9 Minutes With - Sunetta Kiarie

There’s never a moment you won’t hear Sunetta’s laughter throughout PLATF9RM and she'll usually be found giving people back-breaking hugs. Beyond that she is also the force behind our events programme. From creation to hosting, Sunetta brings her passion and enthusiasm in everything she does and we caught up with her to find out how it all happens.

Sunetta, you are core to Making Work Wonderful through curating our Events & Cultural Programme, what’s important to you in that process?

The event curation process is a wonderful one, in that it’s explorative by nature and so it’s important that this comes through in the content of each event we put together. I always aim to create memorable experiences, add a little bit of everyday magic and most importantly host an inclusive space.

If you could get any speaker for an event at PLATF9RM who would it be?

Easy. Michelle Obama. Any day, every day. All the time.

You’re well known for being the number 1 Beyonce fan - what is it about her you admire so much?

I think my (what is definitely now a form of unrequited) love for her, stems from her power and essence. As a black woman, seeing a woman of colour take over the global sphere the way she has for YEARS, is deeply inspiring.

Word on the grapevine is you’re writing a novel, so amazing! What is it about writing you love so much?

Toni Morrison described it best by saying “Literature allows us — no, demands of us — the experience of ourselves as multidimensional persons. And in so doing is far more necessary than it has ever been.”

What does the 2020 events programme have in store? Can you give us a sneak peak?

We’ll be opening up The Grounds to a series of cultural events, expect films, comedy nights, maybe even some gigs. Larger thought pieces around diversity & inclusion as well as sustainability and the world we live in. And, if you missed us at TEDxBrighton last week, keep an eye out for the event that comes from the responses we pulled together at our wishing tree. And so much more!


You’ve been here just over a year, what’s been your highlight on this journey so far?

There’s been far too many highlights for me to narrow it down to just one. Everything from members sharing funny and interesting stories at our smaller Cereal Filler morning events to both our full day conferences that had over 100 people each in attendance. But really extremely validating having our events programme recognised at GCUC’s global co-working conference for Best Community Programme! (MEGA)

As an Events Manager you must go to lots of different events, what makes a good event in your opinion?

Events that surprise and invoke deeper contemplation about the world we live in.

As well as working for PLATF9RM, you’re a trustee of Little Green Pig and South East Dance, tell us a bit more about this?

I have unconsciously gravitated to two incredible charities that use creative mediums (writing and dance respectively) as a form to better the lives of young people and their communities. In both, I help inform decisions that ensure each charity's visions are met and ultimately that the beneficiaries that we seek to serve have the best experiences. It’s an enormous privilege to be part of both.

Lastly, festival or work event ;)

Both? Mix that in with a healthy dose of some self-discovery talks and workshops, meditation, music and you have the ideal event for me.

Thank you so much for answering these questions Sunetta!