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PLATF9RM Presents: Welcome to Work

  • PLATF9RM The Grounds, Hove Town Hall, Church Road Hove United Kingdom (map)

At PLATF9RM, we know that one of the best ways we can make work wonderful is to help you feel great about yourself and your future. To this end, we’re hosting our second conference of the year this September – and this time it’s all about striking the right balance between leading a fulfilling life and nurturing a successful career. We say yes to 365 happier days a year, and after this full day of presentations and workshops we’re sure you will too.

It’s been a struggle to contain our excitement over our first keynote speaker of the day. We’re delighted to announce that Bruce Daisley, VP of Twitter and author of The Sunday Times Business bestseller, The Joy of Work: 30 Ways to Fix Your Work Culture and Fall in Love with Your Job Again, will be sharing his insights on happiness at work gleaned from interviews with psychologists, neuroscientists and workplace experts across the globe. As well as hearing Bruce speak live, you’ll also receive a signed copy of his book and learn more about his hit podcast Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat.

We’re looking forward to releasing the full list of speakers and workshops at the beginning of August. In the meantime you can purchase your ticket here, which includes a delicious lunch as well as your signed copy of The Joy of Work: 30 Ways to Fix Your Work Culture and Fall in Love with Your Job Again.

Keynote Speakers

Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is the EMEA Vice President of Twitter and best selling author of The Joy of Work. He joined the company in 2012 having previously run YouTube UK at Google. He has also worked at Emap/Bauer and Capital Radio.

Bruce runs the Apple #1 Business Chart topping podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat on work culture. Bruce's book The Joy of Work has been a smash hit, it was the Sunday Times number 1 business bestseller in spring 2019, the Financial Times made it Book of the Month.

Sally-Anne Airey

Sally-Anne has spent the last 15 years helping leaders align who they are with how they lead. An experienced leader and coach herself (and ex-Royal Navy Commander), she knows that a skilful blend of awareness, clarity, inner stability and compassion is the simple, but not easy, key to good leadership.

The hardest part of leading and influencing others is learning to lead yourself. There’s no quick fix for this. Constantly bombarded by conflicting stimuli, it can be hard to focus on what really matters: the art of being human. The essence of this is compassion, which can go hand in hand with decisive action. Sally-Anne’s talk will explore how.

Workshop Leaders

Get Unstuck

You know you want to do something different....but you're not sure what that something is. Maybe it's a different company. Maybe it's a new career. Maybe you want to go on a big adventure or start your business. But you're not sure where to start. You’re not sure where to turn and you don’t know what your options are. And... there's another problem.Leaving a safe job is scary. This workshop will help you understand how to take control of your career and steer it in directions that will bring you more autonomy, meaning, and purpose.It’s about personal fulfillment, it’s about making active choices for yourself, and it’s about owning your definition of success.

Skye has helped thousands of people escape their jobs and start new careers and businesses through her work as the Head of the Escape School at Escape the City, where she designed 12 week Accelerator programmes to help people find career direction or start new businesses both in London and NYC. Prior to her work at Escape the City, Skye worked at national enterprise campaign Startup Britain and think tank Centre for Entrepreneurs, traveling across the country designing initiatives to help support entrepreneurial ambitions across the UK, as well as researching and formulating policies to make the UK the best place in the world to start a business. Skye is also a Business Advisor on Facebook’s She Means Business campaign training female founders how to start and grow their businesses online, for Young Enterprise working with young people to help them realise their entrepreneurial ambitions, and with General Assembly teaching people how to transition their careers and launch new businesses. Skye also sits on the advisory board of The Entrepreneurs Network, a think tank working on entrepreneurial policy and the secretariat for the APPG in Entrepreneurship.

