Meet The PLATF9RM Legends Running The Brighton Marathon

This Sunday will see the eighth Brighton Marathon, when 12,000 sweat-loving souls pound the streets to raise money for over 300 charities. We’ve got huge admiration for everyone that takes on the race, but hold an extra space in our ❤️ for the PLATF9RM members in the starting pen. We’ve featured three– please have a read of the following stories…and then give them a donation, obvs.

To help our guys complete the race and recover as pain-free as possible we also chatted to Jamie Webb, sports physio from Brighton Sports Therapy. Jamie ran the marathon in 2015 so spoke from experience about hydrating effectively, and why roasts are the ultimate post-race meal.

Oliver Easton-Hughes

Hi Oliver. What charity are you running for and why?

More of us are aware these days that we need to take care of our mental health as well as maintain our physical upkeep… I certainly am, and that’s why I’m running for Mind.

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What’s your history of running marathons?

This is my second Marathon (I ran the Brighton Marathon last year too) but I’ve done a bunch of halves in the past. I don’t mind the half marathons, but the full marathon was pretty savage last year.

How do you find the training, especially in those long dark months of winter?

I was training quite heavily at the beginning of the year, but it’s all gone to pot after falling down the stairs at home a few weeks back and damaging one of my ribs - I’ve not really been able to do anything since. All very annoying but there’s nothing I can do at this stage – I think I’m in better shape than I was last year but it’s going to be a tough slog!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about signing up for a marathon next year, but isn't quite sure?

Just sign up and work out the logistics later. I’d be lying if I said you were likely to enjoy it but it’s a hell of a thing to do. The sense of achievement when you’ve finished is something else.

What’s your plan for after the race?

You can’t beat a proper roast and a few pints after a long run. I’ve got a bunch of family coming down so I’m looking forward to spending some time with them too…

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Joe Woods – Grovelands

Hey Joe! We’re nearly at the big day. What’s your chosen charity?

I am running for British Heart Foundation. It’s a great cause and one which is close to my heart – no pun intended – as my mum has suffered with a heart condition since birth.

Are you experienced with marathons and how are you going to attack this year’s race?

I have completed two half marathons but this will be my first full marathon. I’m running it with two friends who are also representing the British Heart Foundation. I’m aiming to complete the marathon in under 3hr40.

How do you get on with the training?

It’s been going well! I have had minor step back in the last few weeks when I sustained an injury to my ankle, however it is well on the mend now! During the winter months I kept most of my training in the gym but after two months of running on a treadmill it’s been great to get outside in the lighter evenings.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about signing up for a marathon next year?

Treat every training run the same as the main event. I didn’t stretch properly beforehand or bother strapping my ankles for some shorter runs and this resulted in some niggly injuries which could have been avoided.

Post-race plans?

Lots of beer! I have family and friends coming down so, assuming I can still walk after, I will be going out for lunch and having a few drinks. Once the beer wears off, and the aching kicks in the following day, I will be resting up in bed.

Joe and his running pals are hoping to raise £1200 between them and are not far off. Let’s help them get over the line by contriburing to Joe's page below.

Oliver Skipper


Oli is on holiday in Gran Canaria and didn’t actually get his replies back to us. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 We have got these pictures of him in his running gear in Hove Town Hall though. And he’s great. So give him a donation please, as his charity is also our partner charity, The Clocktower Sanctuary.

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And here’s our man Jamie Webb from Brighton Sports Therapy. Find them at

Hey Jamie, have you got any white-hot advice for people running this year’s marathon?

It’s quite specific – practice drinking out of cups beforehand! The cups you get from the drinking stations have a wide top and it’s easy to get more down you that in you. A top tip would be to squeeze the cup in, so there’s more water at the top. This makes it more effective to sip it whilst running. Hydration is key in terms staving off cramp; two litres is the minimum amount runners should be drinking.


Anything else?

Leave plenty of time to get there. Make sure you’re in the right pen and running at the right pace; otherwise you could try to keep pace with people that are too fast for you. And stick to your race plan! Have an A, B, C, and D time you want to achieve. If you find one getting away from you don’t strain to make it..

And what advice would you give for post-race recovery?

Certainly get a massage from one of the physics there. I’d then recommend a good meal. You’ll have burnt something like 3,000 calories so you’ll be craving fat. You’ll have glycogen depletion so you’ll want a bunch of carbs. You’ll need protein because your muscles will be on super-repair mode. You’ll probably want sugar but I would guard against that, other than maybe something immediately after completing.

You’ve basically described a roast here, haven’t you?

I like the roast as a post-race meal! It’s got carbs in potatoes, vitamins in veg, protein in the meat. Your body will be literally drinking it in.

So can we say on record that a roast is the perfect post-marathon meal?

I don’t see why not. The pubs of Brighton will certainly thank us.

What about a celebratory beer or three?

Have a pint of water with your beer! I wouldn’t recommend drinking loads. I know people that have got drunk after and that’s their choice, but they’re the people won’t be able to walk the next day.

Thank Jamie!