Company of the Week - Boost Awards

Introducing Chris Robinson, MD, Frankie, project and office coordinator and Carrie, Graphic designer for Boost Awards.

So for starters can you help us get our heads round what Boost Awards do and what your roles involve within the company?

Chris: Boost Awards is what we call an “award entry consultancy”. This is where we help businesses pick, enter, and (40% of the time) win business awards. This might sound a bit niche and most people think “I didn’t know there was such a thing”... that is because we are the world’s first - founded back in April 2006. We are on the agency rosters of loads of big brands as the provider of this specific service, mostly writing award entries, and we help loads of small businesses too - who often have the more exciting innovative stories.

There are 20 of us. Mostly on payroll, and spread around the country. Our Platf9rm address is now our head office address though. I’m the founder and MD.

Carrie: I’m graphic designer here and responsible for making our award entries and marketing materials look pretty. I also send out our email marketing as well as setting up and maintaining our CRM. I tend to muck in with lots of things!

Frankie: I look after all the admin needs across the company alongside coordinating projects with our consultants. I dabble in a bit of everything really which is nice, no two days are the same.

What are the most satisfying elements of your jobs and what are the most exciting?

Chris: Unsurprisingly we get a massive buzz when clients win awards. Particularly when the win is either super competitive, or when they experience a win for the first time and get ‘that’ walk up on stage in front of up to 1,200 people. I love getting a “we won!!” text around 11pm (when most dinners finish). Clearly not all clients win, but we try and make them have more than one shortlisting at any dinner to reduce the chances of them going home empty handed. Also we love finding a killer angle for a story, something we know the judges will love. The other thing we do a lot of is measuring the impact of a project, campaign or initiative, and we can present new findings to the client to quantify just what a difference they made. It makes them glow with pride - a win whether they get the award or not.

Carrie: I love all things design and really enjoy the challenge of designing award entries and aligning them with clients’ branding (usually at break-neck speed!) My favourite things are creating icons and infographics but I do love a bit of document layout!

Frankie: Last year I had the opportunity to be a judge for a Customer Experience award scheme, I had so much fun and it was so exciting to see loads of our clients going up to win awards at the evening event, you normally don’t get to experience seeing your clients win first hand!


What lead you both to doing your current roles (for example if you studied at university what did you do etc)?

Chris: I was driving back from the Dentists one day, returning to a marketing job I didn’t particularly enjoy and it came to me as a lightbulb moment. You see I had a bit of a reputation for writing winning award entries. I jacked in my job and set up Boost. The rest is history.

Carrie: I’ve been involved in lots of different aspects of the business over the years, but gradually got involved in prettying up our award entries and became driven to improve the standard of design across the business. A few years back I studied graphic design at Brighton City College and haven’t looked back!

Frankie: I have a very mixed background… I started out at as a ballet/contemporary dancer, then I became a hairdresser. Once I moved to Brighton, I fancied trying my hand in something quite different and here I am!

Who are the people in your life that you find most inspiring?

Chris: My granny was simply incredible. So positive and clever, forgiving and sensible. She was my inspiration as I grew up. When she sadly passed away it was my inheritance from her that I used to set up the business. I hope she supports that decision - I expect she would as she always stood by even my most odd life choices.

Carrie: My mum for her work ethic and being a role model for me and my sisters as a strong woman! Also Beyonce because Beyonce.

Frankie: My Mum without a doubt. She brought up five children on her own and she’s a total babe, she’s my hero!

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

Carrie: Death Valley, Nevada!

Frankie: My baby nephew!

If you could summarise your attitude to life in a catch phrase what would it be?

Carrie: Call me what you like, but don’t call me late to breakfast!

Frankie: My Grandpa always tell me to not worry about the things that I can’t control. Silly and simple but it helps to remember that sometimes.

You have just moved in to PLATF9RM, are you managing to feel settled?

Chris: Yes, all settled in now. Very happy with everything about the space (although can I please request a shower?) A great buzz about the place too.

Carrie: It’s lovely here, big change for us but we’re settling in! Looking forward to going to few of the socials :)

Frankie: Absolutely, I really love it here. Everyone has been so friendly, I felt settled on day one.

What drew you to PLATF9RM, where were you before?

All: We had our own office in Hove before, but as we are a flexi-working company and we’re based all over the country, it quite often ended up being a couple of us or just me rattling around an office on our own. We looked into shared office space and found PLATF9RM, we were head over heels as soon as we stepped in for a tour!

You may be aware but we’re opening up a new space in Hove Town Hall - which will have offices and coworking and a cafe - will you guys be hopping over to Hove come and check it out?

All: Absolutely, Hove Town Hall is really near our old office, so we know and love that area. We can’t wait to see it!

Thank you so much guys for taking the time to chat with us!