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PLATF9RM Lunchtime Yoga Reset

  • PLATF9RM, Floor 6, Tower Point 44 North Road Brighton (map)

How much do you move your body throughout your working day? Many of us sit for very long periods of time every day. This means our body 'learns' how to sit. It gets really really good at it! But if we don't train our body to adopt other ways of moving we loose the ability to do so.

The solution doesn't have to be taking an hour every day (and the rest) to get to a yoga or fitness class. What if we could learn simple movements/excercises that we can use throughout the day that would make our body feel great! We don't even have to leave our desk.

Join Sophie for this short 20 minute session and learn simple effective movements to help make your body feel brand new!

We'll all set up at the main lunch table on Floor 6 at 12pm and won't be longer than 20mins to get you one with your day!

Please RSVP to book a place. (PLATF9RM Members only)