Member of The Week - John McQuillan

This week we have the pleasure of chatting with the delightful John McQuillan from Advance Medical. John and the team have been here at PLATF9RM from the very beginning and have since become co-working masters, ready to share their wisdom.

Hi John, nice to meet you! You’re the first person i’ve ever interviewed so I hope you’re as excited as I am? Could you tell me a little bit about Advance Medical?

You’re probably the first person that’s ever interviewed me so that makes two of us! So Advance Medical are a global company in leading healthcare services, we have a team of doctors, physicians and nurses that help patients remotely. Our clientele are multinational companies and multinational insurance companies and the business is built on expert medical opinions. We’re connected to world leaders in the medical profession and we are able to offer very specific services for very specific cases. It’s a great feeling when we get the the best doctor in a particular field helping a patient with a rare condition.

What does your daily grind look like here at PLATF9RM?

It’s varied, a large part of my role is business development and looking after commercial aspects of business in the UK, that could be in the form of account management, promoting new services to existing clients or supporting our multinational clients with promotional activities. I’m also involved with marketing campaigns, helping the company spread the message along with any face to face promotions so that people are aware of what we do. I travel a lot, our headquarters are in Barcelona. It’s a hard working company, high achieving with very little room for failure. We work long days but we get results!

Have you ever managed to make a holiday out of work?

I haven't, I’m terrible at that! I used to travel a lot before, in the Middle East mainly, doing business development for a leading health insurance company. I loved traveling but there’s really nothing like coming home, I really haven't leveraged that enough. I’ve had some great experiences though, going out on socials in new places but there's a lot of Barcelona I still have no idea about!


What lead you to where you are today, specifically the world of healthcare?

I think I really enjoy providing people with great advice and then being able to make a difference to their life by connecting them to great quality care. That gives me a lot of satisfaction. I see a lot of cases and I always wonder what they would have done had they not of had access to that care. The international aspect of the job also really motivates me, I’ve always wanted to be involved in international business. You learn a lot about different cultures, their pros and cons but most importantly I’ve learnt that that people are fundamentally the same. Everywhere people still have to go out and work, look after their families and put food on the table. We may be different round the edges but inside we really are all the same.

How long have you been living in Brighton? Is there anything particularly special about the city that you love?

I’ve been here for 20 years, I went to uni here and was one of the ones that never left, you can blame me for the rising house prices! I’ve always loved it here, it's a open environment and personally I have to be by the seaside, I’m a very coastal person. I think there’s also an energy and vibrancy that you don't get anywhere else.

How have you found working at PLATF9RM and how does it differ from places you’ve worked before?

PLATF9RM is a really happy environment and the setting is great. You can work independently when you need to but then open up to this fantastic collaborative setting. There’s an energy to the people as well, everyone seems really inspired and happy, it's really nice! Previously I've been in traditional offices and I couldn't think of anything worse now, they seem so dated, this should be the standard!

If you were to go round the world in 80 days with a celebrity or person of interest, who would you choose and why?

The one name that springs to mind is Alex Ferguson. I'm originally from Scotland and I’ve always admired him. He’s from the west coast and didn’t come from an affluent background but went on to win 13 premier leagues and two champions’ leagues with one team. I would love to be able to listen to his view on life and understand what he thinks about the lovely countries we would get to spend our time together in, maybe we could do a global wine tour?

What do you like to get up to in your spare time? I like to think you’d be quite good at fencing?

I have done fencing, but not the fencing you’re talking about! After university I went traveling to Australia and New Zealand and did a lot of labouring jobs, including for a fencing company! I’ve got kids at home and right now it's about occupying them and opening up their minds to different opportunities.

And finally, East Coast or West Coast?

East coast every time, I’ve only been to New York and was blown away. I went on a helicopter ride and it was just a mind blowing experience.

Thank you so much for your time John, maybe we should start PLATF9RM’s first fencing club off the back of this interview?

If you think you want to be a member at our space, get in touch for a tour and trial.