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GOAT's, Drones and Heroes

In the first edition of INF9RMER we had quite the variety - firstly we had Michael Tingsager from Hospitality Mavericks telling us all about their new podcast, followed by Lee and Sarah from Mitchell | Rayner and their ‘Executive Recruitment Supplier of the Year’ award. Emma Croman's beautiful photography made an appearance which is always a treat, whilst we also welcomed 15 Gifts with open arms.

INF9RMER #1 Photos.jpg

Next up we had local GOAT funny man Ben Robson get us all excited with the dates to his upcoming comedy show 'JUXTAPOSITION' over at The Caxton Arms, followed by the equally exciting Hotlap Heroes, a game that was introduced to us all at our April gaming social by Alkan Hassan - what a treat that was! John Pritchard from PALA Eyewear then told us all about the beach clean he is a part of trying to keep Brighton beach environmentally friendly and glamorous (just like PALA's sunglasses!). Finally we had Qube fill us in on their exciting feature in The Argus and 23Digital showcase their phenominal drone photos at the Artist's Open House in Seven Dials.

Keep your eyes pealed for the INF9RMER monthly blog, shining an extra bit of light on to the four most unmissable pieces of news from the past month!