Member of The Week - Tess Agnew

Meet Tess - a Freelance copywriter & Digital Marketer, self-professed fitness fanatic and enthusiastic member of the PLATF9RM family.

Hello Tess, rumour has it you’re also a blogger and have had a pretty extreme fitness journey - What was the main thing that made you make such a drastic lifestyle change?

I quit smoking and that was the catalyst for it really. It was new years eve and I was in France with my husband and we kept having to go out for a cigarette. We agreed we would quit but I thought I would only do it for a bit. I soon realised I could breathe again which was obviously a benefit! I was getting out of breath going upstairs and had no body confidence so I joined weight-watchers and lost 2 stone, then started bootcamp and realised I really enjoyed exercise.

Other than exercise what energises you?

Music; I love going to gigs and festivals. I love Glastonbury, it’s my home. I’d live there if I could. Brighton energises me. I love Brighton. It’s brilliant; there’s always something going on. Everyone’s chilled. It’s got a nice vibe. Writing energises me. And doing things that scare/challenge me. I also love to learn.

What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make for your current level of success?

There’s been a fair few evenings and weekends given up to get work done at this early stage. I’m only a year in, I went freelance last June. I’m working with some amazing clients. I’m working more than I ever was but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m more productive and focused and inspired every day. No more Sunday dread!


What are you most looking forward to over the next few months?

Getting more fitness writing published outside of my blog. That’s what I really want to do. I’m working with British Cycling over the next few months to help reach their goal of getting a million more women on their bikes by 2020. I’m excited to do more work with This Girl Can in an ambassador role and to work more with Active Sussex. We’ve just published our latest video for Bike Week, finding out what the women of Brighton love about cycling.

You also blog about food. What is the worst food you have ever eaten?

Liver and onions without enough bacon to mask the taste.

What is something you hate and you wished you loved?

I wish I wasn’t scared of water and heights. I would love to do a skydive but I would also hate to do a skydive. My husband kayaks and I would love to do it out on the sea but I’m scared. If I wasn’t scared of heights I could do anything.

Who in the public eye would you most like to have a pint with?

Liam Gallagher - he’d probably just tell me I’m a tit though. And Maya Angelou. Not together.

With all your fitness and blogging experience you would be a great candidate for doing PLATF9RM’s cereal filler - how do you feel about public speaking?

I’m alright. I can do it. It scares me but I can do it if I’m prepared. Watch this space!

You admit to being a bit of an internet addict - Does working at PLATF9RM help you to focus and not get sucked into a youtube wormhole?

Definitely. I get way more work done here than I do at home. I had about four, five months of working freelance in cafes and at home and it got to the point where I needed a good internet connection and a more permanent base. I love the community here. Also you can’t put your feet up and take your shoes off in a cafe.

Thank you Tess - this girl most certainly can! Follow Tess’ blog at

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