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Virgin Start Up - How To Tell (Sell) Your Story

“The greatest tool of communication given to us by Mother Nature is the power of storytelling. And telling is selling!”

So what does storytelling have to do with your business? Everything. If you can’t convey a story then your products or services are not going to appeal to your audience. Our brains value stories over anything else.

Having a great business idea alone is no longer enough. People now want to know the story behind the business, what it stands for, why they should care and why they should buy it. It’s why so many of the most successful new businesses are putting story telling front and centre of what they do.

Join us at PLATF9RM on Thursday 19 October where we will have an amazing selection of guest speakers sharing their invaluable experiences and knowledge that will help you tell your story so people listen and sell your product so people will buy!

Earlier Event: October 12
PLATF9RM Pilates
Later Event: October 26
PLATF9RM Pilates