Company of The Week - 23 Digital

This week we got chatting to Platinum Business Awards Start-up of the Year nominee's, 23 Digital. Head honchos Marc Convey, James Beer and Jason Riahi told us a little about their lives.

Hi 23 Digital, what do you guys get up to here at PLATF9RM?

Jason: We’re a video agency and we do more. We’re all about capturing a great story and finding the best way to capture it, be that with cameras, drones or animations. Afterwards we look at how we can use this in the best way possible across social media platforms, using analytics to help guide us in the right direction.

Can you give us an example of when you did more for a client?

Marc: Within the poker industry we’ve managed to elevate some client services to new levels. We do this through our quick turn around videos at events which hasn't really been done before without a big drop off in quality.

You guys recently went on what looked like a super cool work trip, could you tell us a little bit about that?

Jason: Well we’re all massive snowboarding fans so we went to this snowboarding conference, some of the biggest brand names were there and a few of them were talking about sustainability. We thought to ourselves, if we’re going to go to these beautiful mountains snowboarding then we should look to try and protect the environment whilst doing so. We reached out to Ford and they had a hybrid car that they leant to us for the week. An Eco-Chalet company then wanted us to stay and talk about them so we ended up doing this vlogging style social media trip, demonstrating the possibilities of ecotourism. It was all about loving the mountains and choosing brands that will protect that environment.


What purchase do you most regret buying?

Marc: My biggest regret was buying a ski apartment in Bulgaria, if I could go back to 2008 I wouldn't have done that, even though the research suggested it was a good investment, it wasn’t.

Jason: I don’t regret this purchase as a whole... However sometimes I have elements of regretting buying my dog, Shelby. 95% of the time I love her like she’s my first born child and then 5% of the time i‘m looking for the receipt.

What are you most grateful for this week?

Marc: I’m grateful for finally feeling settled in my time zone, i’ve done about 10 long haul flights this year, I think I worked out that I was making 8 hour time zone changes every 10 days. This week has been the first time i’ve felt 100% in a while.

James: The holiday i’m about the book with my family, really looking forward to that, it’s been a while since we’ve spent that kind of time together.

Jason: Mine’s really simple, just the weather this week, I think Brighton is just the place to be when it’s sunny.

How do you find life here at PLATF9RM?

James: We had a gut feeling this would be the best place to come for our business, we wanted to meet people and be part of a bigger community. We were blown away by the space, it feels like a big Californian agency but with a Brighton feel. It’s really helped us grow as a business.

Jason: I just love coming to work now, before i’d be inclined to work from home but now I look forward to being a social person and coming in and meeting people. There’s just so many talented people here who can help you out with stuff. I love the two offices as well, being able to mix it up so that you don't feel like you’re in one space makes your week feel quicker, it breaks up long projects.

What’s been in your headphones this week?

Marc: I’ve been listening to a lot of First Aid Kit and Ludivico Einaudi, he’s an italian piano composer, he’s just amazing.

James: He’s quite cultured compared to us, Jamie Woon has been on a lot recently, a friend of mine actually plays drums on one of his albums.

What’s on your personal to do lists this year?

Jason: Hopefully I’m going to borrow my auntie’s RV and do a road trip around Ireland!

James: My goal this year is to organise an awesome second birthday for my little boy.

Marc: Mine is boring grown up stuff, I’m renting at the moment but I want to buy a place this year.

Which Star Wars character do you most align yourself with?

Marc: Boba Fett because he’s a bit of cheeky rascal.

James: I’m not a massive Star Wars fan but I guess i’d say Han Solo, I like Harrison Ford.

Jason: I’ll go for Chewie, i’m a bit bigger than these guys but friendly and likable.

Thank you for you time guys!

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