Member of The Week - Lauren Pope

Meet Lauren Pope, a freelance content strategist, adopted Brightonian and keen photographer.

Hi Lauren! So, you are a freelance content strategist. What led you down that path?

Growing up, I wanted to be a journalist, and I fell into the digital content world when I was University where I first started to write a few things here and there. Since then I’ve worked client side and agency side for the last 10 years. In April of this year I decided that I wanted a change and went freelance.

Having worked for companies such as uSwitch and Brilliant Noise you are now embarking on this new adventure of being freelance. What is the biggest challenge of making this ‘switch’ from inhouse to freelance? (no pun intended)

Good question. I think the biggest challenge of going freelance so far has been trying to find my niche and finding the right clients and getting in contact with them. Also, when I was in a team of 40 you had people in the office who specialised. So, for example when data needed to be analysed, there would be someone in the office would specialise this. I don’t have this same luxury being freelance!


What stakeholders do you currently have and are there any you are looking to connect with?

The Charity Samaritans are a main client of mine, and they have been amazing. I’m looking to work with a more diverse group of clients, with charities and arts organisations particularly in mind. I am actually running a conference here at PLATF9RM for the Brighton Digital Festival, which is something I wouldn’t have had time to do before I went freelance. It’s called Curio and takes place on the 11th October between 9:30 and 16:30. It is primarily themed around content and curiosity. Speakers will be telling stories about following their curiosity and how it lad to interesting outcomes. It’s a non-profit 'pay-what-you-can' event with proceeds going to the Clock Tower Sanctuary. It would be great to see as many PLATF9RM as possible!

What about P9 caught your eye the most and why did you choose it?

Seeing the Sea from my office! That was thing I really missed when I left my old job and started working at home. I also have old friends who are members here and encouraged me to join. There’s a big digital content community here within PLATF9RM .

If you could possess one superpower what would It be?

I’d love to be able to Fly, as it would be so convenient…and cool! There would also be no Southern Rail delays, and I could get to exactly where I wanted quickly!

You’ve got a big interest in photography… what is your favourite photo you’ve taken?

I think it has to be one that I took last year of the starlings over the pier… I still want to take it again as it's not perfect! Brighton is a great place for photography and it has some really great photographers too!

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 16.57.16.png

You describe yourself as an adopted Brightonian. What makes Brighton different and what do you love about the city?

I’ve lived here for about 15 years. I love being close to the Downs and the sea. There’s also a brilliant art scene, fantastic culture and the growth in the last 5 or 6 years in the Digital business sector means starting a business here is now possible.

How is Brighton different to where you’ve lived before?

Everything! I lived in a small village in the Midlands and Brighton couldn’t be more different! If I’d stayed up there work would’ve been a lot harder as I couldn’t even get a bus out the village!

Finally... You have to choose one song at a karaoke to sing off by heart without getting the lyrics wrong. What is it?

Now that’s a difficult question… (pauses). It would have to be Hands of Love by Kate Bush!

A very insightful chat - thank you Lauren!

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