9 Creative Organisations Powered by Digital

We tend to think of technology as being somewhat separate to the arts, but in reality, the two are increasingly interwoven. Brighton and Hove is alive right through the year with organisations merging tech with creativity and culture to create something beautiful. Here are 9 of them, many of whom you can catch at the Brighton Digital Festival this October.


The mention of research is a turn-off for many – but Arts DRIVA is set to change that. This research project by Brighton University is bringing creatives, technologists and data scientists together to make magic in the south. It was set up to enable access to Gatwick Airport’s live data and encourage collaboration on new products, services and experience around it. The programme’s participants also have access to the University of Brighton and its partners, a host of events, training and development opportunities, and cash grants. With initiatives like Arts DRIVA, it’s no wonder Brighton is one of the UK’s leading tech hubs. 

Check out Arts DRIVA’s Desire Lines at the Brighton Digital Festival, an exhibition running from 12th to 25th October.


Image Credit: The Fusebox


Can technology ever BE art? Mnemoscene will have you wondering. This collaboration between Edward Silverton and Sophie Dixon merges technology and creativity in the most literal way, creating immersive experiences that engage and inspire people to think differently about cultural heritage. Their latest project, Nomad, in partnership with Abira Hussein, contextualises archival Somali objects with the people and traditions to which they belong using web-based technology as a medium. The duo are also running workshops to engage Somali communities in London. 

Follow Nomad’s journey on twitter: #nomadproject.

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Image Credit: Mnemoscene

Tech for Good

We all know that beauty is more than skin deep. Tech for Good Brighton, which is part of the global NetSquared, connects the tech savvy people of Brighton with charities, volunteer organisations and social enterprises. Together, they work out how digital technologies can create social impact locally. Tech For Good is one of many organisations bringing people together around social change; and long may the trend last. 

Join Tech for Good on 14th October at Brighton Digital Festival to explore how digital tools could help citizens become more involved in democratic decisions. 


Image Credit: Tech For Good Brighton


This 30-year-young Brighton based arts charity is dedicated to helping the creative industries remain relevant. It connects them to the latest technologies and sciences; finds new ways of presenting them; and showcases all the ways that their work can cross and push boundaries and disciplines. 

Explore some of Lighthouse’s many creative projects.


Image Credit: Lighthouse

Creative Process

So many talented individuals are missing out on opportunities because they don’t have the digital skills they need to get jobs in the modern creative industries. Creative Process aims to change that with their free digital skills diploma, The Digital Accelerator. The course equips people of all levels with the latest professional design and marketing software know-how, gives them the opportunity to build their own website or online portfolio, and helps them to develop the soft skills needed to secure a creative role. 

Find out more about how the Digital Accelerator is growing creative talent in Brighton and Hove.


Image Credit: Creative Process


We’ve talked already about what happens when art and technology collide. But what about when you throw in healthcare, too? Hatsumi explores just that. This research and design studio is working with creative technologists, researchers and healthcare professionals to imagine the future of healthcare through VR technology. One of their platforms, Body Map, is an immersive tool to help people visualise, explore and manage chronic pain and mental health conditions using 3D painting. 

Learn more about Hatsumi’s brilliant digital inventions.

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Image Credit: Hatsumi

Huskii Studio 

One of our own members, Huskii Studio, loves to weave creativity into its brand projects. The team have recently designed a new website and app featuring a very cute alien for energy saving company HUGO. The illustrative details across the brand bring its story to life beautifully.

We’re excited for the launch of Huskii Studio’s own brand. Sign up for updates here.

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Image Credit: Huskii Studio

The Fusebox

The Fusebox is a creative pioneer in Brighton, and this year it has made more magic by fusing VR and 3D printing. Using Google Tiltbrush and the Fusebox’s in-house 3D printer, two artists have successfully created tangible works of art through the medium of technology. The Fusebox have plans for more complex designs and concepts underway, using different applications. We’re eager to see what it comes up with next.

Read all about the Fusebox’s experimental process.


Image credit: The Fusebox


Thanks to Curiscope, kids these days don’t have to endure the slightly creepy plastic skeleton in the biology lab at school to learn about the human body. Instead, they can simply put on a t-shirt and use an app to see exactly what’s happening inside them. This exciting technology is sure to inspire a love of science in every child. 

See how the Virtuali-tee actually works.

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Image Credit: Curiscope

Each October, the Brighton Digital Festival returns to explore the scene that challenges our perceptions of the function and limits of digital technology. We’re very proud to be sponsoring the festival this year. Check out our Insider’s Guide to Brighton Festival to make the most of the lineup!