9 Minutes With - Emilie Lashmar

Emilie Lashmar's passion, creativity and infectious enthusiasm for making work wonderful has earned her the title of Creative Director at PLATF9RM. Her days are hectic and full of surprises, but there’s absolutely no doubt that Emilie lives and loves her job. We caught up with her to find out why.

Emilie, you’ve been flying the PLATF9RM flag since we first opened the doors! Your role has evolved from Membership Manager through to being our Creative Director. What does your day to day look like?

My main goal at PLATF9RM is to Make Work Wonderful. I want us to provide an unmatched experience for our members. My role is really varied, which I love. I work across the entire business and running the day-to-day. I get to collaborate with our freelance members, our copywriter, our graphic designer and our social media team to make sure we stay true to our PLATF9RM brand. I’m also on our board, so there’s strategic activity to keep me busy too. I really enjoy making use of all of our different co-working areas throughout the week.


Over the course of almost three years (!) at PLATF9RM you’ve given some of the fabulous Brighton Creatives the chance to shine. Which commission or collaboration are you most proud of?

I’m going to say our ‘Beer O’Clock’ beer!

You’ve seen all of our projects go from drawn plans to real-life which means you know every corner of PLATF9RM. Where’s your favourite place to work from?

It’s got to be The Grounds. I even had my very recent wedding reception there! I love the atmosphere, and the space is just gorgeous. It's a playground for business creative adults. So much light, greenery and colour. The 7m high ceilings provide real impact. I feel so fortunate to sit in a place Seb had envisioned for so long.

We want to open up The Grounds every evening and weekend and make it a real creative community hub with food, drink, music. I can't wait for our first weekend brunch!

If I really want to get my head down I’ll work in our PLATF9RM office at Tower Point, or the Library at Hove Town Hall. Meetings in the Penthouse are perfect for more creative thinking.

What’s your dream version of PLATF9RM?

Our Hove site, with our Brighton site on top and a few more floors in between, plus a rooftop bar! There would be a media floor with a podcasting room, gaming and screening facilities and a creche or nursery. Maybe there would be a dedicated games room, and hotel rooms or apartments to stay overnight in. It would be a whole coworking + living complex, perfect for work and play.

With almost 13 years of Brightonian life behind you (lucky), what is it that you love most about our city?

Perhaps it’s clichéd, but the people. There are so many kind, creative, brilliant people in this city. They’re closely followed by autumn sunsets on the beach.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

I’ve been going to Berlin every year for over a decade. It always feels like returning to my spiritual home! I just got back from my last trip. We stayed at Michelberger, where I felt totally welcomed and part of something greater. I hope anyone coming into contact with PLATF9RM feels something similar.

Considering your love of music and going to gigs, I speak for all of the team when I say we were surprised when you went through a ‘Baby Shark’ phase. We’re pleased you’re over it now. What’s your go to album or song at the minute?

I was so late to the party on the Baby Shark thing! But I stand by it being a great song. Now I’m playing the album that Lana Del Rey released on 30 August on repeat.

What’s been your PLATF9RM highlight?

It has to be the Kickass Women event last March, which we hosted just after the opening of Hove Ground Floor. It felt really special to see such an inspirational event come to life in our brand new venue.

What do you bring to Make Work Wonderful?

I bring my whole self to work each and every day, and I champion an open and honest culture, where everyone feels heard and valued. I use creativity to problem solve and encourage others to do so too, and always aspire to lead with positivity, creating a fun and supportive space for the team.

Thank you so much for answering these questions Emilie!