Company of The Week - Escape the City

Our company of the week this week are the delightful bunch at Escape The City who seem to be fulfilling peoples lives by the minute.

Hello Dom & Skye, nice to meet you! Would you mind opening up our minds to the world of Escape the City?

So we are community of people that want to quit corporate jobs and do something different. We are about helping people make that transition in life to a job that matters to them.

We have two ways of doing this, either through a job board full of progressive companies or we also run a school of 10 week programmes that help accelerate the transition. This can be for a small business startup or to an individual looking to change their career.

You guys are a very youthful and progressive company by comparison to others of a similar ilk. What keeps you so fresh?

I guess our mission is all about helping people find work they love and feel alive in. We are constantly thinking of new ways in which we operate as a team, taking the stuff that is good about 20th century institutions and merging them with things that are more progressive. We’re always making sure everyone in the team is fulfilled, because we are for now still a reasonably small team, so we make sure our group is tightly bonded.

Escape the City is a pretty good name for a company, are you referencing the false assumption that London is where all the work is?

Originally it started out as the idea that people would be leaving corporate jobs for something more energising. The joke is that people leave those corporate jobs but still want to stay in London. If you come out of London there are definitely loads of opportunities but if you speak to a lot of young people, they still say that they have to go to London to find work. This is just because there are less small to medium sized businesses growing outside of London and it's surrounding areas but that is changing - it may take a while but it's definitely happening and places like PLATF9RM are a great vehicle for this change.


What does 2018 have in store for you guys?

Well we’ve relocated from London ourselves, we moved down earlier this year. For us it's about growing our jobs board, doing more programmes but with a focus on the relocation element. We’re recruiting a new team down here and then doing more workshops in London, that's our main goal. We have a lot of new projects in the pipeline but we have to wait until next year for those.

How long have you been living in Brighton? Is there anything particularly special about the city that you love?

We moved here back in September last year and we were immediately drawn in by the beach. It was just a more lovable beach than other parts of the UK. People were paddle boarding, and everyone just looked happy and chilled out, because people in Brighton just make so much more of an effort to be outside and enjoying themselves instead of been cooped up indoors – we only enjoy doing that when we are working within the beautiful PLATF9RM Hove Town Hall!

You’ve been here at Hove Town Hall for just over 4 months now. How has PLATF9RM changed the way the company operates?

When we moved down last year, my team was still up in London and I was commuting a lot to the point where I just got so fed up of doing it! PLATF9RM has allowed us to have a flexible team and I finally get my four hours back!

Which of your talents can you trace back to your childhood?

I’ve always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit I guess. When I was 13 I always managed to sell loads of Christmas trees over the festive period. I’ve always been trying to make money in small businesses and enterprises.

If you were a font, what would you be and why?

Oh that would be Blackout, that’s the company font. It’s supposed to represent a bold statement. It’s all about standing out, waking up the norms of society and changing the establishment!

And what Karaoke song will go with your ‘stick it to the man’ typography??

Edward Shark & The Magnetic Zeros - Home. I just love it!

Thank you both so much for your time Dom and Skye, hopefully you can experience even more of the beach you have come to love with this wonderful weather?

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