From Sugardough To Salvage Cafe: A Guide To Hove’s 9 Best Breakfasts

There’s an old adage about breakfast being the most important meal of the day; it’s arguably the most delicious. And we’re not talking about your bog-standard mueslii or tea and toast, but pillowy American pancakes, gently breaking under a weight of strawberries, bananas and maple syrup. We’re talking baked eggs in a sea of crispy potato hash. We’re talking the maligned-as-a-hipster-fad-but-actually-delicious smashed avocados on sourdough. We’re talking fry-ups! Glorious, glorious fry-ups.

Hove is haven for grandstand breakfasts. Here’s some that never fail to get us out of bed.


V+H’s food is impeccably sourced, with its ingredients bought from artisan, mostly local suppliers. It’s got a bit of an airy, Australian vibe about it – which might explain its perfect avocado dishes – and home-made is the order of the day, whether it’s their sausages, beans, or granola.

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Salvage Cafe

It might be in Hove, but Salvage Cafe is one of those places you could comfortably describe as “very Brighton”: unmatched furniture and squelchy Grandma sofas surrounded by antiques and a record player playing old standards, with a friendly proprietor sporting a perfectly coiffed moustache and normally a bowler hat. Everything you see is for sale, naturally. The breakfasts are simple but great: buttery eggs on chewy brown bread from Real Patisserie will never fail to start your day off right.

Photo by Lauren Joy Kennett Photography

Photo by Lauren Joy Kennett Photography


Sugardough is a cute little bakers and cafe on that strange, Nowherelandish parade of shops just down from the King Alfred sports centre. In a city not devoid of great purveyors of almond croissants, Sugardough’s are out of this world. If you get there about 8.30am and they’ve just come out of the oven and you eat it warm, the thick marzipan melting in your mouth, you will have achieved croissant transcendance.


Bilie’s Cafe

Okay, Billie’s officially has a BN1 postcode but it’s right on the border and a #Brightoninstitution so makes the cut. It’s potato hashes are one of the great achievements of human industry: if you dare – and don’t have to be alert until the afternoon – try the Farmhouse Hash. A full English, on a mound of hash, slathered in grilled cheese. Everyone should try this once.

Body Fuel

It’s 2018 so if you’re not on gluten-free or paleo diet, someone you know is. Eat Naked at Body Fuel is the perfect place for all our intolerant friends and lovers, and focus on fresh, seasonal food that your body will thank you for. Get there for their Breakfast Club from 8am, where for £5.50 you’ll get eggs, avos or granola, prepared however your stomach can handle it.


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Baked is one of those places that’s reliably crowded and, when your parents come down to visit, you’ll take them to people watch whilst you polish off chorizo eggs or coconut pistachio porridge.. The excellent food is only matched by its penchant for being a draw for excellent dogs.

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Six has completed mission impossible and made a success of that huge site on Western Road. The graveyard of many failed restaurant ventures, Six is comfortably rammo most mornings. If you’re hungry, try the brunch bowls which combine ingredients you might not always expect in a conventional breakfast – hummus, sauteed purple potato, merguez sausage and avocado, for instance – into something perfectly luxurious. Very good for the vegan crew, too.

Three Stack

You know that episode of Friends where Monica goes “humana humana humana”? That’s the sound we make every time we think about Three Stack’s American pancakes. A pop-up business based in The Villas on Claremont Road, they griddle pancakes then smother them in the sweetest, fruitiest, chocolatiest ingredients on God’s precious earth. It is the food of happiness.


The Lawns Cafe

Not one for when it’s tipping down but this cafe up the Hove end of the Hove Lawns will fulfil all your breakfast-on-a-dog-walk desires. The guys that run it are all lovely and make everyone welcome whatever the weather, a fact made only more pronounced by the stoney service you can expect from The Meeting Place at the other end of the Lawns.