Member Of The Week - Tim Healey

We welcome Tim Healey from Solution Smuggler to PLATF9RM, a man of many talents who has been telling us all about managing his home life with his business, whilst still finding the time to travel the world as a DJ.

Tim, you consider yourself a Solution Smuggler - as suggested in the name of your company of course - could you fill us in on what exactly this entails?

I’m a consultant supplying strategic, creative solutions for my clients. From idea sprints and workshops to re-branding, launching new products and pitch-doctoring. Currently I’m embedded on projects with Google Creative Labs in London, and Brighton’s leading digital design studio, Clearleft.

With backgrounds in many different job roles such as Creative Solutions, Copywriting and and Re-branding - how do you find juggling all this with your home life?

I have always worked for myself, and I also have 2 daughters, so juggling appears to come relatively easily to me. I am trying to get into the monastic discipline of only checking my emails twice a day, to minimise distraction - it’s a work in progress.


You have a Master’s Degree in Journalism, do you find this is the backbone to the company you have started for yourself?

Writing considered 'copy' is key when communicating ideas. I love punting around prose and making it ‘pop’.

You are a rather new member here at PLATF9RM, how have you found yourself settling in to the community?

Both the Hove and Central Brighton spaces are great to work in. I’ve also met a load of like-minded busy individuals based in our fine city.

You joined us on the PLATF9RM Physical: Walkshop With Unknown Epic recently, how did you find this particular event and do any others take your fancy?

The Walkshop was fabulous and even included fresh coffee cooked up on top of the South Downs. I also got to meet some other PLATF9RM characters who I look forward to working with on future projects.

What can your business offer to your fellow members at PLATF9RM?

Sometimes companies may not have the staff capacity to improve their communications or turbo-boost their pitch to win new business. They worry about big agency day-rates and so avoid engaging anyone to help. That’s where I come in: I work closely with my clients, sharing their goals and aspirations, and match that with competitive pricing.

You’ve mentioned before that you DJ on the side of work and have in fact DJ’ed at some popular festivals, could you offer us a little more insight into this exciting venture?

I’ve had the good fortune to see the world through the lens of a globe-trotting DJ. I did it full time for many years, entertaining in clubs from New York to Auckland, and at festivals as diverse as Glastonbury (UK) and Fuji Rock (Japan). I ran my own labels, produced a slew of club cuts and and LPs and remixed artists from Pharrell to Gwen Stefani. It was a blast. I still dabble in my studio, release the odd tune and play the occasional deep house and techno set - I played Bimble Bandada Festival in July, and I'm doing an outdoor party for The Little People in Oxfordshire this September.

If you were to give a 3 minute presentation on a particular chosen subject, what would your chosen subject be?

I’m going to give a talk at the next Cereal Filler at PLATF9RM in Hove, on “Why Burning Man Festival, Nevada, USA, should be #1 on your bucket list” where I hope to explain why I've been back 3 times to the most inspirational festival on the planet.

If you could take your daughters anywhere in the world on holiday, where would you like to take them?

Venice: we’re going in October.

Thanks alot for chatting to us Tim, we'll have to keep you in mind as a DJ for our future Socials!

If you want to be a member at our space, get in touch for a tour and trial.