Member of The Week - Martine Warburton

PLATF9RM is proud to present graphic designer, digital illustrator and keen snowboarder Martine Warburton.

Hello Martine. What made you go into the world of digital illustration?

I’m a graphic designer by trade but many design jobs need bits of illustration and that’s the bit I enjoy the most. I do design day to day but when I get an illustration job (like an infographic design or illustration for a video or website) that’s when I enjoy coming to work the most. It’s the most creative part of the job.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

The best purchase I made was when I was 22 I bought a round the world ticket and went travelling for a year. Probably the best year of my life. I would always say if you have any urge to go travelling just do it, you won’t regret it.*

Worst purchase: I’m a sucker for expensive design coffee table books, but sometimes I leaf through them only once and then they just gather dust - it’s such a waste but I never learn my lesson!

So you have a daughter called Violet, is she a source of inspiration for your work?

I’d say she is an inspiration in two senses; firstly because I do have plans to illustrate a book with her as the central character called Ultraviolet - her superhero alter ego. The plan is to have the first one ready by the time she can read.

Secondly, in the sense that I want her to grow up and see me and realize if she works hard she can be anything she wants to be. Young girls often don’t have the confidence to realise this. **


Why did you decide to become a member at PLATF9RM?

Sanity, connections and community. You cannot put a price on the people you’ll meet here. I’d go crazy if I sat at home all day. My husband looks after Violet on monday so there’s no way I could work at home, she comes looking for me!

Do you ever get comments about your last name?

The comment is ‘Warburton? Like the bread?’ Which sometimes gets tiresome because what other Warburton is there.

What is one thing you feel very passionately about, that you would openly campaign about?

One thing that makes me very angry is the over-gendering of children’s toys and clothes - in the supermarket there is blue aisle and a pink aisle. It’s infuriating when you have a daughter and people feel like they should buy pink things because she’s a girl.

The other thing I find infuriating is how much plastic everything is wrapped in. We’ve only got one planet and apples don’t need to be in a plastic bag. We’re trying to reduce our plastic intake at home.

The government is starting to catch on. I would like none of the fruit and veg in a supermarket to be in plastic.

What do you and PLATF9RM have in common?

Love of plants. I have a house full of plants and cacti. I love the fact we actually have real plants here.

What is your proudest moment?

I guess it probably has to be my daughter. Becoming a mum was a very proud moment. Something that makes me proud everyday is running my own business and knowing that everything I take home I worked hard for. I’ve never had a full-time salaried job. I’ve been free-lance ever since I left uni. Everything I have I earned completely on my own.

When are you at your happiest?

Definitely when I’m in the mountains. I love being outside in nature. I’m a keen snowboarder but I love being in the mountains winter, or summer. That and exploring new countries. I’ve been very lucky to travel all over the world and I love to soak up different cultures and landscapes.

Cheers Martine!

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