PLATF9RM Culture: Why Beer O’Clock Was The Ultimate PLATF9RM Collaboration

We’ve been talking an awful lot about our PLATF9RM beer recently. In case you hadn’t heard– it’s called Beer O’Clock and brewed by the very good boys at Bison Beer.

As well as the fact that each can is 330ml of crisp, hoppy loveliness, this beer makes us happy because it's the ultimate PLATF9RM member collaboration: a five-pronged partnership between us, Bison Beer, Lucy Sherston (who drew the illustration), Myles Lucas (typesetting and design) and David Hillier (copy). We think it represents everything we’re about. And it’s beer! Two giant wins.

To give an insight into how we made this collab happen – and how brilliance comes through creative minds working together – we asked everyone involved to give us a brief rundown of their role in the project.

Emilie Lashmar – PLATF9RM Creative Director

Bison Beer have been one of our longest members at Hove Town Hall and everyone loves drinking their beers on Fridays and at the Socials. I’ve wanted to collaborate with them for ages but, as is often the way, it took a while to come to fruition.

I’ve been following Lucy’s work for so long and have always thought she’s super-talented. Supporting brilliant local artists and bringing them into the PLATF9RM family is one of my absolute favourite bits of my job! She’s painted murals in most of our meeting rooms and I now can’t imagine those rooms looking any differently. I’m happy to say the same for Beer O’Clock.

I asked Myles and David to be involved because we’ve worked together before. This project is quite unique and it was vital we used people who understood PLATF9RM and what we’re about; they definitely did that! (It probably helps they both like beer more than me! Shh, don’t tell the Bison boys.) Overall, I think everything worked out deliciously...

Jack Cregan – Bison Beer – Co-Founder

When PLATF9RM said they wanted to create a beer together we knew it was going to be fun. We’ve been hanging out (occasionally working) at PLATF9RM for a while now, and always looked forward to beer o’clock on Fridays. We’ve made sure the beers are good and cold by installing fridges (shout out to the sods that keep unplugging Tower Point’s to turn on the toaster) and were excited to watch the creative process unfold. The final product tastes great (if we do say so ourselves) and the label captures what working here is all about: colourful, fun, by the seaside and surrounded by dogs!

As if this collaboration couldn’t get anymore ultimate - these photos are by the wonderful    Emma Croman

As if this collaboration couldn’t get anymore ultimate - these photos are by the wonderful Emma Croman

Lucy Sherston – Artist & Illustrator

I was SO excited when I received this brief because I was able to apply my illustrations to a tangible product and collaborate with some of Brighton's finest! The brief was fairly simple: to create an image that clearly represented Brighton whilst celebrating the fun and social element of PLATF9RM . After sending a few ideas over we decided our biker gal cycling along the seafront was the way to go, with a colour palette that was bright and summery.

I'm really grateful to PLATF9RM . They have been so supportive of my work over the past few years and I think it's wonderful to have an organisation that champions local artists.

[We didn’t ask Lucy to write that last line, honest.]

David Hillier – Writer & Journalist

The original copy I filed for the back of the can was quite different. If memory serves it had a gag about how beer was the secret glue – as opposed to actual glue, arf – that kept the PLATF9RM machine running. It didn’t make the cut.

There was some to-ing and fro-ing with Myles because we realised there was too much text and it didn’t look right on the can. Eventually I kept it short, succinct and finished with a tiny flourish: “We called it Beer O’Clock ‘cos that’s our favourite time!” Easy.

P9_beers-3156 (1).jpg

Myles Lucas – Graphic Designer

Having previously designed a few things for Platf9rm, I was asked to design the beer can using Lucy Sherston’s great illustration.

I had to make the typography bold and interesting. It couldn’t detract from the illustration and had ensure all the text was legible over all the different colours. I think we managed it! Knowing that I did the typography and was part of this project makes that beer taste even better…