Member Of The Week - Andy Veal

This week PLATF9RM 's Member Of The Week is our favourite strawberry blonde and generally smiley office companion, Andy Veal. When he's not posing with a santa hat on, surrounded by paper sprouts, Andy is the Technical Director of Circulate Digital who drinks a worrying amount of Pepsi Max whilst juggling two phones and two computer screens at any one time.

Jess caught up with him this week to give him a good grilling about christmas trees, childhood dreams and various other strange things...some of which we exempted from the final edit.

So you’re a fairly new recruit to the PLATF9RM crew. What drew you to working with us?

We looked at loads of places and this was the newest and coolest place on the block. It’s got a real sense of community. It’s really nice and cosy. The low ceilings were a key and you can go up to the roof without having to pay extra.

Jess: Not that you're really supposed to!

We recently saw you walking around with a banana on your head… What fruit do you most relate to?


I don’t know. Relating to a fruit... A papaya? Is that a fruit? It’s the first one that popped into my head!

So are you enjoying this bracing english winter? Are you feeling festive?

I’m feeling very festive, can you not tell? The tree is up at home.

Jess: What colour?

Andy: The tree is green.

Jess: No, I meant what colour are the baubles!

Andy: The colour scheme is gold and silver and it’s got beads.

*Andy shows a photo*

Jess: Aarw you look really happy pointing to the baubles

Andy: I sent it to my mum, I was saying ‘Look Mum’. But yeah I like winter, growing up as a ginger. I have fair skin.

What did you think you would be when you were little? - Did you dream of being a web developer?

Didn’t everybody dream of being a web developer? I probably dreamed of being a teacher. A history teacher. My favourite part of history is modern history - the last 100 years.

How do you relax?

I turn off my phone and probably just binge watch Netflix.

Are you well travelled? What’s your ideal travelling destination?

I’ve been to a few places. My favourite place was probably New Orleans, that was cool. It’s just a very fun vibrant place. They do Mardi gras there. They wear beads on their boobs. That’s not why I like it...

Actually let’s just say New York.

How do you cope when tech-y things go wrong? Are you patient with computers, do you smack the screen or resort to the age-old approach of turning it off and on?

Jess: You tend to sit at the end of the table and shout at the computer.

Andy: I’m very patient.

Jess: I don’t know if you’re teacher patient

Andy: Probably not.  It’s not normally the computer going wrong, it's the users. I have done tech support and ever since the IT crowd people always say ‘shall I turn it off and on’ and I say no that’s not the solution. Although it can fix a lot of issues.

Are you an animal lover?

Yeah I suppose. My favourite animal is… an ostrich. No I don’t know. I like dogs. My parents have dogs...I'd like a dog..a chow-chow more specifically but I've been told they're too fluffy for me.

What fictional place would you most like to go to?

I’d go to Narnia. Where my parents live is in the middle of nowhere and it looks a bit like Narnia. There’s a big lamppost outside our house.

Thanks for your time Andy!

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9 Things You Need To Do This December

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat!
(Or, as it’s Brighton, the jackfruit is ripening on the tree.)

There’s so much happening in December and it’s very possible to go out every night. To save your wallets/livers/sanity, here’s 9 of the best things going down this festive season.

Medallion, Gluck. 1937.

Medallion, Gluck. 1937.

Gluck: Art and Identity – All month – Brighton Museum

You might spend the month full of mulled wine and piggy goods, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in some culture. Gluck was a 20th-century artist, famous as a trailblazer in gender fluidity. Her portraits, land and seascapes and floral paintings are included in this definitive career retrospective.

Chris Rea – 10 December – Brighton Centre

We’re in no way suggesting you go to the whole gig, but arrive for the encore, watch ‘Drivin’ Home For Christmas’ and leave with one more thing ticked off your Christmas bucket list.


The Bad Book Project Xmas Special – 14 December – The Blue Man

The Bad Book Project is a monthly event that seeks to celebrate the very best of our discarded writing. Hilarious readers orate passages from terrible books they once wrote, to an audience keen to honour and appreciate words the writer thought would forever stay locked in the attic.

Don’t Break Down: A Film About Jawbreaker in Brighton – 16 December – Komedia

With pop-punk and emo currently enjoying a renaissance, Jawbreaker have risen to be seen as one of the most influential and revered bands around. They have recently reformed but when Don’t Break Down was made, in 2007, they had been split up for 11 years. The film saw them reconnect in the studio for trip down memory lane, interlaced with some emotional performances. This is one-off showing of the film; don’t forget your band t-shirt.


Dave and Myles’ Mega Xmas Quiz – 19 December - 8PM - The Greys

If Xmas-themed rounds, terrible puns and slightly too-drunk hosts are your bag, join PLATF9RM writer David and his friend Myles for a special Xmas quiz at The Greys.


