Member of The Week - Ben Robson

Introducing self-professed drab local comedian, retired nightclub goer and one half of GOAT Digital, Ben Robson.

Hello Ben! So you host a regular Brighton comedy night - Goat Comedy - What was your aim when you founded Goat Comedy?

When I started GOAT Comedy, I wanted a night where I could MC and do a bit of chatting and jokes in between acts. I realised doing that would get rid of any fear of talking to the audience or heckles, stuff like that. It gave me the opportunity to get way more stage time and get better quicker.

You also recently did a show at the Brighton Fringe - can you sum up what it’s about and how it was received?

Martin Wratten and I did six performances of our show, Juxtaposition. Martin's very dead pan and I’m very lively and energetic, hence the name, Juxtaposition (two opposing objects, images or ideas placed next to each other to emphasise the differences between them). It was well received, we had 42 people turn up to our opening night, which was great considering I thought we’d have four, because there’s so much going on during the Fringe.


A lot of stand up comedians say that they use humour as an effective defense mechanism - do you relate to this at all?

I think when you have a face like mine you’re going to get bullied. Relentlessly.

Who is the comedian who inspires you the most?

I like quite alternative, surreal comedy mainly, but I suppose my favourites at the moment are John Kearns, Kerry Godliman, Al Lubel and James Acaster.

Humour aside - how else do you get your kicks?

Weird question. A lot of my time is spent gigging. But I’m into sport, love a bit of golf. I also play cricket, although I actually hate it. It was more my dad forcing me into it whilst I was at school. I don’t go out clubbing anymore, but when I did - you couldn’t beat (you could, you definitely could) a bit of ‘Sheiks’ on Bognor pier. Superb (not superb).

So you also run Goat Digital along with the other Ben - have you managed to find a perfect symbiosis of comedy and computers in your life?

Benedict Adam is both a scholar and a gentleman and I love working with him. In terms of work-life balance, our current experiment is to see if taking Fridays off has a negative impact on our productivity. So far it’s been fine, so I’d say we’ve got the balance in a good place at the moment!

You work mainly from our Hove office - what do you like about the space in particular?

Ben (Adam) and I actually visited a few other places in town and they were so drab and uninspiring. The welcome was really terrible too, like ‘oh right you want to look around?’. So chalk and cheese to PLATF9RM. We came here and there were lovely people and a really nice professional welcome. I also loved the space and decor, use of natural materials, colour scheme and there are dogs, which is always a bonus.

What would your ideal place of work look like?

This, but with a slide straight into the sea!


Ben and I are into hip hop and sports, so it stands for ‘Greatest of All Time’. Like the GOAT of rap music or GOAT of football… except we’re the GOAT of digital marketing (I want it on record that I said this with a deadly serious straight face full of arrogance).

Some far from drab answers - thank you Ben!

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