Member of the Week - Steven Fisher

Introducing Steven Fisher, Managing Director of Kingfisher Electrics, PLATF9RM's in-house electrician and one of our newest members. Hello Steven!

So Steven, you’ve been an electrician for 17 years now. What made you pursue it as a career and when did you decide to run your own company?

After returning back from 12 months of backpacking around Australia, New Zealand and Thailand I decided to get a trade with the idea that it would allow me to travel more and work wherever I went.

5 years later I was qualified but working abroad was no longer an ambition of mine but I did enjoy the work. No day is the same and that keeps things interesting.

I'd always been too scared to take the leap and run my own business but when the company I worked for went into liquidation I was presented with a fantastic opportunity.

Jobs and customers were already there plus my ex boss helped introduce me to some great contacts.

Having just become a father of two; myself and my fiance Victoria thought it was worth a shot. If it went well it would be brilliant for us as a family for obvious reasons. Thankfully everything has gone well so far!


Do you have any disaster stories from your career that you’re allowed to share?

When I was an apprentice, I managed to put my foot through a customers ceiling. He was a 6′4″ policeman. Luckily he was very understanding and didn’t thump or arrest me!

I see you work with your brother as your second hand man. How is employing a sibling?

He was my apprentice for a short period of time but he has actually changed careers since. We definitely had some difficult moments but are still on good terms!

What is your favourite outside of work past-time?

If it's a nice sunny day then playing golf with a few of the chaps can be extremely pleasurable!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

The sunshine! Everything seems better in the Summer. And if I can get childcare; Pride is always a fun weekend.

How long have you been in Brighton and how does it compare to other places you’ve lived?

Originally I'm a South Londoner, I've lived in Isleworth, Clapham Junction and Haywards Heath. Nothing compares to Hove for me, I love it. I even drink Earl Grey these days. I'm proper posh now.


When did you join PLATF9RM?

About 4 months ago.

What motivated you to Cowork?

I needed somewhere local with good parking at a reasonable price. It’s healthy to not bring my work home with me. The PLATF9RM offices are gorgeous and everyone is really friendly. It was a no brainer.

Are you attending any of our events over the next few weeks?

If I'm honest I haven't planned to but am always open to a bit of networking.

Thank you Steven!

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