Seb Royle's Letter to Members II


Hello everyone,

My last members letter was almost exactly six months ago – what a ride it’s been since then!

We opened The Grounds at Hove Town Hall in March. This was the most challenging business project I’ve been a part of and watching it come to life has been a well-earned pleasure. I originally saw the space in April 2016 so it was nearly three years of work, during which our vision was tested on many occasions. Thankfully we stuck to our guns and now PLATF9RM has a beautiful space that I hope everyone feels proud of.

We are approaching full capacity there now. This is great news but I personally feel The Grounds hasn’t reached its full potential...yet! We have a license from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week, and we want unique, informative and community-minded events happening on a daily basis. We’ve already had some huge successes – not least Kickass Women, which brought together the city’s most inspirational business women. It was an emotional day for all involved and we want more.


The walls at PLATF9RM hum with creativity, so we’re putting out a call for members to approach us with ideas: whether you want to curate a supperclub, a workshop, a conference or a comedy night, we’d love to work with you on creating something special that will enrich our members and also Hove’s community. We have an amazing soundsystem there too – as a longtime dance music fan this makes me very happy – and we’d love to see musicians and DJs putting it through its paces.


A key part of the PLATF9RM ethos has been to do good in the community and we’ve been supporting the Clock Tower Sanctuary as our chosen charity. They do life-changing work with Brighton’s young homeless population and I’m proud to announce that on July 4th I’m doing a sponsored abseil off the Brighton i360. I actually did my first ever abseil from the Inaccessible Pinnacle on the Isle of Skye last weekend. And it went well! So I’m feeling quietly okay about the i360 (though perhaps don’t hold me to this on the morning of the jump…).


Hopefully some of the PLATF9RM team will be there to cheer me on and I cannot praise them enough. They have all been extraordinary these last six months and propel us onward with their creativity and ambition.

Because of their dedication, I honestly don’t think about the day-to-day running of the business and instead focus on where PLATF9RM is going next. In fact: that’s something I’m often asked by members. ‘What’s the next project?’ I’m so lucky they take an interest in our journey but am pleased to say we’re currently enjoying a relative period of calm. Since opening at the end of 2016, we’ve been expanding relentlessly and – for a short time at least– we’re going to take stock. We want to give the business room to breathe and let The Grounds evolve. And it’s summer! What better place to be than Brighton...!

If you'd like to contribute to my charity abseil, please click through HERE, and give a little, it's for a great cause!


Thank you for reading,