Member of the Week - Natalie Rockall

Introducing Natalie Rockall, freelance email marketing specialist and cinephile, who's longing to travel.

Hi Natalie! Can you tell us a little about yourself and Eleven11 Digital?

I'm a freelance email marketing specialist. I've lived in Hove for 6 years and I've been a member of PLATF9RM Hove since it opened. Oh... and I'm also an email geek!

What does being an email marketing specialist involve?

I help blue chip companies and small independent business owners boost their results from their email marketing. I do a mixture of contract work and project work across the UK and have a couple of clients abroad. I love training people in email marketing and helping them reach their goal quicker, easier, and with less stress.

I'm going to ask a really obvious question... How did GDPR effect you?

There was a massive amount of interest and fear around GDPR. I did a talk at Tower point with some other members to a full room so it was obviously really important for the PLATF9RM community. I spent a couple of months working on a dedicated basis with one client to work through their GDPR preparations. That was a really in-depth project. It was such a busy time that post 25th May I booked in a much needed post GDPR holiday!


So who are you away from work?

Sadly I do still live and breath emails. I am an email geek. Outside of email, I love the cinema, I have a Cineworld membership so I go all the time. I really enjoy travelling which I want to do more and more of that now that I'm freelance.

When setting up my business I knew I needed freedom, flexibility and variety so I knew the freelance way of working would suit me down to the ground. As long as I have my laptop and wifi I can work anywhere. I did a test run in my friend's Spanish villa in the mountains and it worked a treat!

So what's coming up next for you in the world of email marketing?

I'm delivering some training for Econsultancy, judging at the Dotmailer Dotties Email Marketing Awards in October and I'm working on creating an online course for email marketing so people can take the opportunity to learn the in's and out's of email in their own time. Watch this space! Email is always changing (the technology side particularly) so I'm always looking for new ways to help people.

Tell us more about your love of travelling - where's your favourite place?

My favourite place that I've been to so far has to be the Maldives - a friend worked in the travel industry and got me an amazing deal through work. We were very fortunate to stay in a water bungalow right over the sea. Next on the wish list is to go to Japan - I've been looking at tours which go around spring time so you can see the amazing cherry blossom. My go-to destination is Barcelona, I try to go there a couple of times per year because I feel it's my second home.

Where do you get inspiration from?

If i'm looking for inspiration and to get my creative juices going there is nothing worse than staring at a blank screen at the desk in my lounge so I get myself out of the house and to the beach in Hove, or a cafe to people watch or of course to PLATF9RM! I love to mix up my work with where I feel like being on that day - this freedom to change things up means things stay energised and fresh.

Do you have a special memory from childhood you'd like to share?

So my favourite thing for my friends and I to do was to set up shop outside my house. We'd sell our old toys, biscuits (that we'd nabbed from home) and 'perfume' which was really just water with flowers stuffed in it. It's probably the start of my entrepreneurial journey.

What drew you to PLATF9RM?

I thought I wanted to work from home, but when I started to do that I realised I miss being around people and that I actually get quite a lot of energy from being around like minded people. I knew PLATF9RM Hove was opening so I waited to come along for a trial and loved it from day one! There are dogs, lots of tea and lots of people I've meet who've become friends and who I've actually done work for. It's a great source of business for me and for inspiration and new ideas.

I'm also lucky to be part of the community and to work with PLATF9RM on their email marketing and business plans. It's such an interesting business to have a bit of sight behind the scenes!

Now for the serious question: who's your favourite dog?

KIPPER!! But they are all soooo cute. I do get withdrawal symptoms when I'm not in for a few days.

Thank you Natalie!

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