Member of The Week - Carlos Saba

Meet Carlos Saba Co-founder of The Happy Startup School advocate of mindfulness, minilmalism and dancing like a loon.

Hey Carlos! So at The Happy Startup School you’re all about pursuing happiness as opposed to being purely money driven - what motivated you and Co-founder Laurence to follow this philosophy?

We were both working in larger agencies doing web design and we found that we did our best work when we believed in what we were doing - when it was clear as to why a job was important and when we had the skills to make it happen. It’s about aligning what you do with who you really are. Too many people feel like they're doing meaningless work, not using their talents and not getting energy from what they do and that seems like a complete waste.

Would you say it is a small percentage of the population who have money, purpose and happiness behind what they do?

There is research that says 80% of people are disengaged with the work they’re doing so it would be a small percentage who have the balance right, yes.


Who are the great thinkers that inspire your philosophy of work?

It's an amalgamation of different ideas from different places. The two books that started our journey are Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsiehand and The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. They're not philosophical. Martin Selgiman got us into the work positive psychology. And coming across things like mindfulness and minimalism have influenced us. For me personally I’ve also been reading Eckhart Tolle.

What did your parents teach you? What is their most valuable lesson?

So from my father it's that ‘the world owes you nothing’ but you have the power to make whatever you want happen and it takes effort. I question the effort bit a little but essentially If you have the initiative you can make things happen. The lesson from my mother would be ‘never hold a grudge’.

What activity do you do that makes you most feel like your authentic self?

Dancing like a loon. I like to think I can do a mean running man.

What times of the day are you most energetic?

Morning is when I have the most clarity, focus and the need to get things done. Also when everyone's in bed after 11 o'clock is a good time to get into the zone - although not if you have to get up the following day. The perfect scenario could be to work from 10-1 and start again around 6 and have a siesta during the day.

What makes you feel a part of the PLATF9RM community?

We run our event Ideas Cafe and it's great to see members there. Also being able to walk in and see someone I know and to sit down and have a chat. Feeling like you’ve opened up your own lounge. You have the option to talk to interesting people whenever you want.

What motivated you guys to host Ideas Cafe at PLATF9RM

We used to run it monthly when we were running our own co-working space. It was a great way to connect people. A lot of the time networking events were very much about swapping business cards but actually what's really nice is to get to know people and have inspiring and illuminating discussions. Remind people of the value of sitting down and having meaningful conversations with people.

If you could pick up platf9rm and relocate it to anywhere else in the world where would you put it?

Sardinia. Because it's amazing weather, there are beautiful beaches and incredible countryside. My father is from there so I love it.

Some enlightening responses Carlos - thank you Ben!

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