Member of the Week - Cat Duval

Introducing Cat; yoga teacher extraordinaire, coach and founder of Nine Lives Yoga.

Hello Cat, so tell us about your business and what you're focusing on at the moment.

Nine Lives is all about collaborative yoga practice; I lead a teacher training course in collaborative yoga practice. We also provide yoga team building for businesses and inspirational yoga raves. In a nutshell it’s about inspiring people to dive into personal development in a fun and creative way. I’m currently developing wellbeing coaching for entrepreneurs and business coaching for wellbeing practitioners. I have a method called the four pillars of happiness; they’re peace, power, purpose and play and what we do is work out what someone’s blocks are and aim to get past them using many techniques including yoga, NLP, EFT and mindfulness practice allowing people to step into their power and their peace.


Tell us a bit about your yoga raves?

Yoga raves were inspired by my love of music, I used to work in radio and I organised events and festivals. The place I went to on the dance floor was the same place in my heart I went to when I discovered yoga. People told me I was totally bonkers to bring the two together but I thought ‘maybe I’m just bonkers enough’.

So we create a conscious festival environment - we choose really spectacular venues so people have the wow factor but in terms of experiences it’s about connecting to each other, your heart and setting yourself free. The slogan is 'Where yoga lovers experience the rhythm of the bass and bass lovers experience the rhythm of the breath.'

We do the yoga in concentric circles with 300-500 people doing it all together, everyone feeling the breath together.

What led you to transfer yoga into less conventional settings?

I am always looking for opportunities to allow people to enter personal development in a fun and inspiring way.

I've always been a bit of a maverick, I don’t often stay in the box. I like thinking of creative ways to connect people to their hearts and to each other with a sense of humour. We neglect physical touch in our adult lives. With self awareness, yoga and meditation becoming more and more popular I thought it made sense to take yoga to unconventional places.

How do you feel about the growing global obsession with fitness and exercise?

It’s wonderful that people are more aware of how important health and wellbeing is. Fitness is hugely vital to the sustainability of our souls and our spirits as well as our planet. However fitness misses the mark when it becomes about merchandise and superficial ways of being more good looking. True fitness is about feeling energised and being happy to be alive.

Besides practicing yoga what is the one thing you’d recommend to a friend if they were struggling?

There’s an example I can give - I was on the plane home from France and a woman was having a panic attack due to fear of flying and I just got her to breath into her belly and focus on the breath. I asked her to focus on the sensations and to make the breath as long as possible and calm and smooth. She went from panicking to smiling and laughing about 10 minutes later.

That for me is magic; that breath and mindfulness can allow you to slow feelings and sensations with focus and awareness.

What inspires your creative colourful style?

I celebrate life, that’s one of my fundamental principles. I love being alive and why should I ever grow up? Growing up is about being responsible for yourself and it’s not about not wearing colourful sparkly clothes!

How long have you been working at PLATF9RM?

I first came in April then had a crazy summer touring festivals and events then came back in August and there was a space. I pounced on it like a cat.

Have you been to any of our events?

I went to the awesome halloween party. I loved the apple bobbing. I love how PLATF9RM really feels like a community. Also the coffee is fantastic, that’s important for me - you can’t have rubbish coffee! It’s a wonderful thing as an entrepreneur to be here - having worked for myself for 5 years. It’s great to be in an environment that is buzzing. That energy puts me in the right mindset to be my most productive. I can take 5 minutes to chat and have some green tea and then get back to my work.

Have you thought about hosting one of your yoga raves at PLATF9RM?

I would love to host something. I would love to do a workshop - maybe not a rave, it’s not quite big enough! I’d love to do a social yoga event. Or a mini yoga rave perhaps...

Thank you Cat!

If you want to be a member at our space, get in touch for a tour and trial.