9 Choices PLATF9RM Has Made in the Name of Our Planet

The welfare of our world is high on the agenda right now, with protest groups rising up to demand an end to the actions and behaviours that are destroying our climate. A huge responsibility for cleaning up the mess lies with global government powers – but the changes we make on a community level can have a real impact, too.

PLATF9RM's members are connected and engaged with our society’s greatest challenges, and the choices we make reflect that. Here are 9 ways we’re working towards a cleaner, greener planet.

We’re powered by green energy

We’re currently powered by Opus Energy, because we like the way it does business. Last year, 100% of its electricity came from renewable sources including wind power, solar, hydropower and biomass or landfill gas. It also buys renewable power from businesses at market leading rates, encouraging the rapidly growing production of clean energy.

Picture Credit: opusenergyblog.com

Picture Credit: opusenergyblog.com

We’re greening the Grounds

Our recently opened cafe-bar has been a game-changer at PLATF9RM Hove, with a steady stream of members and the public keeping the team busy behind the counter. But between orders, we’re continually thinking about how we can minimise the environmental impact of our new venture.

The team is whizzing up hot drinks using organic milk, locally roasted coffee and loose leaf or cotton bag teas, and serving them in biodegradable cups. Our cold drinks are locally sourced and our kombucha is organic, and all served with biodegradable straws. The majority of our delicious menu is delivered fresh each day by Flint Owl bakery in Lewes. Right now we’re looking into new, more radical ways we can change things for the better, including introducing some extra special reusable coffee cups, and turning our ground coffee deposits into insulation pallets!

We’re spreading the planetary love

You might’ve noticed that we’re pretty into hosting events – and our line up just gets stronger and stronger. Last month we were proud to introduce the Corcovado project, which is on a mission to connect global hearts and creative minds with the beauty of the natural world. This month, don’t miss PLATF9RM Presents: The Circular Economy, where we’ll be exploring a planet-friendly ecosystem approach we can all get on board with.

We facilitate a clean commute

Travel is an unavoidable part of every day, but there are lots of ways we can get about without harming the environment. There are Brighton Bikeshare hubs close to both of our locations, and we’ve installed showers at Hove Town Hall so that our members can freshen up for the day after a brisk stroll along the seafront or a ride in the sunshine.

We say no to plastic packaging

There are so many alternatives to plastic packaging, yet it’s still rife in our supermarkets and beyond. The best way to make a stand against the clear stuff is to reject it, so wherever possible we choose suppliers that use sustainable alternatives to bring us our goods.

Our coffee, lovingly roasted by local coffee artisan Pharmacie, is delivered in paper bags by the brilliant bike courier company Zedify. Our used bags are later collected to be reused for another batch of beans.

We’re always pleased to see the friendly faces of Office Drop bringing us cardboard boxes laden with colourful fruit. As well as choosing cardboard over plastic, Office Drop has partnered with food redistribution charity FareShare to deliver 40 boxes of fresh fruit per week to people that need it most.

Our food waste becomes fertilizer

Our kitchens are always a hive of activity as we fuel up on coffee and tea and dig into brimful plates of deliciousness. When we’re full and there are no dogs around to slip a cheeky snack to, we scrape our plates into our food waste bins. Paper Round collects the bins and take them to an anaerobic digestion plant, where they process our food waste into fertilizer.

We’re only as ethical as our members

We’re so proud of the diversity of businesses and freelancers that make up our community, and amongst them are some amazing ideas and initiatives that directly benefit the environment.

One member organisation doing great things for the earth is PALA eyewear. When Founder John Pritchard saw a clear need for better access to eye-care in certain parts of Africa, PALA was born. As well as giving back to eye-care programmes in Africa with every pair of sunglasses sold and creating jobs in weaving communities in Ghana, the brand uses bio-based designs and sustainable materials to make its specs.

We promote sustainable lifestyles

We’ve negotiated some great PLATF9RM perks with local businesses to add a special something to our members’ lifestyles. We’re especially excited to have partnered with some forward-thinking businesses that make a real difference to our city and beyond.

One of these is Eco-Gym, which offers PLATF9RM members an amazing £10 off per month. This is a gym on a mission to convert human energy to utility grade energy. Eco-Gym wants to encourage people to take the same care of the environment as they do of their own bodies.

Brighton and Hove Food Partnership is another eco-minded local organisation, offering our members their cooking classes at 20% off. This not-for-profit is tackling food waste by encouraging people to intercept food waste, cut their supermarket spend, giving to others in need and join community composting schemes.

A small taste of the many perks PLATF9RM members receive.

A small taste of the many perks PLATF9RM members receive.

We respect the trees

You’ve probably heard by now that trees are our greatest environmental warriors. With levels of CO2 sky high and rising, it’s vital that we act now to protect our forests across the world.

As an office space, one small way we can prevent more trees being cut down is to think before we print. There are signs up by all of our printers to encourage people to print less, and an easy scan-and-send function helps eliminate print waste. We’ve also placed recycling bins right by all of our print stations, so that any unclaimed print-outs or waste can be easily recycled.

Yes, we’re saving these wonderful things. Photo Credit: Emma Croman

Yes, we’re saving these wonderful things. Photo Credit: Emma Croman

Whether you’re already part of the climate movement or eager to learn more, join us on Wednesday 19 June for PLATF9RM Presents: the Circular Economy. A selection of inspiring speakers will demonstrate the ecosystem approach that will facilitate a true circular economy, while meeting the economic needs of our society. It’s time to start respecting the limits of our planet.

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