PLATF9RM Presents: Michael Bremner – 64 Degrees Of Britishness – 19 December

Michael is owner of 64 Degrees and a finalist in The Great British Menu. He’s a food doyen in Brighton and coming to talk us through a life spent at the stove. Promises to be a evening of revelations and salivations.

The poofs.jpg

The Poofs – 17 December – The Haunt

The Poofs is a Brighton Christmas institution and, for many, marks the point when the festive season kicks into overdrive. This comedy band take to the stage and invite a very enthusiastic audience along for an evening of singing, drinking and overexcited yuletide revelry.


Christmas Day swim – 25 December - Just to the right of Palace Pier –

The council might be trying to shut it down but the annual hypothermia near-miss is a Christmas tradition for many Brightonians. These people are all obviously UNFATHOMABLY OUT OF THEIR MINDS, but we love it.


NYE @ Cafe Artista –31 December - Cafe Artista

Cafe Artists is a tiny bar, cafe and general artsy hub on the Hove border. It has shall-we-say unpredictable opening hours, but for NYE they’ve programmed a tech night in their little basement. Pryzm it ain’t and Lord may we celebrate that fact for all of 2018 and beyond.

To The Nines - December

It's the most wonderful time of the year at PLATF9RM!
Here's what's coming up this December

Whitehawk Food Bank

Throughout December

Image uploaded from iOS (8).jpg

Think of Christmas and what most springs to mind? It’s food, right? And not just the gluttony of Christmas lunch, but all the other treats that go hand-in-hand with the season’s festivities: satsumas, mince pies, cheese, leftover sandwiches, sneaky late night chocolates with your nan.

Sadly, for many people in Brighton & Hove this is isn’t the case. Whitehawk foodbank has seen a 62% rise in admissions between April and September 2017; that equals a massive 246 3-day emergency supply boxes. The city’s homeless problems as a whole are well documented, with 4,218 recorded rough living or in temporary accommodation.

In association with the Trussell Trust, PLATF9RM will be collecting donations from members for the Whitehawk foodbank throughout December. Please be as generous as you can. Donations should be dried, tinned or jarred goods - if you would like to include Christmas treats by all means do!

Please speak with Kerry and Leanne on how to donate, thank you.


Tuesday 12 December l 8.00 - 8.45AM, Floor 5, Tower Point


Pilates sessions are run every week by our resident pilates wizard, Abby Moreton. Perfect for getting you into a positive mindset for the day.

With Special Guest, Jan Burgess, doing a sound bath at the end of next weeks session.

Members Only

Cereal* Filler

Tuesday 12 November l 10.00 - 11.00AM, Floor 6, Tower Point


Join us every month for breakfast and quick-fire talks from PLATF9RM members.

Whether it’s sea swimming, llama-rearing, futurism or branding in the 21st century, 3 members will have 3 minutes each to present on a topic of their choice. 9 minutes total!

No matter what your passion or niche, these breakfasts will give you the chance to meet other members and maybe learn a new thing or two. And all before midday!

*Cereal will be provided.

Members Only

Forgotten Cuts @ PLATF9RM

First 3 Wednesdays l 1PM, Tower Point & Last Wednesday l 1PM, Hove Town Hall

Ellie Ledden will bring her insanely good Forgotten Cuts street food to both PLATF9RM locations this month. She’ll be at Tower Point for the next three Wednesdays, and Hove Town Hall the last Wednesday of the month

Members only

PLATF9RM's Xmas Ho Ho Social

Thursday 14 December l 5.30PM - 8PM, Floor 5, Tower Point
Image uploaded from iOS (6).jpg

This will be the last PLATF9RM Social of the year and it's promised to be a festive get together before everyone puts their feet up for the Christmas holidays. Think gluhwein (that's mulled wine), wreaths, a different take on Secret Santa and the chance to finally see Jess implode with festivity.

PLATF9RM Presents: Michael Bremner - 64 Degrees Of Britishness

Tuesday 19 December l 5 - 7PM, Floor 5, Tower Point


MIchael Bremner is Brighton's best known chef and will be coming to PLATF9RM to tell his tale of a life lived through food.

Members and non-members welcome


Save The Date

PLATF9RM Politics: Peter Kyle at Hove Town Hall

Friday 2 February | 1 - 2PM










Members and Non Members Welcome


Christmas Opening Hours

Image uploaded from iOS (9).jpg

PLATF9RM will still be an open 24/7 space for members during the xmas break, and staffed all days apart from 25/26 Dec and 1/2 Jan. Let us digest/get over our hangovers in peace plz x

See you soon,


Member Of The Week - Rose Radtke

This week at PLATF9RM we sat down with a cup of tea to chat to Rose Radtke - a member with seemingly never ending energy and ideas, to find out a little bit more about what she does while she's here.

