Company of the Week - Social Brighton

Introducing this week's company of the week Social Brighton Ltd. Settled into their new office space (check out their pics and plants!) Kerry Watkins, Daria Szotek and Callum McGranaghan are the solid team that are the heart and soul of this company. Let's take it away!

Hello Team! Tell us a bit about your company Social Brighton Ltd, its history and how you help people get the best of Social Media.

The company started in 2010, after Kerry had had enough of her previous career of running night clubs. Long nights and a young daughter equals knackering. When social first became an opportunity for small businesses to reach new people, there were loads of agencies adding ‘social media’ as a bullet point on their list of services but very few were really focused on it. They just saw it as an add-on and I wanted to make sure businesses were really able to get the best out of it.

So you’ve worked with some great local and national companies, such as The Grand Hotel, Toni & Guy and Picturehouse Cinemas. Which one has been your absolute highlight?

Tough to say, we love all our clients! Toni&Guy in particular was a great project because we achieved fantastic results for them (35% growth in number of clients), and have now instilled the confidence in them and trained their staff so they can bring it in house. It’s really rewarding to see it come full circle like that!

Do you have a hot Social Media Tip that you’re willing to share with the PLATF9RM community for free? (A 'Social Brighton teaser’ if you like!)

The 2 cent strategy is a really powerful tool for organic instagram growth. It’s too long to go into here but we spoke about it on our last #WednesdayWisdom on our Instagram.

How are you liking PLATF9RM and how has it improved your work so far?

We’ve been here since it opened in 2017 and love it. It’s led to loads of new friends, collaborations and a lot of new business too!

Describe PLATF9RM in three words.

Collaborative, community, rebellious

What’s your favourite spot in Brighton and Hove?

Hove beach, love being by the sea and it’s more peaceful than Brighton beach.

If you were to take over PLATF9RM’s Social Media platforms for one day, what’s the first thing you would do?

Get videoing the people that use PLATF9RM and share what they do in the community. Using Social to amplify what happens offline is a great way to build engagement and support your members.

Or just more dogs.

In your opinion, what does the future of Social Media look like?

More communication, less ‘marketing’. The brand new event we’re running later this year, in collaboration with Toby and the Content Club team, is all about making digital a more positive space through responsible and innovative marketing. Social networks seem to be working towards participation and well-being (albeit too slowly) rather than vanity metrics.

Last, but not least, we read that you once filmed someone dressed as lobsters?! Errrm…Details please?

Inspired after our smartphone video course we run in collaboration with Kim Slade (a PLATF9RM collaboration!) Kerry went off to get some practice and filmed her husband and his colleague (in 54mph winds!) in a short spoof Guinness advert to help the Lion and Lobster pub promote the Six Nations. It was one of those ideas that comes about after a few too many glasses of wine.

Thank you Social Brighton Ltd!

Written by PLATF9RM'S Front of House, Louisa Kazig.

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