put your fluff.



The tooth fairy, consistently under delivered for me, and I was always told she exists, but every time I lost a tooth I never got anything even though the other kids did.



What is the government's Brexit strategy.



I wouldn’t mind going to my funeral, just so I could take note of who is crying and who is not.



There are no egos here.



I’d bring back Mozart, because he was the original rock and roller and I’d love to have dinner with him.



It’s either in a record shop or a bike shop.


Don't forget to check back next week for our newest Member Of The Week.

9 Reasons Everything’s Going To Be Okay, Guys

What a difference a snap-election makes. This time last week a tangible sense of foreboding gripped the country; not only were we facing the seemingly inevitable crowning of a divisive Prime Minister, but we were still reeling from two terrorist attacks that had us all wondering what the future will be.  Fast forward five days and everything feels a little more hopeful, and the next year seem alive with possibilities (or at least: the possibility of possibilities)   With this sentiment in mind, here’s 9 wide-ranging reasons why everything’s going to be okay.

1. Brighton voted with its feet and its heart.

Brighton once again revealed itself to be one of the country’s havens of liberalism. Caroline Lucas retained Brighton Pavilion for the Green Party whilst Peter Kyle and Lloyd Russell-Moyle did the business for Labour in Hove and Portslade and Brighton Kemptown, respectively.
Sad times for Tories but the future looks positive in Brighton endz.

Image source: BBC

Image source: BBC

2. Brighton are in the Premier League!

Honestly, about time though.


When the sun’s out in Brighton, all those dreary February mornings staring out to a grey, torpid sea make sense.  Bring on summer, we’re ready.

Copy of IMG_7140.JPG

4. Floor 5 is opening (very) soon

Members will be able to use it from this Monday (19th) and, yes, we’re very excited about this.  The extra floor means more space, more members and more creative eruptions just waiting to happen. We genuinely cannot wait to see what’s going to happen

5. Young people care again.

Depending on where you read, the country’s youth either fired the engines of Labour’s (semi) revival or their influence has been hugely over-elaborated.  Either way, you can’t argue with the fact that turnout amongst 18 - 24 year olds was around two thirds, up hugely from 2015. Even the staunchest Conservative will surely admit that a politically engaged youth bodes well for the future of this country.

Image source: Country Living

Image source: Country Living

6. British produce is amazing right now.

Of course we love the onions and leeks of winter, but summer is when British food moves up a level or four. Strawberries, cherries, asparagus (just), french beans, blackberries, tomatoes, rocket…we could go on…but it will only make us hungry.

Image source: The Argus

Image source: The Argus

7. There’s going to be a new restaurant from Michael Bremner

If you’ve eaten at the transcendentally good 64 Degrees, you’ll know it inhabits a space of its own within Brighton’s culinary eco-system.  Head chef Michael Bremner has just announced a new restaurant, Murmur, to open under the new arches opposite West Pier. Bremner has been in the public eye of late after reaching the finals of the Great British Menu and he’s said that the new restaurant will be  “very chilled and relaxed” and family-friendly. We’re sold.

8. Donald Trump is cannibalizing himself

This probably isn’t the place to opine about another country’s political leaders…but with every day that passes Donald Trump seems to be burrowing himself further into a self-made hole. Snigger.

9. We’ve got bouncebackability

More than anything, the upswing in mood shows the human ability to bounce back when the chips aren't so much down, as hidden in a teeny-weeny box at the bottom of the ocean. Go us!

Member Of The Week - Logan Black

We're talking to another PLATF9RM member and this week, it's Logan Black of MPB

Logan, what do you do?

I am Head of Recruitment for both the UK and US offices for MPB. We are the second biggest online market place for second hand photography equipment.

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

The company went through a period of rapid growth and we outgrew out old offices so PLATF9RM was a perfect solution while we wait for a new office so we can all be together rather than in two halves.

White or brown toast and what do you put on it?

White bread with butter and Marmite.

Best beach you've been to?

A place called Bangor Beach in Tasmania, Australia. I actually lived in Australia until I was 13 and then I moved to the UK.

What sport would be most improved if alcohol was added to it?

MMA fighting. Although it would be a lot of swinging and missing.

What's something everyone looks stupid doing?

Hopping on one leg? Or maybe that should be the drunk sport!

What animal would be coolest to be the size of a horse?

