Guestblog: 6 Dynamite Business Hacks You Need For 2018

Hello, I’m Snorkel. (But most people call me Dom.)

Of late, there has been much (deserved) fanfare for the infamous Simon Sinek quote: “People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it”. This sentiment in business has never felt more alive and relevant.

What’s my Why? I set up Snorkel just over a year ago to fundamentally help, support, guide, energise, impassion and unlock the superpowers of talented business people (just like the lovely PLATF9RM members). It’s my goal to help mission-driven entrepreneurs & founders grow their income, scale their impact and expand their influence. Simple as that.

So how can I help you?

Drawing on my experience of running Snorkel, producing the Virgin StartUp MeetUps, mentoring for Virgin and proudly being a PLATF9RM-er, I have put together six dynamite hacks that will make your business soar in 2018. Good luck! I’m rooting for you.

1 - Out & inbound strategy AKA: Please God, have a sales strategy

It’s far from an exact science but a principle part of building any successful and profitable business is your sales strategy. Much has been spoken of the death of outbound (traditional interruptive sales and marketing) but when working with my clients I’ve learnt that the balance of your outbound vs. inbound (attracting prospects through content and interactions that are relevant and value driven) wins you the most business.

2 - Defining sales collateral AKA: Branding is key! Be consistent, always.

You’d be surprised by how many businesses lack consistency across their messaging. Their ‘shop front’ can appear messy and confusing. Make sure that ALL of your sales collateral is as persuasive and engaging as possible as well as being uniform. Audit your site, credentials decks, email copy, social channels, physical assets etc., making sure that all of your potential prospecting touch points are amplifying your services, products and telling your story in the most persuasive way.


3 - Quantify your fears not goals AKA: Stuff will scare you and that’s okay. Write that sh*t down

Jay Baer, The New York Times best-selling author of Youtility highlighted that we are constantly encouraged to write down our goals but this can be pretty limiting and two-dimensional. Instead, go ahead and write down your fears. Give them a voice; give them context, a stage to yell from! This way they don’t appear so overwhelming and scary and you can get some much need perspective and resolve on your business challenges.

4 - Qualifying new business AKA: Don’t say yes to every new job!

It’s tempting, particularly for early stage businesses to take whatever comes our way. I’ve been there! But it’s super important to know when to say NO. Develop a qualification process so you can hold a potential lead or prospective project up against some carefully thought through criteria. Some examples might be: budget constraints; unrealistic timelines; is it a portfolio piece, moral conflicts or even, simply, are you going to enjoy the job?

5 - Healthy mind, healthy business AKA: Uhm, healthy mind, healthy business

I’m a huge evangelist for the healthy mind, healthy business approach. Easier said than done right? I hear you. It’s not easy to be present amongst the ongoing chaos and noise of running a business and general day to day living. But there are some quick wins that can help keep you focused and match fit. First: breathing. So many of us shallow breathe, often not getting sufficient oxygen to our grey matter, which we need to be our best selves. Take time out to incorporate a few simple exercises, which can help you feel more centered and able to get perspective on your business. Journaling is another great therapeutic intervention. Use at the end of each day, answering a few simple questions such as ‘three amazing things that happened today’ or ‘how could I have made today better?’ Again, a very liberating and calming way of processing the noise.

6 - Tools of titans AKA Get organized!

Below I’ve listed a few of my favourite tools that help me and my clients be more effective and efficient in our work. Remember, it’s not just about having them; it’s about how you bake them into your day to day.

Make sure you have a CRM that works hard for you and your business. There are some great free and low cost options out there. I use Hubspot but Pipedrive, Capsule and Insightly are also strong.

Any effective inbound campaign needs an effective social scheduler. Buffer is great but Hootsuite is also very good and offers chunkier analytics.

Trello is a super smart collaboration tool that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on, who is working on it, and how far you’ve gotten.

If you are looking for cool free stock imagery then you could do a lot worse than make a B-line for Unsplash. Wicked super high res pics to make your business collateral purr!

I mentioned earlier the importance of being present in business, well here’s the app to help you. Headspace, one of the world’s best guided-meditation apps, is just like a Snorkel. It helps you breath in business!

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