Flow States

For over 15 years, Richard has worked as a performance coach in high performance sport, with some of the best organizations and athletes in the world - from Great Britain, U.S.A and China. This includes supporting teams in preparation for two Summer Olympic Games – London 2012 and Rio 2016 – and most recently the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Richard now specialises in leadership coaching aimed at performance and transformation. He transfers the lessons from high performance sport into both high performance business, as well as into the lives of individuals. His clients include organisations such as Ogilvy Health, as well as entrepreneurs, artists, athletes and coaches. At the heart of Richard’s philosophy, and what his workshop will entail, sits the neuroscience & application flow state. Those moments of rapt attention and total absorption, when you get so focused on the task at hand that everything else disappears and all aspects of performance, both mental and physical, go through the roof.

How To Fail: The Fleabag Effect

Messing up doesn't mean everyone is going to hate you or judge you, it simply makes you human. Take a moment to think about who's more relatable: someone who's honest about the fact they don't have their sh*t together, or someone who radiates unattainable perfection? Because the reality is that being a perfectionist who goes out of their way to avoid getting stuff "wrong" can negatively impact your business (not to mention your relationships). Ultimately, being too scared to try stuff before you have it all figured out means you won't take any risks, and you'll probably end up paralysed by fear when it comes to making important decisions.

In this short workshop, we'll explore:

  • How we invent what failure looks like
  • The things that make us feel like a failure
  • How we let fear of failing and "looking bad" keep us small
  • How to get OK with messing up every now and again
  • The reasons why failure is (pretty much) always a good thing in the long run

Alice Reeves is Director of The Joyful Web (a growth agency for good businesses), founder of BelongCon (a social enterprise with a mission to help everyone find a sense of belonging), and author of the Truth & Tails books (which teach children aged 4-8 about diversity and inclusion). Alice has been self-employed for just over two-and-a-half years, and identifies as a "recovering perfectionist" who let her fear of failure and looking bad run her life for way too long. She lives in Brighton (well, Hove Actually) and is proud to be a member of this city's vibrant business community.

Life Done

Ray Richards is a social entrepreneur and a founder of both Do Something Different and the Life Done podcast. His work seeks to understand how we can all find balance in our lives through the lens of the unknown and the known, how we can all benefit from taking small slightly uncomfortable steps into the unknown and turning that experience into the known. His work explains how that process of broadening our comfort zone is crucial for our wellbeing.

Neil Witten is a technology entrepreneur and modern day philosopher. He co-hosts the podcast Life Done, which is a journey to discover what drives people to get out of their comfort zones and create inspirational stories. Neil is an evangelist of new technology and is passionate about the positive impact that it can have on the world. As a keen observer and commentator on the rapid increase in technological, Neil believes that getting ‘good at change’ is the super-skill that everyone needs in an uncertain future.

Saying No

Do you find yourself agreeing to do something and then regretting it? Join Sally for a workshop that will combine tips from the world of coaching, nonviolent communication (NVC) and productivity training and leave you feeling better equipped to say "no".

As a coach and productivity trainer, Sally helps people connect with the important stuff, make plans, eliminate the self-sabotage and collaborate more effectively with those around them. She brings insights from the experience she gained working in international teams with Fortune 500 companies at Accenture for 18 years in France, Germany and the UK. She is also part of the team behind "Circular Brighton & Hove", promoting awareness of the circular economy, which offers innovative ways of doing business in a way which is more environmentally and socially aware.

  • Tom Nixon, Founder of Maptio and Coach to founders

Money and You

We all have to "earn our living," right? Yet have you ever questioned that statement? What if you could feel free, secure, enabled, successful and fulfilled, right now... both with and without money? How might that change what you do with the rest of your precious life?

Tom, a coach and advisor to creative founders, will give you a taste of Peter Koenig's 30 years of research into the fundamental nature of money and the human relationship to it. It's surprising, fun and profound. You'll learn: what money really is; how it works on a deep psychological level; how the stories you have about money are really stories about yourself; and how to start the process of re-writing these stories to better serve you. You may never look at money, or yourself, the same again.

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