What we learnt at PLATF9RM Presents: Welcome to Work

Even the most grown-up amongst us still feel the fresh buzz of excitement that September brings. That time of year which used to mean shiny shoes, crisp white shirts and new pencil cases is now full of the promise of exciting new projects to get our teeth into, and opportunities to progress or even shake up our careers. Could there have been a more perfect time to host our second conference of the year, Welcome to Work?

Our PLATF9RM Presents events are all about personal and professional development, infused with the spirit of learning. At Welcome to Work we set out to help people understand their barriers to career change and see new opportunities ahead of them. 

So what did we learn? Here’s a quick summary:


How to fall in love with work again, with Bruce Daisley

When you’re in a routine, it’s not always easy to see a way out. There are seven things we need to do to fall back in love with work. Briefly, they include sleeping more; surrounding yourself with happy people; understanding how you think and operate (and going with it!); understanding whether you prefer teamwork, self management or autonomous working; relaxing your own way; working out what makes us relaxed and happy at work; and realising meaning in your work. Phew! 

What the new wave of work might look like with Skye Robertson

The new wave of work begins with getting unstuck, and there are six essential ingredients to doing so: growth, contribution, ownership, engagement, security and health. At regular intervals, it’s also important to carry out ‘personal audits’. Taking a moment to reflect on whether you’re on the right path is vital to growing in life and work.


Why we should celebrate failure with Alice Reeves

Failing is great. No, seriously – it’s in those dark moments of “perceived defeat” that the real magic happens.

Money, money, what a funny thing! With Tom Nixon

It’s amazing what happens when we talk about money openly and honestly – particularly our need to “earn a living”. Try it and you’ll probably find that the stories you tell about money are really stories about yourself.

Life is a high performance sport with Richard Husseiny 

Sport elites aren’t the only ones that can benefit from neurosciences and applications of flow states. In actual fact, we can adapt the methods our sporting heroes use to help us excel in our everyday lives.

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Become good at saying no with Sally May 

It’s often hard to say no, but knowing when enough is enough can help us produce better work and enjoy our careers. Practicing nonviolent communication can help us become better at turning down what we don’t have the time or capacity for. 

Be fearlessly compassionate with Sally-Anne Airey 

Fearless compassion is “meeting the world as it is, with clarity and stability, and with humanity towards ourselves and others, with the bigger picture in mind”. It is the key to great leadership. 


To fuel our thinking, we were treated to a lunch expertly crafted by our Grounds manager, Amy Moore. Taking inspiration from Think Productive’s book Work Fuel: The Productivity Ninja Guide to Nutrition, Amy served up a delicious feast full of vitamins, nitrates, folate, choline, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, protein, fibre and ferments to help us absorb as much knowledge and inspiration as possible from the day. 

We want to thank our wonderful speakers for their valuable career insights, and for creating everyday magic in their workshops. The day will be remembered for its lightheartedness and the wonderful sense of curiosity in the air. There was laughter – a lot of it – and a buzz of conversation throughout the whole event.  

We’ll leave you with our manifesto, on which this event and many others are founded. 

We say yes to a job that works for you
We say yes to success without the cost
We say yes to Monday feeling like Friday.

See you at our next PLATF9RM Presents!