I immediately though of all the terrifying ones like a tick or a spider. A koala would be pretty good! But they all have chlamydia. Actual fact.

In one sentence, how would you describe the internet?

Potential to be really dark.

What's the best inside joke you've been part of?

Thirsty pussy... I should clarify it was actually about a cat.

Bit of an odd one to finish on! Join us next week for another member.


9 Deep Truths Every Freelancer Knows

Today is National Freelancers Day, so we’re counting down the deepest, darkest truths that every freelancer knows. From chronic self-doubt to Carrie Bradshaw’s lies, PLATF9RM is with you, guys.


1. If you come to the end of a job and don’t have someone offering you something new within 48 hours you spiral into a vortex of self-doubt and convince yourself that you’ll never work again.

And no amount of Love Island catch-up episodes will distract you from this.


2. E-mail typos haunt you like a squandered romance.

You think you’ve sent the perfect pitch for a dream job.  When you don’t hear back you read over your e-mail pitch and find two typos (‘their’ rather than ‘they’re’- we’ve all been, uhm, there) and then can’t shake the feeling that you’ve missed out on a career-defining role because you momentarily forgot the basics of grammar. Woe is this.


3. You will have a Stockholm Syndrome-like relationship with your phone.

Your phone is the mainline to financial security and creative fulfillment, yet part of you harbours a deep resentment at the power it holds over your entire existence.  Those little beeps accompanying an incoming e-mail are both the beeps of opportunity, but the beeps that mean you’re about to the have to leave everyone else in the pub whilst you finish off that deck for tomorrow.  It’s complicated, okay?

4. If you work from home, non-freelancers will assume you just sit around working in your pants all day.

Maybe you did do this, once or twice, when you started out. Then you realised that enclothed cognition is a thing and that adorning yourself in a 15 year old pair of Power Rangers pyjama bottoms is not conducive to entering a professional mind space.


5. Occasionally, you will experience acute jealously of your 9-5 pals.

It’s 6pm on a Saturday and you’re stuck inside on the balmiest evening of the year finishing off a pitch for first thing Monday. A friend calls: you can actually hear the clinking of glasses and the breaking of waves in the background, and you think aloud, ‘Is this it?’


6. When you go out to lunch with your parents, you’ll say things like this:  “No, of course I’m not checking my emails. I’m just checking the weather for our walk later.”

You probably did check the weather but, really, that doesn’t take five minutes of power scrolling does it?

Image source -

Image source -

7. Carrie Bradshaw was a lie.

Consider the evidence: Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City was out every night, knocking back Cosmopolitans with her mates and eating in the city’s most fashionable restaurants. When she wasn’t there she was lolling in her bouji Manhattan flat, wearing some of the $40,000 worth of shoes it’s estimated she wore over the length of the show. And how did she fund this freewheeling and fancy-free lifestyle? A weekly column about her sexual proclivities in The New York Star.  Pull the other one, mate.


8. In theory you have only one boss, you, but in reality you have hundreds.

Sure, in theory you’re the boss, but every new job is a new person who you’ve got to impress with your professionalism and nuanced people skills. The days of phoning in a meeting ended that day you decided to go freelance. Yay!


9. Regardless, you know you can’t go back.

Once you get used to the freelance life and the pressures it entails, that pressure becomes an energy and you know your days as a company guy / girl are long gone. Unless that company is you, of course.

Happy National Freelancer's Day to all freelancers out there.

Member Of The Week - Jez Kay

PLATF9RM Member Of The Week is one of our original members, Jez Kay.

Jez, what is it that you do?

I help businesses become the best that they can be online.

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

Hela, my wife, met Seb, the founder and he told her that he was opening up PLATF9RM in Tower Point and that there was a free trial in December. We were fairly certain that it was a goodun before we even came in. Then we came here, and I thought it was a FAB, so I joined pretty much on the spot!

What would you name your boat if you have one?



In your opinion what will finally break the internet?

The Smiths reforming. That will break the internet.


What fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life?



What’s a compliment that’s disguised as an insult?

You look really good in that or I really like your shoes.


What is the nearest thing to magic you’ve experienced?

It's going to sound egocentric, but I used to sing a particular song to people. I remember feeling quite uplifted by singing this song to an audience, it was quite a physical thing, almost like a resonance, a tuning fork, that kind of feeling.


Your most useless talent?

I can do this *Jez proceeds to touch his whole nose with his whole tongue*


Worst smelling place you’ve been?

