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PLATF9RM Presents: What Is The Future Of Work For Generation Z?

It’s said that almost two-thirds of children in primary schools today will end up in a job that doesn’t exist yet—an era of young people dubbed Generation Z. These young people will have to be quick to adapt to the ever-elusive, ever-changing world that we call the future! Gen Z will demonstrate higher aptitude for learning and have a need for flexibility and autonomy. Much like the technology they’ve grown up with they'll also be expected to seamlessly streamline processes.

But what does that future workplace look like? Will interstellar engineering skills be A Thing? Most importantly: how is today’s society preparing this generation of young people for what these non-existent jobs will look like?

As part of the Brighton Digital Festival, PLATF9RM invite you to an evening discovering the future workplace with an impressive panel featuring, Brandon Relph, Daisy Cresswell, Lola Ray and Declan Cassidy.