The Big Session - Interview with Toni and Betty

Ahead of The Big Session next Saturday 12 October at Wagner Hall, we caught up Founder of The Social Society and Co-Founder of Brighton On The Inside, Betty.


Firstly, please introduce yourselves?

Hi, I’m Toni, Founder of The Social Society, social club for social good, coach, charity consultant and event organiser. I’m Betty Co-Founder of Brighton On The Inside and Founder of Join the Social Club and Marketing Lead for Goodmoney.

How did you both meet? Didn’t we hear you’re collaborating on another project?

We first met at Tedx 2018 where the social society was showcasing their new community in the founders lab. Betty came and introduced herself and we hit it off immediately! Yes we are. Betty and I are the founders of Kind is The New Cool, a kindness revolution teaching people and businesses how to put kindness at the heart of everything they do.

Tell us all about The Big Session? What inspired you to create such an event?

The Big session is about making positive change and has always been on the cards for The Social Society. We want to showcase the amazing charities we support and connect people locally with a social event that packs a punch! As a community, even in Brighton we often feel unsure around how we can make a positive impact locally, the Big Session will help change that.

In what ways do you guys create, disrupt and connect?

The Big Session gives us the opportunity to create new connections and develop new ways making positive change , challenging us to disrupt the ‘norm’ when it comes to sharing skills and services within our community and giving back to charity. It will allow us to connect key people in our community to make change collectively Following a Festival feel, the event will be structured around these three key pillars and the talks and workshops will be worked into a full schedule to follow the themes, celebrating everything that makes Brighton & Hove the unique community it is, with the help of some inspiring people to get us thinking bigger and better.


What takeaways can we expect from the day?

You will come away from the Big Session feeling inspired with new ways to support your community and make an impact. Our wellbeing hub will give you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and gain perspective and our speakers will leave you feeling super inspired and ready to disrupt the ‘normal’ in your life!

Anything on the line up your particularly looking forward to?

Yes, sound healing by Sol design collective and Paul Richards talk about keeping it punk in social care. Oh and did we mention we have syndicate kitchen doing our popup? There’s simply too much…