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PLATF9RM Pilates

  • PLATF9RM Floor 5 Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton (map)

Pilates hits your core (or, in Pilates speak, your "powerhouse") unlike any other workout.

A stronger core equals a better back and better posture. Oh, and it’s ah-mazing for your abs. This strength means you can move faster, lift heavier, your yoga is on point, and overall, the rest of your workouts improve.

With the emphasis on alignment, breathing and control, it forces you to focus, meaning that as well as uncrumpling that incredible body of yours, it boosts your brainpower too.

Join Abby at 8am every Wednesday morning for 45 minutes of strength and flexibility work. Classes are mixed level and you can book by emailing Abby

PLATF9RM Members Only.