I was thinking this today...and that smell there isn’t very nice, but I remember when I was young and you're on a farmyard, and the smell is either really nice or horrible. Cow shit fine, pig shit is really disgusting.

Member Of The Week - Daisy Morrison

Monday morning and we are happy to be bringing another PLATF9RM member to the forefront. This week is Daisy Morrison.

Daisy, what do you do?

Well the fancy title is Business Support Manager but really, it's doing a lot of fun things with snacks.

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

We had tried a lot of smaller offices in Brighton but they weren't quite right. We met Emilie through previous office space and we just loved it. The co-working element is really great for me.

How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?

It takes me a long time to get out of bed but then when I'm actually out, probably half an hour. Optimistically.

What's your drink of choice?

Gin. It goes with most things. And if I drink wine it just makes me want to eat cheese.

What social media platform do you spend the most time on?

Instagram at the moment because I've only just go my own account.

What's the last song that really got stuck in your head?

I can't remember what it's called which is even worse. It's at the end of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - a quick Google leads us to discover that it is Genius of Love by The Tom Tom Club.

What do you drive or ride if anything at all?

The train up to London most of the time to be perfectly honest. I want to get a bike and have a really expensive bike lock but still lacking on the bike front.

What do you do in your free time?

I play the trombone in a Balkan/ Gypsy inspired band.

You've been given an elephant and you can't sell it. What do you do with the elephant?

Train it and ride it to work! But it's likely that I'd feel bad for keeping it... So maybe an epic journey back to his homeland together that turns into a documentary about the ivory trade. Something like that.

Quite the journey to go on! Join us next week for another member!


Burrow Outwards

Welcome to our May news, we will be filling you in on the latest developments within PLATF9RM.

We always think May is one of the best months in Brighton- the city is on fire with festivals galore, but the tourists haven’t yet (fully) invaded. So get out there and see something new, and don’t forget to tell us all about it!

A misty May morning saw our first ever Cereal Filler morning, wherein three members speak for three minutes on a subject of their choice over cereals, fruit and yummy mocktails. Jez, Darius and Daisy spoke, respectively, about bread baking and business, mindfulness and the future of gaming. It was a mini education for everyone, and we can’t wait until the next one on 12th June.

You can see all the pictures from May’s event on our Facebook page.

If you are thinking of joining our community, we might have just the thing for you as we're currently running a special Co-Working Membership Offer. Sign up a friend for three months, and we’ll give you one month of membership free (up to £100 value). Easy, innit.

Head on over to our signup page.

Brighton’s sea isn’t hugely known for its warm nature of its embrace, but this didn’t stop us going for a dip on the morning before the last Social. We’re not going to lie and say it wasn’t cold (sweet Jesus, it truly was) but if you’re looking to jumpstart your day, there’s nothing better.

We’ll be doing it again this Thursday, and would love for you to join us. Speak to Olga or Leanne about where we’re going to be. Speaking of the Social…

Last month’s Social was another resounding success. We had our resident illustrator and creative wizardess Amy Brown in to make hats, which got donned with aplomb in our photo booth ( check out these pictures). Once again, Brighton Bier and Brighton Gin supplied the alcohol and we nibbled our way through an extraordinary amount of cheese before moving onto The Pond.

We’ve given this Thursday’s Social (27/5) the theme of ‘burrowing outward’. So we’ll start with the usual drinks and chatter in PLATF9RM before making our way to The Warren to enjoy a roof top terrace.. Every Social has been brilliant so far and the perfect opportunity to put names to those faces you see in the kitchen every day, so please do come along.

Hopefully you’ll have perused the brilliant range of independent mags we have from MAGAZINE Brighton, on Trafalgar Street. We’ve just taken in some new stock including the latest copies of Boneshaker, Graphite, Ambrosia and Conversation in Design, so please grab a copy on your next lunch / procrastination break.

We’re way too excited to say that the work on Floor 5 has started in earnest and it’s slowly starting to resemble the amazing co-networking space it will one day be. The private offices have been going like the proverbial warm Battenbergs but we’ve still got the a few spaces left. This is in addition to our solo co-working memberships, with three different options and 24/7 co-working available. It will also have a dedicated event space for 60 people, which can be used for whole day or evening bookings.

You can book in a tour to see the new space by emailing Emilie & Leanne.

Watch this space and make it yours.