Member of The Week - Kerri Lush

Introducing web developer, self professed people person and secret ex-DJ Kerri Lush.

Hey there Kerri, So what is it about computers that fascinates you?

I have a love hate relationship with them. The logic behind computer programming fits well with the way my brain works. I've been doing it since I was 10 years old. It was a hobby at first, but it’s like I was predestined for this career. However, I’m very mindful about my technology use. I take time away and go offline for a very long time.

People who work with computers often have the reputation for being rather introverted. Would you say you are introverted or extroverted?

I think one of my strengths is that I do bring people together and out of their shells. A lot of developers get into the career because it is one of those jobs where you can put your headphones on and zone out from other people. That’s the complete opposite of me. I took a job questionnaire and apparently I should be working in sales or for a charity. I’m a people-centric person. Although, I think I tend to straddle the line between introvert and extrovert. I can be quite shy. It depends - I’m somewhere in the middle.


Where do you see the advancement of technology taking us?

The ubiquity of internet everywhere is kind of turning us into androids! Social media networks want you to spend increasing amounts of time, more regularly, on their platforms. It’s the advertising business model used by these services which drives this push for constant engagement, I don’t know if it’s taking us in a good direction. I would like technology to become more convenience-centred rather than time-sinks. There's a lot of progression in the AI space and I believe that when that 'negotiation' technology matures, I honestly think that is going to change everything.

Who was your favourite teacher at school and why?

I had a teacher at school called Mr King. He was a great guy, a massive film nerd. He wasn’t afraid of bringing his personality into the workplace, you really wanted to get to know him. He had so many interesting insights into film and literature. He taught me the idea that it wasn’t just Shakespeare who used allegory to address social issues, but that sci-fi and fantasy also tell stories cloaked in other forms.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I was thinking I would say something professional - perhaps a presentation I delivered a year and a half ago in Newcastle - but in reality I think I’m proud of learning to address my own needs and to speak freely and not censor myself. I grew up as a carer, and always put my brother’s needs before my own. So, addressing that was key in my development as a person, and has impacted my business too.

Does co-working at PLATF9RM help you to interact with people more?

Oh yeah massively. The opportunity to meet people and have co-workers is great. It also improves my work/life balance. I leave here and my work stays here and when I’m at home I can switch off.

Have you been to many of the PLATF9RM events?

Yes, I went to the yoga with Justine. It was a great way to start the day.

What’s your favourite genre of music?

So a fun fact; I used to be a DJ. I really like dance music, and electronic music, as opposed to club music. The last few years I’ve really been into future funk and vaporwave. They’re mostly online genres. People in their bedrooms making something new you wouldn’t hear on the radio. It’s got a very strong aesthetic, which harkens back to late 80’s early 90’s japanese inspired technology.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

It has to be my father. We’re quite different people, in some ways we’re exact opposites: unlike me, he’s chaotic, messy and really quite tall! He’s an incredibly deep thinker and always learning, sharpening his mind and intellectual toolkit. I believe that it’s important we all have people in our lives who challenge us to be better, even when it seems far easier to bury our heads or run away instead! He’s always questioned me and told me what I needed to hear, even when I didn’t want to. He’s had a rough year to date (something which I wrote about last month) but a man who, thankfully, continues to be an important presence in my life.

Lovely speaking to you Kerri!

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