Hey Rose, so what is it you do?

I’m a brand strategist and a writer. I look at audiences, landscape, competitors and I interview a lot of people, lots of stakeholders to find out what makes a brand or an organisation really special and unique and then articulate that for them. I often write their messaging and copy for their websites. I do quite a bit of more creative writing like brand stories and conceptual, copywriting, stuff like that.  A lot of writing. Also a lot of talking.

You went freelance at the beginning of the year, how are you finding it?


Generally it’s brilliant but like everything it has its ups and downs I’m always looking for a way to steady my ship but I love having the flexibility.

How do you find PLATF9RM as a space to collaborate?

It's really nice to be able to work with lots of different clients and work with other freelancers. Working in an agency can be quite insular but collaborating with companies, as a freelancer here is brilliant. Right now, most of my work is collaborating with other members.  It's great because you are still able to sit down and talk through a project and ideas...put your heads together as opposed to sitting at home, churning out a load of words and emailing it to somebody you can't sit down with. 

I'm a really sociable person I'm not good at working alone. 

Freelancers are the King and Queen's of side projects, talk to me about LOVEBOMB?

Love-bombing is a term that is quite well known now, it’s rooted in psychology, child psychology, it’s a way for children who are going through quite difficult times to reconnect with with their parents and feel more emotionally balanced and stable.

So Lovebomb Retreats is a new idea I had last week and just quickly put together a website. Just wrote it, made it and published it in the same day and now it’s a thing. Kind of don’t really know, actually, I do know what I’m doing. It’s a very simple idea, it’s parents and one of their children coming together to a farmhouse in the Sussex countryside and just spending the day together and doing creative activities, getting outside, eating lovely warm, comforting food, just being really cosy -they’re very small groups, just 4 adults and 4 children - so meeting a few other  like-minded people and hopefully going home feeling relaxed and refreshed and more connected with each other and with nature as well.

Would you ever write a book?

As a kid I always wrote a stories, really weird stories and poems. I’d love to write a book. I’ve actually just returned a book to the library called ‘How to write your first novel’ I didn’t read it. I didn’t even start it. I did Lovebomb instead. Yeah I was planning to write a book last week but didn’t get round to it.

I did write a short story recently which I entered into a competition. And I might do that more frequently because it gives you a reason to write. I find it very difficult to just write and then it just sit there and not do anything with it.

*UPDATE: The short story got SHORTLISTED!

Would you not want it published!? Also, because you write so much do you now find it a chore to read?

Well yeah but it’s pretty hard. I think you have to put your heart and soul into it. You have to really be up for it... I don’t find reading a chore but I don’t read as much as I’d like to. Also if I don’t like a book I just give up on it.

What three books what you read if you could only read three books for the rest of your life?

Donna Tart The Secret History. Rebecca Daphne du Maurier and something lighter. I was going to say Wuthering Heights but that’s the darkest book in the world. Adrian Mole? Adrian Mole’s pretty good - a bit of a wild card.

Do you have one thing that really drives you around the bend?

You know when you keep dropping stuff like when you drop one thing and you keep dropping more stuff and you get really clumsy and it makes you really fuming. That makes me really angry. Yeah just consecutively dropping things. That pisses me right off.

Ooh I also really don’t like food mess. I’m not fussy about cleaning but I really don’t like bits of food everywhere. Food dropped on the floor. I’ve got a really weird thing about smell. I just smell everything; I’m really funny about it and everyone notices it. I always point out smells. If a food smells weird that’s the thing that will put be off it, nothing else.

So consecutive dropping and food mess.

Where is your happy place?

My happy place...I have a lot of happy places. I’m pretty happy in general, I’m pretty sunny. My parent’s house is a really happy place for me because it’s in in the countryside it’s absolutely beautiful around there. When you can look out the windows and It always looks good. If its bad weather it looks moody and dramatic and if its good weather it looks beautiful. There’s a  massive oak tree at the bottom of their garden and it’s really beautiful.

Actually I need to change that answer because I just said to my mum ‘This is my favourite spot in the whole word’ It’s a chair to the left hand side of their  fire place, an orangey-brown leather chair. It’s the most comfortable chair in the world. All my family congregate in the kitchen, there’s hundreds of us, dogs and cats. My mums looking after me. My mumThats where I’d be


If I could be anywhere for eternity, that's where I’d be.

Thank you Rose for inspring us with your get-up and go!

If you think you'd like to become a PLATF9RM Member, please get in touch for a tour!