Member of the Week - Sophie Haslam

When she's not taking in the sunshine in Seville or turning up the disco music, you'll find Sophie Haslam at PLATF9RM Hove using her wills and ways for her travel suited role at Brighton Third Sector Training.

First things first, could you please describe your role within Brighton Third Sector Training?

I am Project Co-Ordinator at B3ST. We work as both a sending & receiving organisation; recruiting people in the UK to do 3-month internships in Seville as well as receiving students here in Brighton and finding them internships in a variety of different sectors. Every 3 months we send 18 students to Seville who fulfils a range of different positions, from research assistants in a scientific lab, translator roles working for non-profit organisations who defend consumer rights, working in sustainable food production community gardens and English Teaching roles - amongst many other things!

Bright Third Sector Training specialises in community development, could you explain a little of what this means and why it’s so important?

Several of our placements are centred around community development based projects, some are non-profit organisations who rely on support & passion from people in the community who are trying to make a worthwhile change. These are some of our most popular internships, the opportunity for people to go out and get first-hand experience whilst also learning Spanish in a beautiful part of Spain is a pretty enticing opportunity for most!

What do you find to be the most exciting part of your job?

Helping people who are applying for our internships move forward in the right steps towards their career. Generally, applicants have just finished a university degree or masters and our internship will be their first real working experience in their chosen field. They’re all excited and up for the challenge of living and working somewhere completely new and it’s so nice to see. Also, getting to go to Seville 3 times a year for a week or 2 each time isn’t too bad.


You’re still quite new to PLATF9RM, how have you found it settling in so far?

I really enjoy working at PLATF9RM, I haven’t yet made the most of any of the PLATF9RM events as I have been away quite a bit with work but am looking forward to becoming more involved!

Being a PLATF9RM member that is predominantly in Hove, what is it about the space that draws you there?

The Hove spot is a 2-minute cycle from my house which is amazing. I also find it a little less busy than Brighton although I do love the views from Floor 5 & 6 at Tower Point! The new Hove space is also amazing, I’m really looking forward to the bar/café to open!

How does coworking at PLATF9RM help you with your work?

I would say co-working at PLATF9RM has helped me be more productive. I generally don’t like working from home and avoid doing it. PLATF9RM is a light creative friendly space which makes it a joy to work from.

If you’re having a bad day, what music do you whack on to pick yourself up?

On a bad and good day, I enjoy tuning into Radio 6 and listening to new and old music and what’s going on in the world. Otherwise, I guess some good disco music never fails to pick me up when I’m down!

Where is your favourite place in the world?

I recently just came back from Portugal which I really loved, I went to Lisbon and then my boyfriend & I drove to the coast, we stayed in a little town called Ericeira which was so beautiful. The people in Portugal are so friendly and everyone speaks amazing English – I’m looking forward to going back and discovering more of the country. I always struggle to answer favourite questions, I’m quite an indecisive person so I’m always changing my mind however I would say that India would be one of my favourite places in the world. Amongst all the chaos I always seem to find a sense of calm there.

Which ‘Friends’ character do you identify most with?

I would probably be some annoying cross combination of Phoebe & Monica!