Member of the Week - Adrian Koenig

Meet Adrian Koenig, skilled creator of architectural visualisations, and one of our most recent members at Tower Point. With a background in architecture, he’s seen his fair share of the world, and has decided to settle down in Brighton with his family for a breezy fresh start. Hello Adrian!

Firstly tell us what you do.

I make images for architecture offices, presentation images. A lot of times it’s in the context of architectural competition - basically they give me their plans and I translate it into a language that everybody can understand because most people have difficulties reading a plan and imagining the spaces.

Usually this is done with rendering software but I make images by hand and make use of Photoshop, so my pictures have a little more artistic quality to them.

Adrian1 copy.jpg

What's the most exciting thing about the work that you do?

Well, I like that it’s project-based so I get to work with different offices, and there are competitions all over the world. And I like that when I'm making my images, I get into ”the zone” and to just be in that creative space.

So what made you move to Brighton?

A lot of things. Me and my family decided to come here because we really like Brighton.We were previously in France for almost 5 years, and there we had a project where we bought a really big farmhouse and the idea was to convert it into an artist’s residency, but it ended up being very difficult and in the end it didn’t work out the way we envisioned it so we needed to move on.

We were looking at all the options. We thought about Berlin, Switzerland, but we decided for Brighton because it has a lot to offer, for grown-ups and children, which is very important. And we also like to be by the ocean.

What made you choose PLATF9RM as your co-working space?

We just moved here, so for me it’s great to be able to network, to get a ton of contacts immediately. I like the relaxed atmosphere and we live in Kemptown so for me it’s fast to come down to work.

You've done a fair bit of traveling, what is the most interesting place you have ever visited?

I had a job in South Korea. That was very different from anything I have ever experienced. I went there and was expected to do South Korean hours - architects already work a lot and I was expected to join the team and they did like 16 hours a day in this huge office with 400 people. Everything was just so wildly different, but I loved it - I wanted the culture shock, and I got it!

You also speak a few languages, so what is your favourite word, in any of them?

Kopfsalat - it’s a german word for any lettuce that is round shaped. It’s a great word, I think it sounds good.

Adrian2 copy.jpg

When was the last time you felt like you faced one of your fears?

Riding to work in England with a bike and having to remember to cycle on the other side of the road.

If you could create a national holiday, what would we celebrate?

That's a difficult one. A Green New Deal- it would be a great national holiday.

Finally, who is your favourite Superhero?!

Iggy Pop - he might not be an actual superhero, but the fact that he’s still alive is kind of amazing.

Thank you Adrian!

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